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    Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    Source: SharpPlay - Exploits, Guides, Tricks, Secrets, Bots and more for World of Warcraft

    [1] Complaining

    [2] Questions

    [3] Knowing your Facts

    [4] Terms

    [5] Web Sites

    [6] Macros * Updated *

    [7] Grind Spots 34 - 60

    [8] Herbalism, Mining Spots * Updated *

    [9] Tricks * Updated *

    BoSS : Ragnaros * NEW *

    [10] Spell Lists * NEW *

    [1] Complaining

    Now as you know theres lots of complaining basterds on WoW an Ex. of this is post topics on the wow pvp forums, ect :
    "Paly overpowered Petition forum"

    Now I know everyone has sumtin to complain about this game, hey its not perfect no game is. So, theres other ways to talk about it. Such, as forums topics stating a clean basic fact or theroy on the need-to-be-nerfed class or race. DO NOT go all Taliban Extremist and say " ROGUES NEED TO BE NERFED ssssSSSCREW U BLIZZARD !!!!", handle it in a polite fashion and u'll most likely be replied with a blue post.


    [2] Questions

    EVERYONE has questions about the game, wether it be the new patch up or a feature/class. 1st off the internet is right there a quick search on Google can help you. If, Google fails you have your fellow WoW players on your server, Do not go on the Blizzard forum or almost any other forum
    *Except your own forum or a guilds forum* otherwise you'll be flamed from hell. The WoW website has a basic, yet complex guide.


    [3] Knowing your Facts

    Knowing your facts in WoW is your freind theres many sites that can help you. Itms and Quests are some of the biggest, most frequently asked in the game of WoW and almsot any other MMORPG. Theres a few reliable sites that can help you. Thottbot: World of Warcraft is a reliable source for Cordinates for your map, but has lately received a hell of alot of false info. for weapons just go there for Cords. My Favorite and so far the most reliable is all the pro's use it... its your more harder to use google

    [4] Terms

    Common Chat Abbreviations

    AFAIK - As far as I know
    AFK - Away from keyboard
    BRB - Be right back
    BRT - Be right there
    BTW - By the way; between
    DND = Do not disturb
    FUBAR - Flipped up beyond all recognition
    GG - Good game
    GTG - Got to go; Good to go
    IMHO - In my humble opinion
    IRL - In real life
    LFG - Looking for a group
    LFM - Looking for more (to group)
    LMAO - Laughing my backside off
    LOL = Laugh out loud; Lots of laughter
    MT - Mistell
    NP - No problem
    OMFG - Oh my flipping god!
    OMG - Oh my god!
    OMW - On my way
    OOC - Out of character
    OT - Off topic
    PST - Please send tell
    RL - Real life
    ROFL - Roll over the floor laughing
    STFU - Shut the fluff up
    TY - Thank you
    WB - Welcome back
    WTB - Want to buy
    WTF - What the flip!
    WTH - What the hell!
    WTS - Want to sell
    WTT - Want to trade
    YW - You're welcome

    Common Game Abbreviations

    AGI - Agility
    AC - Armor Class
    AH - Auction House
    AP - Attack Power
    AOE - Area of Effect
    BT - Bittorrent
    CE - Collector's Edition
    COD - Cash on Delivery
    CRIT - Critical Hit
    DD - Direct Damage
    DEF - Defense
    DE - Disenchant
    DMG - Damage
    DOT - Damage Over Time
    DR - Diminishing Returns
    DPM - Damage Per Mana
    DPS - Damage Per Second
    ENE - Energy
    EQ - Equipment
    EULA - End User Licensing Agreement
    FFA - Free For All
    FH - Full Health
    FM - Full Mana
    FvF - Faction vs. Faction
    GM - Game Master; Guild Master
    HOT - Heal Over Time
    HP - Hit Points
    INC - Incoming
    INS - Instant
    INT - Intellect
    KS - Kill Steal
    KOS - Killed on Sight
    LD - Link Dead
    LOM - Low on Mana
    LOS - Line of Sight
    LVL - Level
    MATS - Materials
    MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online
    MMOG - Massively Multiplayer Online Game
    MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
    MP - Mana Points
    NBG - Need Before Greed
    NE - Night Elf
    NM or NVM - Never Mind
    NPC - Non Player Character
    OOM - Out of Mana
    PBAOE - Point Blank Area of Effect
    PC - Player Character
    PC - Price Check
    PK - Player Kill/Killer
    POT - Potion
    PvE - Players vs. Environment/Monsters
    PvP - Players vs. Player
    RES - Ressurect
    RP - Role Play; Role Player; Role Playing
    RPG - Role Playing Game
    RR - Round Robin
    SPI - Spirit
    STA - Stamina
    STR - Strength
    TOS - Terms of Service
    TP - Talent Points
    UD - Undead
    UI - User interface
    VW - Voidwalker
    WoW - World of Warcraft
    XP or EXP - Experience Points
    ZEP - Zeppelin



    Org - Orgrimmar
    UC - Undercity
    TB - Thunder Bluff
    IF = Ironforge
    SW - Stormwind
    DN - Darnassus

    BB - Booty Bay
    GG - Grom'gol Base Camp
    HF - Hammerfall
    LHC - Light Hope Chapel
    RH - Razor Hill
    RP - Refuge Pointe
    SS - Southshore
    TM - Tarren Mill
    XR - Crossroads

    AZ - Azshara
    BL - Blasted Lands (not Badlands)
    EPL - Eastern Plaguelands
    RR - Redridge Mountains
    SF - Shimmering Flats
    SoS - Swamp of Sorrows
    STV - Stranglethorn Vale
    TN - Thousand Needles
    WF - Westfall
    WPL - Western Plaguelands


    BFD - Blackfathom Deeps
    BRD - Blackrock Depths
    (U/L)BRS - (Upper/Lower) Blackrock Spire
    DM - Dire Maul
    RFC - Ragefire Chasm
    RFD - Razorfen Downs
    RFK - Razorfen Kraul
    SFK - Shadowfang Keep
    SM - The Scarlet Monastery
    ST - The Sunken Temple
    VC - Van Cleef (Deadmines)
    WC - Wailing Caverns
    ZF - Zul'Farrak

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)


    1337 sp34k- Elite speak. Annoying speech where letters are replaced with numbers and other symbols.

    Add- An extra monster that has joined an existing battle.

    Alt- Alternate. A character on your account other than your main character.

    Aggro- Derived from "aggresive". This means the monsters are mad at you and you've "activated" them to attack you. They are now in the motion of trying to reach and attack you.
    Aggro Radius- The radius around the monsters where they will "wake up" and attack you.

    AoE- Area of Effect. A spell/effect that is applied on an area, usually circular but not necessarily so.

    Avatar- Your character in the game that represents you.
    Battleground- An instanced battlefield where players from different factions can fight with each other fairly.

    Bot- Robot. Software automaton, used to play and advance a character without human assistance or supervision.

    Buff- A beneficial spell cast on a monster or player.

    Carebear- Player that prefers to help other players attack monsters rather than attack other players in PvP combat.

    - A character that stays on the back row to heal or cast spells on the enemy, such as a Mage.

    Cheese- To exploit an imbalance in the game.

    Combat Pets- A NPC controlled by a player, aiding that player and his teammates in fights.

    Cooldown- The waiting time before a spell, item or ability can be used again.

    Corpse Camping- The act of guarding a corpse to make it harder for the victim to get their corpse back.

    Creep- Monster

    Critters- Monsters that don't attack back, like a bunny or deer.

    Curse- A Spell or effect that makes a target weaker.

    DD- Direct Damage. This is a spell that does all of its damage in one hit rather than spreading its damage over time.

    De-Buff- A negative spell cast on a unit that makes it less powerful.

