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    [Guide] Explaination of Ascent Files: Ascent.conf

    Hello MMOwned

    I will try explain the config files from the Ascent Emulator (:

    This is mostly for the noobs, that just can't get into it - and just whine about: "Omg it just closes what do I do omg wtflux z0omFg must suicide".

    I will try explain:
    Ascent.conf - This guide
    Logonserver.conf - Coming Soon
    Realms.conf - Coming Soon
    Voicechat.conf - Coming Soon

    Main settings of the Emulator

    Pt.1: Database
    Pt.2: Listen Config
    Pt.3: Log Level Setup
    Pt.4: Server Settings

    Pt.1: Database
    #   Database.Host      - The hostname that the database is located on
    #   Database.Username  - The username used for the mysql connection
    #   Database.Password  - The password used for the mysql connection
    #   Database.Name      - The database name
    #   Database.Port      - Port that MySQL listens on. Usually 3306.
    #   Database.Type      - Client to use. 1 = MySQL, 2 = PostgreSQL, 3 = Oracle 10g
    Taken directly from the Ascent.conf.

    Database.Host: If you're running a private server for your self, this should be, or localhost.
    Your "database" is the SQL you execute in Navicat..

    Database.Username: Just type in "root". Root = Your computer's deepest thing.

    Database.Password: You choose this password when you setup MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle 10g. [More info Here]

    Database.Name: Will mostly be "world" or something like that. It's the name of the SQL you execute.

    Database.Port: You choose this on the MySQL Setup. Common: 3306.
    Others: 3307, 3308, 3309.

    Database.Type: MySQL is the most used in every single repack - [Read More] -- Recommended

    PostgreSQL is another SQL Setup - [Read More] -- Not recommended

    Oracle 10g is a third option for SQL Setup - [Read More] -- Not recommended

    Example of all this:
    <WorldDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "random" Name = "world" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
    <CharacterDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "random" Name = "logon" Port = "3306" Type = "1">


    Pt.2: Listen Config

    #    Host
    #        This is the address that the server will listen on.
    #        To listen on all addresses, set it to
    #        Default: (localhost)
    #    WorldServerPort
    #        This is the port that the world server listens on.
    #        It has to be the same as what is specified in the
    #        realms table in the LogonDatabase.
    #        Default: 8129

    Host: If you want this to be online with a bit lesser lagg, choose: "" - But, if you're a singleplayer, choose the ""

    WorldServerPort: Do not ever touch this. Just let it be "8129".

    Example of all this:

    <Listen Host = ""
            WorldServerPort = "8129">

    <Listen Host = ""
            WorldServerPort = "8129">

    Note: You can use for Singleplayer, if you want to.


    Pt.3: Log Level Setup

    #    Console Logging Level
    #        This directive controls how much output the server will
    #        display in it's console. Set to 0 for none, or -1 to disable.
    #        -1 = Disabled; 0 = Minimum; 1 = Error; 2 = Detail; 3 = Full/Debug
    #        Default: 3
    #    World server packet logging feature
    #        If this directive is turned on, a file called `world.log`
    #        will be created in the server's directory and all packets
    #        sent and received by clients will be dumped here in bfg
    #        format.
    #        Default: 0

    Console Logging Level: Some see this as important, and I do too. Set this to "3"

    World server packet logging feature:
    Multiplayer: Recommended - Set as "1"
    Singleplayer: Not recommended - Set as "0"

    Example of all this:

    <LogLevel Screen="3" File="3" World="1">
    <LogLevel Screen="3" File="3" World="0">


