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    PixBash Hunter Bot looking for java coding buddy

    Hey guys.

    i have developed a fully working pixel based hunter bot and i am looking for a coding buddy.

    Currently the bot has:

    -Records Waypoints with given distance
    -Two targeting methods: Pixel Finder with Options for Yellow & Red Mobs. Determines wich Target is the nearest and left clicks it. It seems this technique is uniq so far. Also tab-targeting.
    -Ignore pvp players, user controlled elements or pets, ignore mobs by GUID or state
    -100% Looting except of adds
    -100% Skinning except of adds
    -Facing method with tracking in degree so the mob is always in sight
    -Prowl notifications on Deaths, Bags Full, Ammo, Drinks and so on
    -Loop Method or circle method
    -Shortest waypoint calculation
    -Advanced fighting class with pet healing, resting, feeding and so on
    -Anti drowning
    -Unstuck functions
    -Bot monitor
    -Many functions are already in the addon and included in the client communication but not writen into other classes. So alot of present stuff is not on the list

    So its fully working. Of course not perfect and thats the reason i am looking for a skilled java coder who is intersted in private development.

    My Addon is 100% self writen, the complete bot is 100% self written (of course with help of some close friends who are not in wow)

    Whats next for the bot:
    Relog Function
    Ghost Function
    Vendor Function
    Profile Saved Options (Quests, Mobs, and so on like pirox)
    More Advanced Fighting Functions
    Re-Write Fight Class to fit for other classes

    So PM me, if you are really looking for something to jump on and spend some time together. The project is git based and some parts are still in german, i will translate later.

    PLEASE dont PM me, if you dont have advanced knowledge in java! This bot has consumed way over 100+ hours of coding & debugging time so there will be a test if you know about what we are talking. I will not sell the code, i will not sell licenses. This is for private use & for fun.

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