    DR- Diminishing Returns. Used to describe something that reduces slowly over time on consecutive repetitions of the same action.

    Drop- Loot. An item that is obtained via monster drops (as opposed to being player-made).

    Farm- To repeatedly kill the same monsters or in the same area usually with the purpose of obtaining money or specific items.

    Flame- An insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger.

    Gank- Gang Killing. Also used to mean bullying of lower level players in PvP or to kill a player while he is engaged with a monster.

    GM- Game Master. Someone employed by Blizzard Entertainment to assist and help players. They are identified with <GM> in front of their names.

    GM- Guild Master. The default name of the rank given to the leader of a guild.

    Grief- Actions taken to be annoying or to spoil the game experience of someone else.

    Griefer- A person who purposely tries to annoy or anger other players.

    Grinding- Staying in the same area fighting the same types of monsters for a very long time.

    Hate- Similar to threat

    Hearthstone- An item that can be used once per hour to teleport you to your Home point.

    Home- The location tied to your Hearthstone, changable only by talking to an innkeeper.

    Hostile- Applied to mean that an enemy has the capability to initiate combat with you. Hybrid- A class that is a mixture or combination of 2 or more classes. For example, a Druid can be viewed as a Warrior/Rogue/Priest hybrid.

    Incoming- (INC) This means an attack is coming.

    Instance- Area of the game that is for you and your party alone.

    Kiting- A style of combat in which a player continually stays out of combat range of an enemy usually by running from it, while simultaneously causing damage to it.
    Kill Steal- (KS) Taking a kill off someone by inflicting the killing blow.

    Lag- Refers to slow game response times. The cause can be graphical based (weak graphics card), internet based (ping), system based (lack of memory, virtual memory), server based (overloaded server) or usually some combination of each.

    Link Dead- (LD) A player who has actually lost connection to the game server, but his character is still in the game and has not timed out yet. This results in "A character with that name already exists" error when trying to reconnect to such a

    Lag- Refers to slow game response times. The cause can be graphical based (weak graphics card), internet based (ping), system based (lack of memory, virtual memory), server based (overloaded server) or usually some combination of each.

    Link Dead- (LD) A player who has actually lost connection to the game server, but his character is still in the game and has not timed out yet. This results in "A character with that name already exists" error when trying to reconnect to such a character.

    Loot- To take the treasure from a monster that has been killed or from a chest.

    Macro- A series of commands that are configured to be executed together with one button press.

    Materials- (MATS) Items and components used in a recipe to make a final product.

    Mez- Short for Mesmerize. Refers to spells, such as Polymorph that temporarily incapacitate a target.

    Mob- Mobile. A computer-controlled character (NPC). Now generally used to mean any computer controlled enemy. This term is singular (Mobs is plural), and is not to be confused with the English word "mob" which means a large disorderly crowd.

    Mod- Modification to a game, either through available tools or by outright hacking, in order to change the game from its original form.

    Named- A special monster that is usually stronger than surrounding monsters with possibil special abilities and item drops. Identified with a silver border portrait in WoW.
    NBG- Need Before Greed, a looting system in WoW where items are distributed to players in a party according to need.

    Newbie- A new player. Sometimes used negatively to imply a weak player.

    Nerf- A negative change; to downgrade or weaken something.

    Ninja- To try to loot an item without other players knowing or paying attention. Basically, to take an item without permission.

    NPC- Non player-controlled character. The characters are controlled by the server and can be both friendly (shopkeeper) or hostile (monster).

    Nuke- A spell that can inflict a large amount of damage quickly.

    Patch- A downloadable update that fixes bugs, improves stability and introduces new features to a program.

    PC- Player controlled character

    Pet- A NPC controlled by a player such as a Wolf, Infernal, and so on.

    Ping- The amount of time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the server AND back. This is usually measured in milliseconds.

    Ping- To click on the minimap, indicating to your party members a location on the map.

    Proc- Activate. Example: A weapon with a special effect will "proc" every so often. (Process)

    Pull- Selectively start combat with a Mob, usually with a ranged attack, and then leading this Mob back to a safer area in order to separate them from other potentially hostile Mobs that are nearby.

    Puller- Person who pulls Mobs for the party.

    PvE- Player vs. Environment. Combat between players and computer controlled opponents. PvP- Player vs. Player. Combat between players.

    Queue- A system where if a realm is overloaded, subsequent players trying to log on will be queued up in a first come first serve basis and allowed to log on only when existing players log out.

    Raid- A raid is a large-scale attack on an area by a group of players.

    - A server(s) that hosts a copy of the game. Each and every realm is distinct and seperate from all others and there are completely no interactions between them.

    Regen- Regenerate. To obtain HP and mana back via food and drink.

    Repop- (POP) Repopulation. Refers to the re-spawn of monsters.

    Re-Spawn- A monster that has been killed has spawned (been created) again.

    - (state) An indicator of how tired a character is, which affects how much experience is gained from killing monsters.

    Res Sickness- Ressurect. To come back from the dead, usually with some kind of penalty attached.

    Ritual- A spell or event that requires multiple players to cast/activate.

    Roll- To roll a random number to determine who has the right to get an item. For example: /random 1-100

    Root- To trap a target in place so that it cannot move. The target may still attack.

    RP- Role Playing; Role Player; Role Play. To act, behave and talk in a way as though you are the character you are controlling.

    RPG- Role Playing Game. A game where players are able to Role Play the character that they are controlling.

    Rushing- Being dragged through a part of the game by someone of much higher level than you with the specific purpose of exploiting xp reward loopholes.

    Soul Shard. An item gained by the Warlock through Soul Draining, used to cast several spells such as Ritual of Summoning and to conjure Soulstones.

    Small Pets- Non-Combat Pets. An animal following the player around that does not doing anything else.

    Snare- Refers to spells and abilities that slow down or completely stop a target's movement.

    Spam- unelicited emails in large quantities; rapidly repeated scrolling text.

    Spawn- The location or process of monsters (or items) appearing when they are created in the world.

    Stack- A number of identical items placed in a single inventory slot, to conserve space. Only certain items can be stacked.

    Tank- A melee character that can take a lot of damage like a Warrior. Often used to mean the player that should hold aggro.

    Tap- To do damage to a monster, making it "your" kill. Once you have damaged the monster, you and your party are the only players able to get experience and loot from it. A monster with a greyed-out name bar has been tapped by another player and will not earn you experience or loot.

    Taunt- Related to Aggro. An ability that allows a player to pull the attention of a monster off of another player and on to himself.

    Threat- Related to Aggro. All enemies (NPCs) maintain a hate list of players that have recently done aggressive actions on it and will attack (Aggro) the target that it considers to be the most threatening.

    Ticket- A text message that is submitted to the GMs via the in-game system and is waiting for GM response.

    Train- To lead monsters into another player. This is not a desired behavior.

    Troll- The act of using words or posts designed to attract predictable responses or flames; also used as a noun to refer to a person that trolls.

    Twink- A low level character who has been made more powerful by higher level characters, usually by getting stronger armor and weapons than the character would normally have at such a low level.

    Über- German slang for 'super', originally meaning 'over'; exceptionally powerful.

    UI- User interface. Refers to the controls, buttons and on-screen elements by which the player interacts with the game world.

    Vendor Trash- An item that only a vendor/merchant would buy.

    Wimpy- A behaviour describing a monster that runs away when it is low on health.

