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    [Released] Godmode Spells

    lol hi

    As some of you know, I was making a repack 2.3.x, Zofikazz Repack, The Defias Return... But Gastricpenguin closed the thread (and I opened again at my own forum)

    Soo, if you're making a godmode-repack / a script for a godmode boss, then this should be good for you...

    A few spells with more than 15.000 dmg:

    31984, Finger of Death - Deals 20.000 damage to the target. 2 seconds cast time.
    26029, Dark Glare - Deals 43750 to 56250 Damage, instant cast, no cooldown
    41936, Dark Glare CHALLENGING - 7 Seconds cast, 160.000 damage without spell damage over 4 seconds.
    35354, Hand of Death - 99.999 Damage instant, searches to every target in 5000 yards.
    36819, Pyroblast - Deals 39.000-45.000 damage, 4 seconds cast

    World best PvP Paladin=Me? GG ;D

    [Released] Godmode Spells

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