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    Engineering Guide

    Here is an Engineering Guide Enjoy

    Engineering Guide Engineering is primary trade skill in World of Warcraft. As you may only have two primary trade skills at a time, make sure you want Engineering before you choose to learn it. You can unlearn it and relearn it as well, bur if you do choose to unlearn it all your talent points will be lost. If you choose to learn it again you’ll have to start from the beginning

    What items do Engineers produce?

    Engineers produce bullets, guns, explosives, devices, parts, and armor.

    Is there a complete list of Engineer produced items?

    Yes, we at have put together a table of all the items that an Engineer can make. It can be found It can be found here.

    Who uses Engineering?

    Anyone can use engineering. The people that choose to take up the engineering profession can make some pretty useful gadgets and equipment that add a technological aspect to World of Warcraft.

    Why should I be an Engineer?

    To make bombs. Do you really need more reasons than that? The items that an engineer makes are very useful as well as humorous. Being an engineer will definitely add to your experience in World Of Warcraft.

    What other skills go well with Engineering?

    Mining goes well with engineering as metal bars are a common ingredient in Engineering recipes. It's less expensive in the long run if you choose mining as your second primary trade skill.

    Where do I train to be an Engineer?

    Here is a list of engineering trainers for each faction and their locations: Rank Alliance Horde
    Apprentice Bronk Guzzlegear, Dun Morogh
    Deek Fizzlebizz, Loch Modan
    Jemma Quikswitch, Ironforge
    Sprite Jumpsprocket, Stormwind

    Graham Van Talen, Undercity Mukdrak, Durotar
    Thund, Orgrimmar
    Tinkerwiz, The Barrens
    Twizwick Sprocketgrind, Mulgore

    Journeyman Finbus Geargrind, Duskwood
    Lilliam Sparkspindle, Stormwind
    Trixie Quikswitch, Ironforge
    Franklin Lloyd, Undercity
    Nogg, Orgrimmar

    Expert Springspindle Fizzlegear, Ironforge
    Roxxik, Orgrimmar

    Master Buzzek Bracketswing, Tanaris
    Buzzek Bracketswing, Tanaris

    How do I make Engineering items?

    In your skills section, there will be an engineering icon, click it to bring up your list of patterns. If you have the required ingredients and tools a number will show up beside the pattern, this is how many you can make of that item. I find it easiest if you put the icon on hot bar. The required tools to be an engineer are: a blacksmiths hammer, a forge, an anvil. There are other tools required for some recipes, like the arclight spanner. These are found on mobs or can be made by engineers. Forges and anvils are found in most major cities and towns, and several areas in the wild.

    What ingredients are used in Engineering?
    Mainly ore is used at the lower levels of engineering, but at the higher levels, a whole range of items are needed. They include rare gems, linen and cloth, items made from other professions like dusky belts from leatherworkers or Frost Oil from alchemists. The shear variety of ingredients for engineering recipes may make it annoying to level in, but the high end items produced with engineering are well worth it.

    Why can’t I make a Target Dummy??

    You can only make item for which you have the recipe and the skill to make them. You are given some basics one when you first start, but for the rest they have to be found on mobs, or bought from NPCs or other players. Some of the best patterns are only found as rare drops from high level instance dungeons.

    What level requirements are there for Engineering?

    Rank Skill level (min - max) Min. Character Level
    Apprentice 1 - 75 Level 5
    Journeyman 50 - 150 level 20
    Expert 125 - 225 Level 20
    Artisan 200 - 300 Level 35

    How do I increase my Engineering skill?

    To increase your engineering skill you need to make items with a progressively higher difficulty rating.

    Why didn’t my skill increase 30 points when I made 30 Handfuls Of Copper Bolts?

    Your skills increase only if you produce item that have a high difficulty rating. All production patterns are color coded for complexity.

    What are the difficulty ratings for patterns?

    From easiest to hardest the color are grey, green, yellow, orange and red. Patterns that are red will never be in your list of patterns, but they are visible at the blacksmithing trainers. Orange patterns will always increase your skill, yellow patterns sometimes increase your skill, green patterns will rarely increase your skill, and grey patterns will never increase your skill.

    What is the best way to level Engineering?

    There are two main things to remember when trying to level your engineering skill. The first is to only make orange difficulty items whenever possible. Only make yellow difficulty items when they are significantly cheaper to produce than orange difficulty items.

    The other secret to leveling engineering is to always create the item at each skill level that has the lowest ingredient cost. Always check all the recipes that you are able to make at the time and build the cheapest one. For example one item may require 10 copper bars, while another requires 15. If they are the same difficulty rating, then you should always make the item requiring only 10 bars. Our table of engineering recipes is a great help in planning items to build to level as it shows when the item drops to green difficulty and not worth producing any more. Our guide can be found here.

    Are there Quests for Engineering?

    The two main quests for engineering are the ones involved with your choice of school, Gnome engineering or Goblin Engineering. Note you can not do both quests you have to choose one.

    What are Gnome engineering and Goblin engineering?

    These are two different types or schools of engineering. At the expert level you must choose which path you want to take but make sure you choose the one that is right for you as you CAN NOT change your mind. Even if you unlearn engineering and relearn it can not change what school you have chosen.

    Where do you train to be Gnome engineer or Goblin engineer?

    After talking to your class trainer in Ironforge or Undercity, you will be asked to read a book about the different schools of engineering. After deciding which path you want to follow you’ll be directed to either Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan. for goblin engineering,(both sides) or Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay(horde) or Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironforge(alliance) for gnome engineering

    Which specialization should I chose?

    Both paths have their advantages and disadvantages. Goblin engineering produces more bombs, and generally more explosive items, where as Gnome engineering produces gadget and devices to aid your character in adventuring. It really boils down to personal preference. Note you do not have to choose gnome or goblin, there are skills available at the artisan level that both paths can use, so there is no need to rush your decision

    What do I need make in order to be a Goblin or Gnome engineer

    For the Goblin Engineering quest you’ll need to make 20 Big Iron Bombs, 20 Solid Dynamite, and 5 Explosive Sheep.

    For the Gnome Engineering quest you’ll need to make 6 Mithril Tubes, 2 Advanced Target Dummies, and 1 Accurate Scope

    What are Membership cards for? and why do I have to renew them?

    You receive your membership card when you complete the quest for your chosen engineering path. After two weeks it will expire. When your membership expires you will not be able to learn any new skills in your chosen school. It costs two gold to renew, so it would be a good idea to learn the skills as quickly as possible. There is a benefit to renewing your membership however. About one day after renewal you’ll receive a gift from your trainer in the mail. The gifts range from bombs to parts to recipes so it might be worth thinking about renewing your membership for the gifts.

    Can I make money with engineering?

    No not really, as most of the items made by engineers can only be used by engineers, there isn’t much value in them, to other players.

    Engineering Guide
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