    Zerg- From StarCraft, to attack something with a lot of players/units.
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    [5] Web Sites
    All WoW players should have these websites flagged :

    * Its your friend use it *
    * The more complex search engine for WoW *

    Edge of Nowhere
    * Blizzhackers is back !!! *

    mmowned Forum
    *Great Site for Hacks and Exploits *

    Thottbot: World of Warcraft
    * If doesnt have it, then its here *

    IGE, Buy WOW Gold, World of Warcraft Gold, FFXI Gil, Final Fantasy XI Gil, Lineage 2 Adena
    * Lots of Gold/Accounts for sale *

    World of Warcraft Community Site
    * Check Realm Stats,Forums,Patch Up notes *

    World of Warcraft Quests, Items, Maps, Forums - The Goblin Workshop
    * Items and all the works, in this Ye' Old Shop *
    [6] Macros

    The realm of WoW is a toughy to get into without Macros.
    I know some of you think that Macros are for Script Junkies,
    but the reality is thats not true. Here are some Macros that
    I have made for my characters, from other players, and I
    also have some websites to introduce u to that can teach you
    how to do macros

    My Macros

    Auto Target Self
    * Buffing *
    Code: ‹ Select ›

    /target yourcharactersname

    Piss on your Enemys Very Happy
    * 2 of em' do one first followed by the other *
    Code: ‹ Select ›

    /e takes a piss on %t

    Code: ‹ Select › ‹ Expand ›

    /e zips up
    /e als laughs at %t, shaming them


    Heres some sites for Macros/UI

    Interface Customization/ - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
    This page provides a lot of great information on Interface Customization.

    This file explains step-by-step how to retrieve's files from your retail copy of WoW. Note: Copy-paste the above URL in it's entirety, the forums auto-parsing doesn't create the link correctly.

    Globally Accessible Functions
    This is a list of Globally Accessible Functions, provided by the great people at Cosmos UI.

    Looking to edit or create BLP files?
    Check out Vjeux's tools page:

    UltraEdit syntax-highlighting for WoW LUA files:

    EditPlus2 syntax-highlighting for WoW LUA files:
    EditPlus2 auto-completion for WoW LUA files:

    Warrior Macros (has a weapon swaping macro, 2h to 1h + shield, two 1h to 2h...):
    WoW Forums -> 404 Page Not Found

    Warlock Macros
    The Warlocks Den - Powered by vBulletin

    Druid Macros:
    WoW Forums -> 404 Page Not Found

    Hunter Macros:
    World of Warcraft - Hunters :: View topic - Hunter Macros



    [7] Grind Spots 34- 60
    * is the source *

    No matter how you slice it, grinding is the fastest way to level in WoW. Maybe not the most fun, but it is much faster than questing.

    Now, I'd say the best time to start grinding wouldn't be right off - You can get to 35 very easily questing, but after that, it's more of a pain in the as.

    There are various good places to grind, so there is some overlapping.

    Unfortunately, this applies mostly to damage dealers of the melee variety. Mages and Warlocks may be able to use them, but I don't have as much experience with them.

    Warning: Alot of these areas are densely packed with mobs, so you are likely to get adds when you first begin clearing. However, the denser they are, that means the more spawns in the shortest distance - Exactly what you want when grinding.

    Levels might be off by the order of 1 or 2, as your grinding ability might be different than that of the classes I have played. I apologize if they are, but I'm fairly sure these spots are mostly accurate.

    Grinding areas will only support one person. Any more, and it will be alot slower for EXP. If someone is at the spot you planned on using, try somewhere else. I've tried to provide a good spread of places to try at different levels, but if you can't find one, you might just have to try later

    If you're a melee class, I cannot stress the fact that first aid and food are godsends, and will reduce your downtime greatly. Love them. They are VERY useful.

    You might also want to spend some money on +stat potions that last for an hour, as well as +hp regen. You're going to mostly be grinding on mobs that have good drops, so you'll have more to spend.


    Venture Co. Meteorologists at Lake N. in Stranglethorn Vale
    I love these guys. I mentioned them in the gold guide, and I really do love them. They have good drops, and they die fast. Hunters can sometimes even take two on at a time, as they like to stay at range and use their lightning bolt attack. Sic a pet on one, and take out the other yourself. They don't always stay at range, however, so your milage may vary.

    The Naga on the islands in Desolace have low armor, and there are casters in the mix. Be wary of the wandering sea giants, though. One will walk across the island every now and then, and they'll kill you if they sees you.

    The Murlocs by Grom'Gol in STV are excellent grinding. They have, as per usual, low defense, and take alot of damage. Some casters mixed in the fray as well.


    In the Badlands, there are ALOT of rock elementals. They range from about 37 to 42 or so, if I remember correctly. They're sort of close to the Horde base, so Alliance might be weary of the area. They die fast, and they have some pretty good vendor drops. Higher level ones spawn by the Ogres camp, and have a chance of spwaning Rumbler, a named rock elemental. There's also a few quests right by the lower ones, so some extra EXP is fun.

    The Scalding Whelps in the Badlands are fun to grind. They're basicly casters, low def and HP, high damage. They also have a chance of dropping a a Tiny Black Whelpling, which can go for 20-50 gold on some servers in the AH, and are pretty cool pets regardless.

    The Wastewander humans in Tanaris are great grinding for a large level range. They start off at level 40 and 41, and ramp up to 44 or so, and then you can move to the pirates, which range from 44-45 (Or is it 46?). Chests spawns are all over the place too, so you can get some phat lewt. My gold guide has more in depth information on their location.

    The Naga in Stranglethorn Vale are pretty easy to kill, though there aren't any caster mobs mixed in. I personally don't like this one, but it is viable.

    There are some more Naga on an island in Feralas, south of Feathermoon Stronghold or whatever. I've never been there personally, but I've heard good things about it. A named naga spawns at the top of one of the caves, 24 hour spawn.

    Also in Feralas, there are some Yeti in the Feral Scare Vale. The normal ones are about level 45, and they ramp up to level 48 or so. Pretty good grinding, but the range of movement is sorta large.

    The ghosts in Azshara are great. I love them. I can't stress how awesome they are. They drop insane mageweave and silver, and are absolutely excellent to kill. The Litchlings are casters, and die even faster than the Apprentices, which go down FAST. I absolutely love these. However, on my server, several 57+ gold farmers also camp them fairly actively

    I've heard good things about the Dunemaul ogres in Tanaris, though I don't have much experience with the area.

    I like elementals, and here are some more. In the Searing Gorge Cauldron, and a little bit North of it, there are plenty to grind.

    Deadwood Village in Felwood is decent grinding, and you can also use it to raise your Timbermaw faction. Not much I can say about it.

    The Ogres in the Burning Steppes are pretty good. Same thing as with other ogres.

    More ghosts! This time in Winterspring, on the frozen lake. I <3 these guys.

    Running around in the Plaguelands killing undead. Raising Argent Dawn faction is a pain, so you might want to go ahead and do slightly slower grinding at the gain of being able to raise your faction at the same time. It's also possible to go to 60 doing this, but it's mind numbingly boring... But for some, the faction is worth it. It's only until you hit half way thru honor that it stops. And you still gain 25 points when killing a boss of some type.* Thanks Tault_psalm23 for the update *

    If you're a rogue, Blackrock Stronghold is the place to be. You will die a few times getting down a beat, but once you have the timing going well, you'll be dominating the area. Half the mobs there are casters, and the other half still have low armor compaired to most mobs of this level
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    [8] Herbalism, Mining Spots, * More to Come *

    Apprentice Herbs
    * Peacebloom [1] - (used for Discolored Healing Potion, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Minor Healing Potion, Minor Rejuvenation Potion and Weak Troll's Blood Potion)
    Found in: Best spot for farming Peacebloom along with Silverleaf for Minor Healing Potions was for me Silverpine Forest and surroundings. Peacebloom grows mostly on plain lawn.
    * Silverleaf [1] - (used for Elixir of Lion's Strength, Elixir of Minor Agility, Elixir of Minor Defense, Minor Healing Potion and Minor Mana Potion).
    Found in: See above, Silverpine Forest. Silverleaf mostly grows in bushes next to trees.
    * Earthroot [15] - (used for Elixir of Giant Growth, Elixir of Lion's Strength, Elixir of Minor Fortitude, Elixir of Ogre's Strength, Weak Troll's Blood Potion)
    Found in: Best place for me was the Barrens, while searching this herb you should walk along the borders of the zone as it grows on mountains, rocks and hills.
    * Mageroyal [50] - (used for Elixir of Wisdom, Lesser Mana Potion, Minor Magic Resistance Potion, Minor Mana potion and Minor Rejuvenation Potion)
    Found in: Mageroyal grows all over The Barrens. Mostly it grows in wide free areas of of dry soil

