• Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer

    On June 27 2017 the newest addition to Diablo 3 blessed us with its presence. We got a new class, a slew of cosmetics, and two character slots & stash tabs. This all comes at a price of $15 USD. If you ever needed a reason to get back on the Diablo 3 grind these new additions will surely fit the bill. In this post I will give you a summary of the all things 2.6 along with some cool bits of info about the Necromancer including the OP build!

    Sell me on this Necromancer fella

    The dark and evil caster that we call "Necromancer" has entered the game in a powerful fashion. The Necromancer is the second pet-based class we have in Diablo 3, the first being the Witch Doctor. Now they definitely have some similarities in theme but definitely don't overlap too much in play style. Spells like Blood Rush, Corpse Explosion, and Revive make the Necromancer hard to put down. Even though there is always an optimal build out there on some guide the Necromancer still has an array of great moves to choose from as you please while also staying competitive. Each school has an impactful spell that you can pair up with others.

    What sweet cosmetics do I get?

    2.6 definitely has your back if you're thirsting for more cosmetics. Like most patches it comes with a Portrait Frame, Pennant that fits the Necromancer theme extremely well, new Banners, a Half-formed Golem pet which is deep down a reskinned treasure goblin but this thing is bad ass, and TWO pairs of wings. One for just being you and one through Necromancer only achievements.

    Did you say we get more stash tabs?!

    Yes I did. This might be the most hype thing about this major patch. Having more character slots and stash tabs is going to make the quality of life playing Diablo 3 so much better. This has got to be one of the most consistent things the community has asked for over the tenure of the game and we are finally getting it. If all you care about are the stash tabs or character slots you still will have to pay the full price of $15 USD. This is kinda hefty for just more room to store stuff but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

    New Zones & Challenge Rifts

    Two new zones have been added into this patch. The Moors & The Temple of the Firstborn. The Moors is a foggy but standard looking Diablo 3 map with cultists, werewolf looking creatures, and more. The Temple of the Firstborn is a dark themed temple that can be explored in Adventure Mode through a new waypoint on the Act 2 map.

    Challenge Rifts are a new feature great for experiencing new characters and builds. They are a static rift where you get to play as a randomly selected character and their rift each week and try to beat their time by playing their toon. This feature is interesting because there seems to be two ways to play it. One, if you're not that interested in it all you really have to do is play it once per week and beat the original players time to receive a cache each week. Or two, if you want to become the very best at this rift with this static character there is a leaderboard where you can compete with the world on times for that rift. Either way I think this addition works well for both sides of the coin because the reward is not so insane that you feel the need to endlessly farm it but at the same time the leaderboard aspect gives enough incentive for the hardcore players to grind it. There is a new challenge rift every week.

    Is this the part where you share the OP Necro build?
    Indeed it is. Now some disclaimers. I did not make this build, this build most likely wont be the best forever (for all of you reading this article in two weeks), and I am just a sheep following the top 1000 necromancers all using the same build. Bahhh.

    Step one would be getting the set bonus of Gift of Inarius which makes you have amplified damage around you. You are basically using this amplification to make your other skills and items do super high damage and also mitigation. This build should allow you to run up to 110 Greater Rifts without a sweat. The skills you want to run are as follows.
    1) Grim Scythe (Cursed Scythe Rune)
    2) Corpse Lance (Brittle Touch Rune)
    3) Decrepify (Dizzying Curse Rune)
    4) Bone Armor (Dislocation Rune)
    5) Blood Rush (Potency Rune)
    6) Land of the Dead (Frozen Lands Rune)

    1) Blood is Power
    2) Stand Alone
    3) Spreading Malediction
    4) Overwhelming Essence

    There are tons of variations of this build so don't take this as cookie cutter. If you want more information on this build simply google "Inarius Necromancer Build". There are tons of posts on forums and even videos on Youtube that go super in depth. (Like this one)

    The patch is definitely fun. For $15 you get quality of life upgrades, a new class, sweet cosmetics, two new zones, and an awesome mode. If you got extra battle.net balance from your WoW gold farming or have the money to spare I definitely recommend giving it a shot. If this patch doesn't draw you back into the game to some degree than I am not sure what will besides Diablo 4
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    1. Veritable's Avatar
      Veritable -
      The necromancer is a welcomed change of pace for me personally. I found myself getting bored playing Warrior. I know how to play it enough to get through most things (not top tier but good enough for me). The other classes aren't my bag of tricks.

      Necromancer is just a really really different play style. Something new to mess around with. Only level 33 or something now, but really enjoying playing with different skills still I am purposefully not reading anything on builds, just so I can see how all of the abilities work and try to figure stuff out for myself.

      I might play the game a little longer if I do this