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    [Rules] Simple Model Edits - READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Simple Model Edits - Rules

    General site rules apply here as well!
    If you haven't already read them, DO IT NOW!

    You are allowed to post following things in this section:
    • Model swaps
    • Texture Swaps/Reskins
    • UI modifications (logo and sounds edits for example)
    • Anything that can be described with the word 'simple'

    -Do NOT post following things in this section:
    • Showoffs
    • Questions or Requests
    • Tools
    • Programs
    • Offtopic discussions
    Name your thread properly and remember to [TAG] your thread titles!
    -Here are some [TAG]s you can use: [Race Swap] [3.3.3] [Release] etc.

    "race to race 3.3.3" WRONG
    "race to race [3.3.3]" WRONG
    "<3.3.3> Race to Race" WRONG
    "[3.3.3 Race to Race]" WRONG
    "[3.3.3] Race to Race conversions" CORRECT!
    Do NOT post your showoffs and WIPs (unfinished edits) here! Use the Sandbox instead!
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