    Journeyman Herbs
    * Briarthorn [70] - (used for Elixir of Wisdom, Lesser Healing Potion, Rage Potion, Strong Troll's Blood Potion and Swiftness Potion)
    Found in: Finding this plant will be a pain in the [email protected]#$%^&* as you will need a lot of it for healing potions. Best place still, even with all the competition of other herbalists, is the Barrens.
    Briarthorn grows always around trees.
    * Swiftthistle [-] - (used for Elixir of Lesser Agility, Elixir of Minor Agility, Holy Protection Potion, Swiftness Potion, Swim Speed Potion)
    Found in: This herb is found along with Mageroyal and Briarthorn in the same plants, so the Barrens is the best place for it.
    * Stranglekelp [85] - (used for Elixir of Agility, Elixir of Defense, Elixir of Water Breathing, Free Action Potion, Lesser Mana Potion, Mana Potion and Nature Protection Potion)
    Found in: Best zones for this hard to find herb is the westcoast of Wetlands as well as in Ashenvale inside the lakes and rivers. This plant is found always under water.
    * Bruiseweed [100] - (used for Elixir of Poision Resistance, Healing Potion, Holy Protection Potion, Mighty Troll's Blood Potion and Strong Troll's Blood Potion)
    Found in: Stonetalon Mountains is a nice place for Bruiseweed, this herb grows all over the zone.
    * Wild Steelbloom [115] - (used for Elixir of Defense, Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Greater Defense, Elixir of Lesser Agility, Lesser Invisibility Potion and Minor Magic Resistance Potion)
    Found in: Arathi Highlands was a nice place for Wild Steelbloom I find, you should walk along the border of the zone as this plant is found on mountains, hills and stones.
    * Grave Moss [120] - (used for Shadow Oil and Shadow Protection Potions)
    Found in: If there should really be need for this herb you should try to find it in Duskwood. It grows in graveyards and around graves mostly in the Northwest of the zone and also you can find some in the Southeast corner. Watch out in Duskwood though with the Alliance cities and guards.
    * Kingsblood [125] - (used for Elixir of Firepower, Elixir of Ogre's Strength, Great Rage Potion, Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion and Shadow Protection Potion)
    Found in: Kingsblood is a herb that you can easily gather while leveling. Best zones for it are Wetlands, Stranglethorn Vale and Stonetalon Mountains, the herb generally grows all over the zone.

    Expert Herbs

    * Liferoot [150] - (used for Greater Healing Potion, Mighty Troll's Blood Potion and Nature Protection Potion)
    Found in: Stranglethorn Vale and Wetlands are nice places for Liferoot, also I found quite some in Arathi Highlands while leveling. Liferoot always grows at the edges of lakes.
    * Fadeleaf [160] - (used for Catseye Elixir, Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility, Lesser Invisibility Potion and Shadow Oil)
    Found in: A nice place for this were either Arathi Highlands or Stranglethorn Vale for me. Also in Scarlet Monastery you can find some; this herb in general is somewhat rare but as far as I remember it grows around little bushes.
    * Goldthorn [170] - (used for Arcane Elixir, Catseye Elixir, Elixir of Agility, Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Greater Defense, Frost Protection Potion, Greater Mana Potion, Lesser Stoneshield Potion, Oil of Immolation and Restorative Elixir)
    Found in: Now this is a very important herb, used in a great number of reciepes, you can find this herb in Stranglethorn Vale and Arathi Highlands around mountains and hills.
    * Khadgar's Whisker [185] - (used for Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility, Elixir of Frost Power, Elixir of Greater Intellect, Frost Oil, Greater Mana Potion, Magic Resistance Potion and Superior Healing Potion)
    Found in: Khadagar's Whisker is found best also in Stranglethorn Vale and Arathi Highlands, around trees in bushes. A nice place for me to farm it was at the Whitebark Troll camp southeast of Arathi Highlands.
    * Wintersbite [195] - (used for Elixir of Frost Power, Frost Oil and Frost Protection Potion)
    Found in: Alterac Mountains. Here it grows in the center of the zone all over the snowy part, no snow no Wintersbite ^^

    Artisan Herbs
    * Firebloom [205] - (used for Goblin Rocket Fuel, Oil of Immolation and Philosopher's Stone)
    Found in: Badlands and Tanaris are nice places for this flower, it grows all over hot, dusty, dry areas.
    * Wildvine [-] - (used for Wildvine Potion)
    Found in: Ok this herb does not have its own plant, though you can find it sometimes on Purple Lotus plants. Else you get this plant as a drop from Troll mobs. Best places to hunt for it are in Stranglethorn Vale (Skullsplitter Trolls) and in The Hinterlands (Whitebark Trolls).
    * Purple Lotus [210] - (used for Dreamless Sleep Potion, Elixir or Dream Vision, Magic Resistance Potion, Philosopher's Stone and Wildvine Potion)
    Found in: Stranglethorn Vale and Tanaris are good places to find this herb. It grow mostly around stone-ruins.
    * Sungrass [230] - (used for Elixir of Giants, Elixir of Greater Agility, Elixir of Superior Defense, Invisibility Potion, Superior Healing Potion and Mana Potion)
    Found in: Best place for this plant is Hinterlands I find. Grows all over grass-area and is hard to see, you will have to move around your mousepointer to find it. Feralas is a good place too.
    * Blindweed [235] - (used for Arcane Elixir, Elixir of Greater Intellect, Gift of Arthas, Limited Invulnerability Potion and Superior Mana Potion)
    Found in: Swamp of Sorrows all the way. You can find this herb here in large quantities, grows around water at the edges.
    * Ghost Mushroom [245] - (used for Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Shadow Power, Ghost Dye, Invisibility Potion and Limited Invulnerability Potion)
    Found in: You will very rarely find a Ghost Mushroom plant, a few of them grow supposedly in the Hinterlands in the north east before crossing the river in a cave, also Maraudon has some. I got this herb mostly from hunting monsters. They drop from Elemental type of mobs like Thistleshrub Drew Collectors in Tanaris or Tar Lords/Bloodpetal Thresters/Tar Creepers in Un'Goro Crater.
    * Gromsblood [250] - (used for Elixir of Brute Force, Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Detect Demon, Elixir of Giants and Mighty Rage Potion)
    Found in: Very important herb for Mighty Rage Potions for Warriors.
    You can get this herb best in Desolace around the Demon mobs in the area with the dark/rotten soil.
    * Artha's Tears [245] - (used for Elixir of Detect Undead and Gift of Arthas)
    Found in: Best Place for this is Felwood + Eastern/Western Plaguelands. Grows all around the zone, is a rare plant though.
    * Golden Sansam [260] - (used for Major Healing Potion)
    Found in: I found this plant mostly in Un'Goro Crater. While running around at the edge of the zone, you can find Golden Sansam (along with Mountain Silversage for Major Healing Potions), in shadowy places next to trees and generally in grass.
    * Dreamfoil [270] - (used for Elixir of the Sages, Flask of Distilled Wisdom, Greater Arcane Protection Potion, Greater Fire Protection Potion, Greater Frost Protection Potion, Greater Shadow Protection Potion and Major Mana Potion)
    Found in: Two nice places for this plant are definately Un'Goro Crater and Azshara, in both places you can run around on your horse/kodo all over the whole zone, you will find not only Dreamfoil but most of the high level herbs you need. Also Azshara seems one of the zones less trafficked, so you will most likely find more Dreamfoil there than in Un'Goro crater, but Un'Goro is still the best place. Dreamfoil grows all over the zone in grass.
    * Mountain Silversage [280] - (used for Elixir of Mongoose, Flask of Chromatic Resistance, Major Healing Potion)
    Found in: Extremely important and largely used herb (crit potion for rogues and major healing potions), best place to search for it is Un'Goro Crater imo. Run along the edge of the zone as the plant grows on the highest possible (climbable) mountains.
    * Plaguebloom [285] - (used for Elixir of Brute Force, Mongoose Potion, Elixir of the Sages and Purification Potion)
    Found in: Best and easiest place for this is Eastern Plaguelands. Grows all over the zone, mostly in the south-east corner though.
    * Icecap [290] - (used for Flask of Chromatic Resistance, Flask of Distilled Wisdom, Major Mana Potion and Purification Potion)
    Found in: All over Winterspring.
    * Black Lotus [300] - (used for Flask of Chromatic Resistance, and Flask of Distilled Wisdom)
    Found in: Ok this is the rarest plant

