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Top 100: World of Warcraft Servers

OUT: 3077

1. Corecraft Blizzidentic TBC Server

The most blizzlike PvE scripts you've yet to witness. Some features: Chess Event, Mind Control AI, All Raids fully scripted, All nerfs Undone (100% hardcore raiding), All Dungeons & Heroics rescripted. Content released in blizzlike fashion. Wanna live through TBC again? Now's your chance. Join our forums now, and get ready for release.

OUT: 1661

2. ReWinD | Vanilla WoW | 1.12.1

Are you a Veteran WoW player like us? Do you want to feel that Vanilla Nostalgia Again? Then you have come to the right place! We aim to have the best Vanilla WoW Server out there, with blizzlike Scripts and balanced bosses. We have 2 Servers! 1st ReWinD | 12x XP | Vanilla - 12x XP Rate 2nd ReWinD | Blizzlike | Vanilla - Everything is Blizzlike! Set your to Join us In-Game!

OUT: 1370

3. Gametoor - Social Gaming Platform & Toplist

Gametoor - Social Gaming Platform & Toplist

Gametoor is a high traffic social gaming platform connecting users with games, gamers, a toplist, and game owners. We're currently in the early beta stages.

OUT: 1053

4. Koma WoW - 3.3.5a Arena PvP Server

Koma WoW - 3.3.5a Arena PvP Server

We are an arena PvP 3.3.5a server with the most competitive/balanced experience available. Enjoy lag/bug free arenas and battlegrounds. Unrestricted transmogrification and custom death match PvP area. Hosted in Phoenix, Arizona.

OUT: 738

5. Heroeswow


255 Level Cap• New Race like Pandaren, Worgen, Goblin etc.•21000+ Custom Items•Amazing Custom and scripted Instances•Custom Quests•Working BG and Arena•Custom Mall•Balanced Classes•Friendly Staff•No Lags255 Level

OUT: 413

6. Monster WoW Cataclysm Server

Monster WoW Cataclysm Server


OUT: 290

7. Dark Diversity

Dark Diversity

Instant 80 WotLK Server that offers a unique and new way to experience the game.

OUT: 213

8. ScriptCraft 1.12.1 Classic Vanilla WoW

Insta 49 Battlegrounds fully working Raids/Instances fully working D2 quest line Naxx to be opened "soon"

OUT: 189

9. WoW Freakz 4.0.6a - Cataclysm - Over 5000 online - Daily Updates

WoW Freakz 4.0.6a - Cataclysm - Over 5000 online - Daily Updates

The biggest and greatest cataclysm private server. Thousands of online players, daily fixes, retail feeling WoW Freakz is the biggest CATACLYSM private server with thousands of online players, proving our supremacy in world of warcraft tops. - Over 4000 players - Mutiple realms - Working cataclysm content The difference between us and any oher random server is simple: we KNOW what we are doing and we KNOW what the player WANTS. Bugs/problems are solved extremely professional, depending on their priority. Those with high/critical priority are usually solved in a matter of minutes/hours, thus players have the best gameplay all the time. As proof, we would like you to check or server fixes list. As you can see bugs are solved constantly, scripts get better every day, the serer being in a continuous evolution. What are you waiting for? Register now on the biggest cataclysm private server!

OUT: 180

10. Chaotic Domain

Chaotic Domain

Server supports 3.3.5a!!! Running on an I7 processor with 8 gigs of ram. * Start Penguin gives you a choice to start as lvl 20 or 70 * Welcome Cow gives you start mount and gold (from 4.0) * 30+ Obstacle Courses (climb/jump/kill/maze events) * 5 Pet Tamings Areas * Unique Abdullah Taxi Service is rebuild into Lua instead of c++ * Custom Weapons/Armor up to lvl 90 * Azshara Crater Leveling & Quest area lvl 20 - 70 (from 4.0) * Hidden StrangleThorn Vale Leveling & Quest Area lvl 71 - 74 * Loch Modan Leveling & Quest Area lvl 74 - 80 * Arathi Highlands Leveling & Quest Area lvl 80-84 * Hillsbrad Foothills Leveling & Quest Area lvl 84-90 * Custom Lua-Scripted Instances - Old Monastery lvl 80 (hidden area)(custom t7 drops) - Rescue Honor Hold lvl 80 (ally only)(hidden area)(custom t7 drops) - Rescue Thrallmar lvl 80 (horde only)(hidden area)(t7 drops) - RFC Raid lvl 80 - Deadmines lvl 90 (custom t8 drops) - Hyjal 10 Mans Raid lvl 90 (custom t8 drops) + alot more that you will find out soon enough Xp rate is highrate funserver rate.( Can vote on rates in the forums.

