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Long time no see

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by , 02-03-2011 at 07:43 AM (10446 Views)
So it has been a long time since i last published anything to this blog.

The feared and anticipated cataclysm hit and I (read bots or powerlevelers) have been busy leveling my characters. I myself leveled my main account to 85 and I had other people or bots level 7 other characters for me.
I have sold over 250.000 gold since cataclysm and I am at 675.000 gold and with roughly another 100k in mats or other things that I need to sell.
I have joined a big guild that approached me after seeing my name on the flask market on the auction house again and again and… since they wanted to get the guild cauldron so they asked what it would take for me to join their guild. Due to the guildmaster being an IRL friend of mine I just said “invite me”. However the old guild I was in and most of my characters are in is still running. Was paid 10k to do critter kill squad achievement by some other guild as well, it all adds up in the end.

Last time I wrote here I told you that I like anaalius’ blog and I still do. Many have asked why I don’t just follow JMTC, well I do follow that as well, but in my honest opinion, their content is lacking quality and 85% of the time it is just random babbling from a guest or a forum member and it is usually stuff that we have seen here at MMOwned for ages. So browsing these sites and their IRC and such is basically what I do when I’m done with Uni-stuff and MMOwned.
I have plans to go look at zoxys blog and how to set up tradeskillmaster to aid me in my quest to reach the new gold cap (1.000.000). Since most of my gold is coming from simple playing the auctionhouse, buy smart and low sell cool and high. BUT a big portion of my gold comes from botting as well and I basically only do this cause I find it fun, I don’t know why, but I do.

I have worked on a small website as well called HasItBeenReviewed the website is about wow services and software for WoW. I review the software and rate it against similar software. The services is also rated and listed against eachother. We are currently working on a big review of various hacks for WoW: NA, Whack, MMOhelping, WI and qwerxy and then a comparison of them all in the end. I hope to get a bonus for those that buy it through me or my site like you could see with WoW AutoAuctions (extra days). The same goes for goldsellers and powerlevelers, I strive to give you a bonus code fast and easy so you can use it at the site you wish. That is the whole idea behind the simple website. Easy to find what you need and when you need it. The individual reviews will be posted here as well, but the comparison most likely wont - at least not untill it has been at HIBR for some time.

Anyways that is enough babbling on from me, I have 637 stacks of elementium ore to prospect and make into jewels only to be disenchanted later. YAAAWN. However when I’m done with that I have 437 stacks of herbs to be milled and used for materials as well. What a glorious day.

Anything you would like me to blog about next time?

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  1. Wetop's Avatar
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    Post a pic when you reach 1m
  2. 2dgreengiant's Avatar
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    can i borrow 1kg for epic mount plx
  3. shadowsx's Avatar
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    blog on how u manage ur accounts/gold/$ ext
  4. Unholyshaman's Avatar
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    I agree with KuRIoS about JMTC. I've always kept an eye on the blog since late 2008 when it started up as I'm an avid blog reader. To me it's always been skating on very thin ice though and many times I've come close completely ignoring it. Throughout it's history, Marcko has always been plugging in shameless *********/hop/referral links, trying to make a buck or two. It's always been clear that his Gold Guide was his number one priority and that the blog was just to try generate a community who will buy his guide.
    Over time he got better at covering that up and making it less obvious, fooling the readers that he genuinely cared about them.

    I've very recently completely removed JMTC from my RSS reader after an EXTREMELY arrogant and pompous post that he made when he was officially handing over his blog management to Mageshadow, but still used that post to try advertise other ways to make himself rich, and mentioned stuff like how he is the king of gold blogs and if it weren't for him, all the other wow bloggers would be no where, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcko@JMTC
    I leave you all with a rich community of budding bloggers and a pseudo think tank in the forum, social media and blog here. I even left you with a natural leader in Mageshadow to keep this blog going while I focus on the gold guide and my other blogs. What's more, I have helped to establish bloggers who think of their blogs as a business in order to improve both the quality of their sites and the longevity of their existance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marcko@JMTC
    I am especially proud of the bloggers I have helped out in this community. They have taken to their blogs like fat kids on wedding cakes and although it's messy, they are doing a great job. There is currently more information on making gold in wow than ever before and I am happy to see that the systems I've put in place to nurture this environment will not degrade easily. Make your communities great fellow bloggers! It's a far greater reward than the money you will naturally make from helping people in your own community.
    It was just THE MOST arrogant post I've ever read in my life. He was trying to come off as funny and I think he tried to pull off a sort of Athene-like-attitude but failed horribly.
  5. KuRIoS's Avatar
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    Indeed, the first time i visited JMTC i was actually thinking that it was a scam site due to all the blogs. I am not bashing JMTC as they do have some awesome content, specially that from mageshadow, but it drowns in the posts from guests and random users. to me it seems like they are published just for post count...


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