    Burning Steppes. Another good spot for this herb is the arena in Dire Maul, (you need a group for this) depending on if a rare named is up there spawn 2 Black Lotuses in the arena and can be harvested, you need to kill the named though which takes about a full group.
    Mining Spots
    Copper Veins

    * Alliance: Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, Loch Modan
    * Horde: The Barrens, Durotar, Westfall

    Tin Veins

    * Alliance: Duskwood, Redridge Mountains, Loch Modan
    * Horde: The Barrens, Thousand Needles
    * Neutral: Hillsbrad Foothills

    Silver Veins

    * Alliance: Duskwood
    * Horde: Thousand Needles, The Barrens
    * Neutral: Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills

    Iron Deposits

    * Neutral: Arathi Highlands, Badlands, Stranglethorn Vale, Alterac Mountains, Thousand Needles

    Mithril Deposits

    * Neutral: Badlands, Tanaris (Alien Caves), Desolace, Searing Gorge

    Gold Veins

    * Neutral: Badlands, Arathi Highlands, Burning Steppes, Stranglethorn Vale

    Truesilver Veins

    * Neutral: Burning Steppes, Un'Goro Crater (Ape Caves), Badlands, Tanaris (Alien Caves)

    Small Thorium Veins

    * Neutral: Un'Goro Crater (Alien Caves), Burning Steppes, Blasted Lands, Felwood

    Rich Thorium Veins

    * Neutral: Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands, Un'Goro Crater (Western Part), Winterspring

    Dark Iron Deposit

    * Neutral: Blackrock Depths, Molten Core
    Most Common Rich Thorium Veins

    The lvl 57-60 tiger area on the north end spawns 3 rich thorium ever 14.5 min starting from left, then north, then right side.

    Yetti cave east of everlook spawns 2 Rich thorium veins that spawn ever 28.2 min one at the very end of the cave, one on the ramp up left side.

    Thisulfur Village on the north east side of winterspring has 3 mines that spawn ever 34 min. Left of the gate going in one on the north up the hill and one on the south east at the dead end.

    Owlbeast hill southeast side of winterspring near the valley of giants, 29.2 min 2 rich thorium spawns. one in the cave on the left of the owls, one up the hill in the cave on the right

    Ungoro --

    West side near the lvl 55-56 elite dino at the west pylon not sure of spawn time.

    Fire hill in the center of ungoro there are 5 potential spawn points best thing to do there is run up the hill check mini. no spawn run down. no need it walking around it as the mini can cover the whole hill in 2 sec

    Silthius --

    Misc thorium all over the zone. one of the best mining spots for thorium ore in general there is (imo). Rich thorium on all 4 points of the zone north,south,east,west look at the map once in the zone and hit the 4 center points of each direction 59 min spawn for each mine.

    Also if you are a rogue or have a couple buds with you there is ALWAYS 2-3 rich thorium down in the individual insect areas monster lvls ranging from 55-62 elite. (i take a preist and a rogue with me and hit all 4 areas)

    East Plague --

    East plague has 3 that i know of. respawn is random in this area. 1 is in the cavern just south of light hope chapel. One spawns up the hill north of Light hope in the cauldren area (not sure the name dont care just there for the ore). One spawns North west of light hope near Zul Mashaar just check the general area as this mine jumps a bit.

    Suggestions --

    If you are in need of ore farm winterspring or silthius as they are the highest mine per area for thorium. If you get your mining spawns right you can endless run from rich thorium to rich thorium for about 30-90 ore per hour and about 6-10 gems per hour.

    [9] Tricks
    Heres some little tricks to make your life in WoW easyier

    * Pressing Shift + B opens up all of your packs. Makes selling easier. You can also shift-click any bag in the toolbar to open/close them all. Or, Bind your bag opening key to “Open all bags” instead.

    * Holding down Alt causes you to select yourself as the target for spells, buffs, etc. F1 does this as well. F2-F5 selects your fellow party members. If they have a pet, hitting their F key twice will select the pet.

    * Be sure to log out inside of an Inn or major town to build up your rest bonus. This bonus is determined by how long you are in the rest area (captial cities count in their enterity) and caps at approximately 1.5 levels worth of xp doubling which takes about 2 weeks in a rest area to hit.
    This time accrues whether you are logged in or not so ALWAYS log in an inn or capital city.

    * Shift + Right click to auto loot kills, crafting nodes, chests, and any world object that can be manipulated.

    * Shift + Left Click either posts an item into the chat window as a link if you have chat open, or it splits a stack of items. This can also be used to select how many of a non-stacked item you want to buy from a vendor.

    *Clicking on a name in the chat window sends that person a tell.

    *Shift + Clicking on a name in chat performs a /who

    * With a teammate targetted, typing /assist will fight what they target. In the default configuration, “F” will select their target. If you’re running a pet, F1-F1-F will select whatever your pet is aggro’d on.

    * Not so much at trick, but faction discounts apply to the flyers and trainers as well, so don’t be so quick to throw away newbie quests that you forget to complete - they help out in the long run. Be aware that the reputation received from a quest drops off sharply when it goes grey, unless the quest is a high-profile one for that faction (i.e. Defias for Stormwind). Also, many quests give reputation bonuses in more than one faction; you see this a lot with Ironforge/Gnomeregan Exiles. Finally, if you hover over a quest-giving NPC, the game now tells you in the tooltiip which faction they’re aligned with.

    * The command /random # # makes dice rolls between the two numbers specified (ex: /random 1 100 will roll randomly (1-100)). It’s useful for quests and such, as I always use it to roll for chests or veins of ore, etc.

    * Go Swimming There are often chests at the bottom of lakes aswell as mineral nodes that won’t show up on radar until you are submerged. (the lake outside Loch Modan (sp) is Amazing for tier 1 and has 5 chest spawns that I have found so far)

    * Increase the range of your “Target nearest” key. Go into your WTF folder and edit the file. Add the following line at the bottom:

    SET TargetNearestDistance “40.000000Åç

    * The Auction House will respond to you much quicker if you narrow your search range. If nothing else, use the level range boxes, and search by armor/weapon category. Also, using the text-string search box is the fastest way I’ve found to find consumables.

