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    How can I find warden-like code on a non-WoW or non-blizz game?

    --This is a post about a game that is not WoW! xD I am trying to find a Warden-like object in this game and/or how to inject lua scripts into this game. This is the place I thought of since WoW is much more advanced than Roblox.--
    I said warden-like!
    I like to play Roblox and I like to try to edit scripts while playing.
    These scripts are in lua, but when I edit a single byte of their code I get kicked from the game(unless I'm offline).

    I get the feeling that Roblox uses something like Warden for their scripts, which I want to see if I can identify and kill, OR I want to find a way to inject a lua script into the game.

    This is how it happens:
    1. Enter game
    2. Select my sword
    3. Edit sword code
    4. Not even halfway through step three I get kicked >.>

    What would you recommend I do first to find the Warden-like code or something like that?
    Or how would I inject/run lua scripts in the game.

    I don't need a game specific thing I just need to know how or if either thing is done or can be done in WoW.
    Half Mac, half Windows.... Oh noez, I'm confuzled!

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