OUT: 137

11. MassChaos - The All GM Server

The only true all GM server offering an array of custom commands, along with npc and gobject spawning, and the .learn command!

OUT: 107

12. Shattered-WoW 2.4.3 PVP/PVE High Rate

Shattered-WoW 2.4.3 PVP/PVE High Rate is one of the best TBC experiences to have as we have constant PVP happening which includes outdoor, battlegrounds and Arenas. As well as hardcore raiding guilds with constant PVE fixes from the dev team.

OUT: 101

13. Molten WoW

best wow servers ive ever played on

OUT: 80

14. The Frozen Throne, 3.3.5a

The Frozen Throne, 3.3.5a

The Frozen Throne is a fairly new Wrath of the Lich King server. We have invested time, money and effort into bringing one of the most bug free, professional Wotlk servers you'll find into existence. Our Development and Administration teams are dedicated to giving everyone who joins the best Wrath game play experience since retail release of Wrath of the Lich King. We are offering such a unique experience to our users, bringing together the best features in the world of emulation such as; The best 3.3.5a Emulation Core, updated weekly. The best 3.3.5a Database, also updated weekly, as well as our own daily fixes. A unique website with a full integrated GM panel, Donation Panel, Vote Panel, Item Store, User Panel, Teleport Hub, Armory, Online Players list, Server Status as well as Faction, Race and Gender changes! A unique forum with a stylish blizz like design, with a simple & professional layout. Our forums are easy to navigate, uncluttered and are user friendly! The best Dedicated Server money can buy! 4 TB Hard Drive. 32GB of DDR3 1600 MHz Ram. 8 Core Logical Processors. 141.82 Mbps download. 122.31 Mbps upload. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Server statistics: Start level: 1. Xp rate: 16x normal rates. Quest Xp rate: 18x normal rates. Profession rate: 2x normal rates. Gathering rate: 2x normal rates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Info: Players start with all flight paths. Vote items available, such as heirlooms, bags, etc. Donation items available, such as mounts, non-combat pets, character tools, etc. Professional support from our support team! Low latency, no random disconnects, only planned ones (That is the truth). We have an awesome community. We plan to be the best 3.3.5a server out there, we plan to be big and to go far!

OUT: 72

15. ArenaAddicts


AA is back! Same owners and developers as old AA. Rejoin today! Instant 80 PVP & Arena Based 95% uptime/perfect latency.

OUT: 71

16. Lore-WoW 3.3.5

Lore-WoW 3.3.5

Lore-WoW is a newly opened 255 level capped private server. It has been in development for a long time in order to bring you the best content available. This server is unique because it incorporates custom Cata content into WotLK Gameplay.The staff is very active, helpful, and well mannered. The owner is very experienced and has run a server before. We have a dedicated host. All we are missing is you!

OUT: 69

17. GigabyteWoW Vanilla feeling on 2.4.3 --[CROSSFACTION BGS!]--

GigabyteWoW Vanilla feeling on 2.4.3 --[CROSSFACTION BGS!]--

[2.4.3 pre-tbc] we are the only level 60 server with 2.4.3,Instant level 60, PVP-ZONE and disabled Tbc-Talents. We have recently upgraded and have Zul'Gurub, Molten core, Onyxia, Blackwing Lair FULLY SPAWNED AND WORKING.