    * of the : These are paired stat bonuses based on the animal type, and they will always have the same two stats paired. If you’re looking for stat buffing armor, and you know what stats you want, search Auction House for the following animals:

    Bear: Strength, Stamina
    Boar: Strength, Spirit
    Eagle: Intellect, Stamina
    Falcon: Intellect, Agility
    Gorilla: Strength, Intellect
    Monkey: Agility, Stamina
    Owl: Intellect, Spirit
    Tiger: Strength, Agility
    Whale: Spirit, Stamina
    Wolf: Agility, Spirit

    * To make fast cash when you’re really bored, farm -5/-6 humanoid creatures. They drop Linen/Wool/Silk, all of which sell very well in AH if you put low buyouts. They also drop more copper/silver than comparable beasts, demons, dragonkin, or elementals.

    * Cooked food stacks to higher amounts than raw food. By training cooking, you can double a single slot’s worth of storage, and get more benefit.

    *While on autorun, hold down the right mouse button to steer. Easier to make small course corrections this way.

    *To learn more about your guild (How many actual players there are, for instance) Type /ginfo

    * Don’t want to use a mod to speed up that quest text? Use these scripts instead

    Speedy Quest
    /script RegisterForSave("QUEST_DESCRIPTION_GRADIENT_CPS")
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quest’s are now SUPER SPEEDY!");

    Regular Quest
    /script RegisterForSave("QUEST_DESCRIPTION_GRADIENT_CPS")
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quest’s are now regular speed!");

    * Alt-Z will hide your UI and makes for better screenshots.

    * V will bring up health bars under the names of everything you can see, and switch it off again.

    * Hunters, If you and your pet get in over your head and you want to keep the pet alive, set the pet to “stay” and run away. If you can get out of range before the pet dies, the pet will unsummon itself. You can then instantly call it back to you once you have reached safety. It’s a lot quicker and less mana and food intensive than having to rezz and feed the pet.

    * In the key bindings there’s a thing called camera flip. By default it’s not bound to anything. It flips the camera view so you’re looking at yourself from the front instead of the back. May be useful when running away and want to see if mobs are still chasing you.

    * Mail is the great extra bank account. Create a level 1 alt. Mail it all your stuff you want to save. It can sit on that guy for 29 days. Then have it use the return option to send them back to your main for another 29 days.

    * You can fish while waiting on a boat. Do not stand too close to the edge though, because the boat will knock you off the dock and into the water.

    * Ask guards in town for directions. Now press m and you will see a red flag marking where you need to go.

    * For high levels that want to level up skills. Head to Scarlet Monastery and attack the Scarlet Chaplans. They
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    * Also for leveling up wands attack a caster. You resist 99% of there spells and so can easily skill up that way.

    * To see what class/lvl/guild someone is on the chat hold shift and left click their name it basicly does a /who on them.

    * Want to increase stability in WoW underclock your graphics card by a few MHz, if your hardcore about framerate and stabilty then by all means underclock your CPU by a few MHz.

    * Laggy in IF ? scroll to First Person mode and you'll see your frames increase

    * If instances and raids cause you grief of lagginess, go to the Menu by pressing ESC go to VIDEO OPTIONS then find where it says WINDOW MODE where theres an unchecked box right next to it, enable it and adjust it to suit your needs.


    The Firelord and his brethren once held sway over the entire world. As a servant of the Old Gods, he fought against the Titans for domination over the planet. The victorious Titans banished him and his brethren to the Elementar Plane - there to remain imprisoned until the end of time.

    It was then and there that the brothers turned on each other. For five millennia a battle was fought at the core of this world.

    It was during the Elemental Sundering that the Firelord, Ragnaros, sought to consume Thunderaan, Prince of Air. Thunderaan fell, utterly defeated. The Firelord feasted upon the essence of Thunderaan, but was unable to consume him entirely.

    During the War of the Three Hammers, a Dark Iron Dwarf leader named Thaurissan, seeking to summon a supernatural minion that would ensure his victory, called upon the ancient powers sleeping beneath the world. To his shock, and ultimately his doom, the creature that emerged was more terrible than any nightmare he could have imagined.

    Now, freed by Thaurissan's call, Ragnaros erupted into being once again. Ragnaros' apocalyptic rebirth into Azeroth shattered the Blackrock Mountain and created a raging volcano at the center of the devastation. The volcano, known as Blackrock Spire, was bordered by the Searing Gorge to the north and the Burning Steppes to the south. Though Thaurissan was killed by the forces he had unleashed, his surviving brethren were ultimately enslaved by Ragnaros and his elementals. They remain within the Spire to this day (in the Molten Core).

    Witnessing the horrific devastation and the fires spreading across the southern mountains, King Madoran and King Khardros halted their armies and hastily turned back towards their kingdoms, unwilling to face the awesome wrath of Ragnaros.

    Cut off from the energies of his fierly realm, Ragnaros is but a shadow of his true self. However, he has more than enought strength to be an armies' end. He and his dwarven minions took control of the Blackrock mountain's volcanic depths and made war on the orcs in the Upper Blackrock Spire, which served as the seat of power for Nefarion the Black Dragon. Ragnaros has uncovered the secret to creating life from stone and plans to build an army of unstoppable golems to aid him in conquering the whole of Blackrock Mountain.

    * Fire resistance is the "trick" to beating him.
    o Your MT should have at least 300
    o Any class need to have at the very least 100, or they won't be around very long. More fire resistance is better.
    o Everyone in the raid should use anywhere from 1-3 fire protection potions during the fight to stay alive. Prefered a few seconds before the sons of flame spawn.
    * Stage 1:
    o Have your MTs run in and attack, and have all your melee-ers and ranged DPS-ers assist. You have 3 minutes to get Ragnaros' health down as much as possible.
    o Ragnaros will shoot random explosions that knock people into the air (often into the lava) and do a lot of damage, so healers need to be on their toes.
    o Ragnaros also has an AoE knockback ability that he does on a regular bases. All melee-ers but your MTs should back out before this happens and then re-engage immediately afterwards.
    * Stage 2:
    o Ragnaros submerges and 8 "Sons of Flame" come out. They do purely fire-based damage and have an AoE mana burn, so you need to keep them away from your mages, warlocks, hunters, priests, and druids.
    o Control them with warriors, frost novas, and banishes, and kill them one-by-one.
    o After a minute and a half, Ragnaros will come back whether the Sons are dead or not.
    * Stage: 3
    o Same as phase one. You have 3 more minutes before he submerges again for another minute-and-a-half session with the Sons of Flame.
    o Generally, you want to kill him before the Sons spawn again or else you will probably die. If you don't get him to 40% HP before the end of Stage 1, then you probably won't accomplish this goal.

    [10] Spell Lists
    Spells and what they do seem to get people down... I guess Ill post every classes spell and what it does lol
    Warlock : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Warlock

    Rogue : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Rogue

    Shaman : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Shaman

    Warrior : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Warrior

    Druid : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Druid

    Hunter : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Hunter

    Mage : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Mage

    Paladin : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Paladin

    Priest : World of Warcraft: Spells by Class: Priest
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    This guide is not meant to be used for your first WOW character - better to just play the game, explore, read the quest text, enjoy the story and have a good time the first run through. Don't worry about how fast you level or anything else, just have fun. Nothing beats the feeling of your first Griffin ride, for example, so take in the sights and have a good time. You can pick a PVE (Player vs Environment) server for this run - its basically a very fun RPG game that allows you to team with other people on quests.

    Once you have had your initial toon's fun, and you want to create another one (an "alternate") and want to power level, then this guide is for you. This guide is also geared for PVP (Player vs Player) - so its not for the squeemish - be prepared for battle.

    General Principles for Power Leveling
    Getting down to business, there are some principles to adopt to power level:

    Always know your XP per hour.
    Power leveling is about shooting up from 1 to 60 as fast as you can. Knowing your XP per hour is a critical piece of knowledge - it will help you choose areas to "grind" in that provide the largest bang for the buck. Use Cosmos's clock which shows you XP per hour very easily. Use the MFO WOW FAQ for how to get Cosmos, Thottbott, WOW world map, and other goodes.