    Pt.4: Server Settings

    #    PlayerLimit
    #        This directive controls the amount of sessions that will be
    #        accepted by the server before it starts to add people to 
    #        the server queue.
    #        Default: 100
    #    PlrUpdateDistance
    #        This directive controls the distance (internal yards) that the player can "see" up to
    #        and receieve updates for. For smaller servers, you can probably increase this number.
    #        Increasing this number will also increase the servers bandwidth consumption and CPU usage.
    #        Default: 80
    #    Motd
    #        This message will be displayed by the server in the chat
    #        box every time any user logs on. Colors can be used in the
    #        standard WoW format.
    #        Default: "No MOTD specified
    #    Send Build On Join
    #        This directive controls whether the server's internal revision
    #        will be sent to clients upon entering the world. Use it to help
    #        testers report bugs.
    #    Send Stats On Join
    #        This directive controls whether the server will send the online player
    #        count to a cilent when it enters the world.
    #    Breathing Setup
    #        If the breathing code is causing problems or you want to run a fun server, you can disable 
    #        water checks by enabling this directive.
    #        Default: 1
    #    Level Cap
    #        This variable controls the level that stats will be generated up to internally.
    #        Beyond this level players can still see a higher level visually but their stats won't
    #        increase beyond this point.
    #        Default: 60
    #	Expansion 1 Level Cap
    #	   This variable does the same thing as Level Cap above, except it applies to those who
    #	   have the first expansion: The Burning Crusade.
    #	   Default: 70
    #    Seperate Channels Control
    #        This directive controls whether horde and alliance chats will be seperated across channels.
    #        Set to 1 for blizzlike seperated channels, or 0 to allow horde/alliance to speak to each other
    #        across channels.
    #        Default: 0
    #    Compression Threshold
    #        This directive controls the limit when update packets will be compressed using deflate.
    #        For lower-bandwidth servers use a lower value at the cost of cpu time.
    #        Default: 1000
    #    Queue Update Rate
    #        This directive controls how many milliseconds (ms) between the updates
    #        that the queued players receieve telling them their position in the queue.
    #        Default: 5000 (5 seconds).
    #    Kick AFK Players
    #        Time in milliseconds (ms) that a player will be kicked after they go afk.
    #        Default: 0 (disabled)
    #    Connection Timeout
    #        This directive specifies the amount of seconds that the client will be disconnected
    #        after if no ping packet is sent. It is advised to leave it at the default.
    #        Default: 180
    #    Realm Type
    #        This is the realm type that will be used by the server to handle world pvp.
    #        Default: 0 (pve)(RPPVE)
    #        Other values: 1(pvp)(RPPVP)
    #    AdjustPriority
    #        Set the server to high process priority?
    #        Default: 0
    #    RequireAllSignatures
    #        This directive controls whether the full 10 signatures will be required in order
    #        to turn in a petition. Smaller servers would be better off having it turned off.
    #        Default: off
    #    ShowGMInWhoList
    #        This directive controls whether GM's will be shown in player's who lists or not.
    #        Default: on
    #    MapUnloadTime
    #        This directive controls whether to unload map cells after an idle period of <x> seconds.
    #        Use on smaller servers or servers that are memory-limited. The server without cell unloading
    #        can use over 1.2GB memory with all creatures loaded.
    #        Default: 0

    PlayerLimit: This is how many players allowed on your server .Set this to about 100. Depends on your computer + internet speccs!

    PlrUpdateDistance: This is how long people can "see".. Set this to "80" if you're running a small server . For bigger ones, raise it! - Depends on Computer + internet speccs.

    Motd: Message of the Day - Set it to something you like (:

    Send Build On Join: Leave as default. Not needed to modify

    Send Stats On Join: Leave as default. Not needed to modify

    Breathing Setup: Set as "0" for enabling breath - Set as "1" for disable the breath

    Level Cap: Set to something you like. It's the maxium level.

    Expansion 1 Level Cap: Leave as default or set to the same as above - (Level Cap)

    Seperate Channels Control: This directive controls whether horde and alliance chats will be seperated across channels. Set to 1 for blizzlike seperated channels, or 0 to allow horde/alliance to speak to each other across channels.

    Compression Threshold: Leave as defualt. Not really important

    Queue Update Rate: Not really needed to modify - Leave as Default

    ... Will update later on - Don't have time atm

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    Nice Nice A must use guide for the Little Noobs out there (Leechers Mostly) =D.

    + 2 Rep

    Nom Nom Nom :P



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