OUT: 62

18. Vortex WoW - Vanilla

Patch 1.12 - Vanilla! More then a private server, that's VortexWoW. Our server is advanced, sophisticated and dynamic! VortexWoW, offers you, the most advanced dynamic content in creation. VortexWoW, are unheard of in World of Warcraft ! Our goal are to be the best private server currently in its making. Whether you are new to World of Warcraft, or you are a long forgotten player in Cataclysm. We at VotexWoW always stribe to meet our best! Private Server, developed on the most sophisticated core currently in making! We are different than the others! Our balanced exp progression will ensure , that players never get bored. Our almost bugfree server will ensure that you'll have plenty of time to level, and focus on that! On other servers, it might get boring quite quickly, but due to our professional dynamic team and our unique retail event's! We will ensure this won't happen! Vortex features: .XPRATE (experience, scaled between 1-6) - play as you want Retail Rate's (drop rates, professions, honor, reputation etc) Retail Honor System (classic honor system with working decay) Blizzlike (no custom content) Molten Core, Blackwing Lair (the list goes on) Sophisticated and dynamic Future features: Online Ticket Support .BUGGEDQUEST - Never miss a quest again And much more... Youtube Video:

OUT: 60

19. CodexWoW

We wanted to create something unique, A realm not like blizzard but Still blizzlike, So we have decided to create a 255 realm, Meaning u can level up till level 255. But as for the gear, We decided to keep it a little bit more blizzlike, So we wont have Insane high stats like other servers, But we do promise you guys; Weekly updates, Fixes all the time, Player friendly gameplay, 24/7 support.

OUT: 53

20. WoW Apocalypse 3.3.5A Instant 80 PvP/PvE

WoW Apocalypse 3.3.5A Instant 80 PvP/PvE

WoW Apocalypse is a 3.3.5 Wrath of The Lich King Private server. Working Instances. Furious starter gear. Custom PVE Zones. Working Battle Grounds/Arenas. Custom Server Currency System. Friendly GMs. Frequent Events. Come join the fun! Register Today!

OUT: 52

21. Arena-Champion

Arena-Champion 3.3.5a | Insta 80 | Spells trained upon making character | 6 malls | Duel Zones | Friendly staff | Daily updates |

OUT: 50

22. Shattering WoW 3.3.5a Server

Shattering WoW 3.3.5a Server

Quality server with Proffesional Staff,Tons of Custom items,Events,Quests,Scripts.High Population,Gear Factory!, No downtime, No lag and much more. We have 2 realms Deathwing 255 realm with: -Custom Malls and Vendors with all you need -No Op Donors! -Custom Teleporter -Working Arenas and Battlegrounds. and much more Warbringer Realm with: Level cap 90 Custom Malls Working Arenas and Battlegrounds Balanced Custom Gear and much more Warbringer Realm Was recently Released in Beta phase, we will be making a full Release in few Days with Huge Rewards make sure to be there.

OUT: 37



HARDCORE PVP SERVER Tier 10, 10.5, S8, Free heroic vendors, scripted instances, working spells, Teleport-Title-Custom NPC, amazing pvp experience

OUT: 36

24. Deathscream Gaming 3.3.5a

Deathscream Gaming 3.3.5a

Dedicated Server (24/7 Uptime w/ no lag!) - Custom Instances - Unique Storyline - Max Level 100 with unique level road - Mall - Custom Gear (weapons and armor) - Custom Quests and Zones - Obstacle Courses - Friendly Staff - and much more! Join now!

OUT: 36

25. WoWParadox- The Best Twink Server Around

WoWParadox- The Best Twink Server Around

The Best 19 twink server around. We provide the best gaming experience to all players. Our core is stable and constantly updated. Come check out our great community and unique pvp gold system.

OUT: 34



OUT: 33

27. Scriptcraft II 1.12.1 Classic Vanilla WoW

Instant 49 | Adjustable exp rates | Professional Scripting | Fully working raids | Classic honor system | Large community

OUT: 27

28. Frozen Waste 4.3.4

Frozen Waste 4.3.4

INSTANT 85 / Blizzlike Gear and item /NO custom made items/24/7 UPTIME/Need GMs/patch 4.3.4

OUT: 26

29. Abstil Server

Abstil Server

Server WoW WotLK 3.3.5a Blizzlike Mid.rates & Mid.drops.