    Bum cash or load your toon with money ("Twinking").
    Having a few G of cash when you are level 1 is HUGE. It is critical to get good weapons and armor as soon as you can. A buff level 5 acts like a normal level 8 player - get the gear and upgrade your gear constantly. You may need to bum cash from friends or send some over from another toon you have.

    Also, if you don't have a cash influx, you will waste a *lot* of time generating basic economy to upgrade spells - its a serious time sink if your trying to power level. 1G minimum, preferably 10G or more to power you past level 20 quickly. The process of getting yourself uber gear or enchantments is called "twinking" and can work wonders (+100 health on chest and Fiery Weapon that hits for up to 200 damage per fight at level 25? nice).

    Another power strategy - have an alt parked at the AH and use it to get equpiment for your power leveling toon (then use in-game mail, of course). This saves you the trouble of trekking back to the AH all the time and becomes very handy when your toon is not on the same contienent as the AH (starts to happen often around level 25).

    Know where you are going.
    You don't want to be exploring or searching for quest locations. Know exactly where you are going. Two things make this happen: (1) use the WOW world map (see our FAQ for a link) - it shows all areas, all fly points; and (2) use's quest search feature - you can easily pinpoint the exact location of NPCs and quests. Use Cosmos's coordinate system in conjunction with Thott to get exact in-game locations as you play.

    Queue up the Quests
    When you are in the Barrens, for example, you can be doing 6 to 8 quests at the same time. In addition to monster kill XP, you gain a massive boost in your XP per hour by turning in quests fast and furious. Your mindset is key - you have to be aggressive and working on many at once. If you only do one at a time, you are going to take way too long to level.

    Be +2 levels for Questing.
    If you want to sail through quests, be +2 levels from the monsters in your quest areas. You kill faster, take less damage, and motor through... Remember, its about speed, not ego.

    Run as many instances as you can (once that is).
    If you can afford the sequential time (need to block out about 4 hours to assemble a team and complete an instance), then by all means do them! Good cash, quest XP, and item drops. If you can instance often, you will gain about 5 levels in your journey to 60, just on instances... rockin.

    Don't be afraid to Grind.
    "Grinding" is sitting in one spot and killing the same monsters for a long period of time. If you are in a spot where questing is not overflowing, you may have to just grind it out for a while. Of course you will be monitoring your XP per hour, so you can properly evaluate grind spots.
    Leveling 1 to 12
    Ok, lets get started. After you roll your toon, you will be in one of these starting zones. Your job is to get to level 12 (yeah 12, not 10) - it makes the next zone easier to manage and this is about speed, not ego.


    Troll/Orc - Durotar. A *great* entry level zone (best in the game, perhaps). There is a lot to do here, easy to find stuff, and you are right near Origimar (with the Auction House). Also you can quickly jack skinning, cooking, fishing, first aid, leatherworking, mining, herbalizm... You simply can't ask for anything more from a starting area.

    Undead - Tirisfal Glades. Another quality zone nearly as good as Durotar - on par with Elwynn Forest as a quality "backup" starting area. Easy access to Undercity and a zepplin to Origmarr make this area very convienent. Should be able to easily get to level 12 - if you end up a little shy, bang a few levels in Durotar. Since you will be going to the Barrens (not silverpine) next, it makes sense to setup shop in Origimar anyway.

    Tauren - Mulgore. An average zone... Quests are a bit too spread out, a bit shallow in number, and without a lot of good rewards. Take a run through the barrens to Durotar at level 9 and bang out a few levels there (as well as hit the AH). Thunder Bluff seems nice at first, but its just a poor version of Origimar w/o an auction house...
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)


    Gnome/Dwarf - Dun Morogh. The best alliance starting zone that is right next to IronForge. Like Durotar, you can count your blessings that this is the best starting area for your faction. Trade skills are easy to pimp, quests easy to find, and equipment easy to get. If you need to, tram ride to Elwynn for a level or two.

    Human - Elwynn Forest. A very good zone with easy access to Stormwind (that has a free tram to IronForge - very roxor). If you want to skin or cook (or both), spend 30 minutes in a farm killing boar - *ding* skills jacked.

    Night Elves - Darnassus. The worst entry zone in the whole game in the power level strategy as you can't (or shouldn't) hit the Auction House until near level 18 - if you do, you are wasting a lot of time. Elves will need to do Darnassus and then Darkshore (next page) in depth before being able to "sync up" with other alliance classes...

    Of course, the strategy of an alt that sits in the AH becomes very handy for early NE players... *cough*

    Note: it is my opinion that Blizzard should add a free flypoint from MH to IF (so if you show up at MH and don't have IF fly point yet, you get it free - just like Darnassus to Darkshore works now). This would solve a fundamental problem with this race's starting location and allow players to get to the AH reasonably early and not be severly penalized vs other races.
    WOW Leveling Guide: Level 12 to 30

    Ok, from here on this guide will show each zone you should travel to, at what levels, how much "Quest XP" you will get (this is purly XP from turning in quests and does not include XP from monster kills in doing the quests), where to get the quests (with exact locations so you can find them quickly with cosmos), and notes on each zone.

    Horde Levels 12 to 30
    12-22 The Barrens 76,000 Tons of chains at Crossroads, just west of crossroads, ratchet, and camp TJ Just do everything here - queue up as many as you can and bang in out. The best early leveling area in the game. Worth going here even if you are undead (skip Silverpine). You could take a tour in Silverpine and Stonetalon (far east only) around level 16 if you want an easy level. At the end of your Barrens run, kill some named for easy quests off drops (Kodo Lakota'mani at 50,53; Thunderhead Owatanka at 43,62; Thunderhawk Washte Pawne at 71,81; Sillithid Harvester at 44,73)
    23-24 Stonetalon Mountains 26,000 Chains from Sun Rock Retreat (46,5Cool, couple of guys at (47,64), and Malaka'jin (72,95) Some of the Malaka quests are too low, but much of what's here is good for level 23-24.
    25 Ashenvale 15,000
    25-27 Hillsbrad 30,000 Hillsbrad has a wonderful number of quests - but it is also a highway of alliance activity from Southshore to SM. If you can, quest here in the early morning when everyone else is sleeping Don't be surprised if a group of 5 alliance jump you and they are all level "??" - it makes them feel good to be able to beat you when you are a baby.
    28-29 Thousand Needles 32,500
    30 Thousand Needles (Shimmering Flats) 4,300

    Horde Instances 12 to 30
    Wailing Caverns (The Barrens) - level 20-22 recommended
    A very well done instance with some nice quest rewards. Crescent Staff is one of the best staves for this level in the game.
    Alliance Levels 12 to 30
    12-18 Darkshore (NightElf)
    18-19 Westfall
    20-22 Lakeshire
    22-25 Darkshire
    25-27 Wetlands
    28-30 Bounce between Wetlands, Darkshire, and Lakeshire for quests
    Darkshire - grave at 17,29, Sven at 7,34; Jitters at 18,56

    Alliance Instances 12 to 30
    The Deadmines for 17-22 range:

    The Stockades has 6 quests and is a short (30 to 60 min) and fun instance for 26-29 range:
    [26] "Color of Blood" from Nikova Raskol in Old Town in Stormwind
    [25] "What Comes Around" from Guard Berton in Lakeshire
    [27] "The Fury Runs Deep" from Motley Garmason in Wetlands (50,1Cool - have to finish Dark Iron War before you get this one
    [26] "Crime and Punishment" from Councilman Millstripe in Darkshire
    [29] "The Stockade Riots" drop from Edward Vancleef (Deadmines boss)
    [26] "Quell the Uprising" from Warden Thelwater at the Stockades in Stormwind (41,57)

    Blackfathom Deeps is a 2.5 to 3 hour instance for 26-29 range:
    [23] "Knowledge in the Deeps" from Gerrig Bonegrip in Ironforge
    [24] "Researching the Corruption" from Gershala Nightwisper - have to do "The Corruption Abroad" from Argos Nightwisper in Stormwind first
    [25] "Twilight Falls" from Argent Guard Manados (craftsman terrace in Darnassus)
    [27] "Blackfathom Villany" from Argent Guard Manados - have to do "In Search of Thaelrid" from Caylais Moonfeather in Darkshore first.

    WOW Leveling Guide: Levels 31 to 45

    This needs work

    Alliance Levels 31 to 45
    31-33 Northern STV
    33-34 Arathi
    34-35 1000k Needles (Shimmering Flats)
    35-36 Desolace
    Alliance Instances 31 to 45
    Scarlet Monastery has only 2 quests (and 1 mage quest), but is a very popular instance because it is arranged so you can do just parts and drops are very good. Level 36-40 range:
    [38] "Mythology of the Titans" from Librarian Mae Paledust who wanders the Explorer Hall in IronForge
    [40] "In the Name of the Light" from Releigh the Devout in Southshore in Hillsbrad
    [40 - mage only] "Rituals of Power" from Tabetha in Duskwallow Marsh

    WOW Leveling Guide: Levels 46 to 60

    Horde Levels 46 to 60
    46 Feralis 60,000 Chains at (74,41); escort quest in yeti cave; Rivotseeker (54,44)
    In just a few hours in Feralis you can do 12+ quests and gain most of a level. Its a quick, but short, journey.
    47 Tanaris 21,800 Rivotseeker (), and Rescue OOX-17TN (complete rescue line for 7100 xp)
    47 Hinterlands Finally time to hit the hinterlands - most quests are found outside of here and there is one escort quest (guy from the Lodge) which should really be marked as elite (especially since one Alliance can drag your NPC back to the start and your whole team loses).
    48 Searing Gorge 21,000 Two series (outhouse at 66,62 and Windblade at 39,39); also random drop for outhouse key Likely that you will need to do some grinding on this level (first time!) - Searing has some decent spots; also, close up any open quests you can at this point.
    49 Un'Goro Crater 70,000 Series from Torwa (72,76), one from Feuly in UC (Batch of Ooze - collect 20+) and tons from NPCs at Marshalls Refuge (47,13) - also see level 51 below for more. Even those these quests are marked for 52 to 55, I had no trouble soloing them at 49 (as a Shaman, your mileage may vary) - just be careful to aggro beasts 1 or 2 at a time at most. Some of the 56 level quests - as well as Alien Ecology - I saved for a higher level. Also, this area is easy herbing from 270 to 300. Bring lots of drinks/food - there is no fly point here.
    50 Blasted Lands 24,000 No less than 10 quests from Lynnore/Drazial (50,13) Quick XP from doing the Lynnore/Drazial quests due to the sheer volume of beasts you will kill and their compact location - you also get some nice buff potion-like items. You can grind here too and quickly run back and forth to Stonard.
    51 Un'Goro Crater 45,800 Torwa and Marshalls again, clickable wrecked raft at (62,6Cool, one from Jes'Rimon in Orig (Bone Bladed Weapons), and one from RuneTotem in TB (Elder rise). Return to finish up Alien Ecology, Beware of Pterrodax, Mighty Ucha (need team), Lost! (escort) and Linken chain.
    51 Azshera 49,400 Couple at Valormuk (22,50), two from Loh'atu (13,77), one from Lim-yo (28,50) Quick forey into Azhera for a couple of quests. Note, you need to finish Lim-yo before you can do the Archmage turn in. You also have to run to Orig, UC, TB and Ratchet to polish off the followups (and back here, lol).
    51-52 Felwood 79,000 One from Thornhoof (Feralis/Camp M), Feuly in UC (Sample of Slime - collect 20+) then series from Felwood NPCs Grazle (64,8 - ignore NO XP), Mosshoof & Redfeather (51,82), Riverbreese (46,83) and several at Bloodvenom Post (34,52); Dousing Flames needs a team (as does escort quest at same place); I skipped Corrupted Sabers (crappy quest) and saved Final Blow/Retribution of Light for later) Unlike Un'Goro, this area did require me to be 51 ish to do well in the north part. Keep an eye out for berries - nice +10 stam bonus that stacks with scrolls and food. Also, make sure to batch up quests, lots of running from north to south that you can better maximize your time. Do the Salve quests at least once for the XP. The escort quest out of Jaelinar is not hard with a team - but have everyone right click on key *first* Note the "elite" quest Verrifying the Corruption is *not* elite and easy to solo.
    53 Un'Goro Crater 29,600 Feuly in UC provided a follow-up (Melding of Influences), also time to finish Rizzlefix from Ratchet (Volcanic Ash), Bashana in TB (Morrowgrain Research) and Chasing A-Me part 2 and 3 (escort). Back to Un'Goro? Yeah, heh. Feuly left us with a quest and time to clean up a few others. Get a Mithril Casing at the AH to finish A-Me.
    53 Azshera 0 Thalassian Base Camp (55,30) and Ursolan (44,30) Grind, baby, grind. The elves are pretty spread out, don’t mob aggro, and go down fast with low HP. And, yeah, grind here for a full level (at least).
    54 Winterspring 98,800 Chains from Failbane & Shadowhoof in Felwood (Boodvenom Post), one from random vial drop off Furbog (west of town), one from Owlbeast drop at (58,59), and several from Everlook (60,3Cool Good grinding near town and just west of town (and lake Kel'Theril) - better than Azhera, imo, since graveyard and town is much closer - but it is 2 hops from Orig on bird. Again, heavy grinding - you may be finishing up these quests up to level 58 (some are level 60 quests that require teams)
    55 Western Plaguelands 90,000 Several series from Bulwark (80,71 in Trisfall) and a chain found in the second floor of the farm in Felstone Field. These quests are geared for teaming -

    56 Felwood 0 Other than instances, this is a grind-only level (second full one) - get used to it, most of the last 4 levels is pure grind Grinding - recommended spot is Irontree Woods - Toxic Horrors drop "Essense of Water" that sells for up to 8 g *each* - and graveyard is right there, in case you get ganked by level 60s (who are mining Essense, of course)
    57-60 Eastern Plaguelands 37,000 Two from inn in Winterspring (61,3Cool, chains at Light's Hope Chapel (80,5Cool, Nathanos Blightcaller (), Tirion Fordring (), one in bottom of crypt in Undercroft (27,86) Time to just grind it out, unfortunately. You can also do instances (BRD) if you can afford the time.

    Horde Instances 12 to 30
    Wailing Caverns (The Barrens) - level 20-22 recommended
    A very well done instance with some nice quest rewards. Crescent Staff is one of the best staves for this level in the game.
    Alliance Levels 12 to 30

    Alliance Instances 12 to 30
    The Deadmines

    I am NOT taking credit for this just sharing it with you people let them brains work once again

    EDIT: Still busy with the lay-out x) getting some sleep first tough!

    Original post SharpPlay - Exploits, Guides, Tricks, Secrets, Bots and more for World of Warcraft
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    I deleted my post

    Great Page of text

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    /bows down to the mighty wall of text

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..);9015544;/fileinfo.html

    I would recomend putting this into on here instead of posting all of this text

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    *Looks up at the wall, amazed, and wondering what would happen if it fell on him*

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    *Wall Falls* *Wall of Text crits you for 104,096. You die.*

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    Well, tbh i'm having my fun of working this text out into something thats fun to read
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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    Wow...that's it, just wow.

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    Re: Guide to the World of Warcraft (i wish you luck..)

    Woha, +rep for posting this. I find this very useful.

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