OUT: 24

30. Diapercraft


Kinky Classic WoW server aimed at adults in diapers, but welcoming all adults with open minds. Blizz-like leveling.

OUT: 21

31. WoW-Dark

-| Custom Items, Bosses, and Instances |- -| Friendly staff |- -| Armour stats up to 4.5k |- -| Blizzlike server +10% exp rate |- -| Many events |- -| Hamachi Server soon NoN-Hamachi |- -| Join us! We are a fresh out the oven server :) |- -| for logging in details |-

OUT: 18

32. Dalaran-WoW | Make your Home here.

Dalaran-WoW | Make your Home here.

The best International Private Server specialized and full focused on The Wrath of the Lich King expansion, developed by a Professional team. Being the first, truly faithful server to the restrictions and regulations established by Blizzard, a true Blizzlike server that keeps the original essence and quality.

OUT: 18

33. Server Catalonya

Server Catalonya

Servidor ubicado en españa 4.0.6 cuenta con un reino blizz y en proyecto uno instant 24/7 rates X10 durante promocion bgs funcionando mazmorras funcionando traducido al 95% a que esperas para unirte a nosotros , te esperamos

OUT: 17

34. Kasma WoW

Working Goblins, Naga, Pandaren ,Worgen- Lvl 185 - PvE - PvP - No Lag - Lots of Custom items - Custom Quests - All Races/Class Patch - Custom Events

OUT: 15

35. wtf wow

set realmlist english/spanish/portuguese speaking staff but looking for more! GMS! All classes work almot 100%, all intances work and are scripted, all talents, everything works as in retail. WE NEED GMS PVP / PVE / HORDE AND ALLIANCE INTERACTION (can make groups and guild together) RATES X3 STARTING FROM SCRATCH, BLIZZLIKE CONTENT WOTLK 3.3.5A

OUT: 14

36. Force-WoW | Lowrate server with Blizzlike Content | Progressive PvE and PvP

Dedicated Development | Stable Server | Low Rate(5X) | Blizzlike Content | Progressive PvE and PvP | No Downtime | Friendly Staff | JOIN NOW!

OUT: 14

37. Prestige-Gaming

Prestige-Gaming The most Blizzlike Arena Realm in existence!

OUT: 13

38. ✸Divinity Gaming✸|Level 29 Twink|3.3.5|Unique|Custom|Balanced

Simply the best level 29 twink server around.

OUT: 13


Patch 2.4.3 Instant 60lvl + t2 Server rates: Rate.Drop.Item.Poor = 15 Rate.Drop.Item.Normal = 15 Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon = 25 Rate.Drop.Item.Rare = 20 Rate.Drop.Item.Epic = 5 Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary = 1 Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact = 1 Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced = 5 Rate.Drop.Money = 5 Rate.XP.Kill = 30 Rate.XP.Quest = 30 Rate.Honor = 15 Profession = 15 PvE: T4: - Karazhan 100% (Chess Event working) - Gruul's Lair 100% - Maghteridion 100% T5: - Serpentshrine Caverns 95% - Tempest Keep 95% T5,5: - Zul'aman 98% T6: - Hyjal Summit 95% - Black Temple 50% - Sunwell Plateau 45% PvP: Season 3 (S4 comes along with the IoQD)

OUT: 13

40. WoWCat

WOW Catacylsm 4.06 to 4.2 server lots of custom content and free gm trials.

OUT: 12

41. FortuneWoW 3.3.5 - Arena and BG server

FortuneWoW 3.3.5 - Arena and BG server

One off the best 3.3.5 arena server i played on! You can transmog what ever gear you want. You can get transmog gear from voting then spend vote points on the there page for items. You start with full s7 gear. You can buy Tier 2 weps ect for honor. And do arena for pve trinkets S8 gear and Tier 10.5. Not so many players atm. But if we get some more the server will be great!

OUT: 12

42. GoTraFee Cataclysm 4.0.6

GoTraFee Cataclysm 4.0.6

Patch 4.0.6 | since 2004 Online | blizzlike | fast Support |

OUT: 11

43. 4.3.x Cataclysm WoWDaemon

4.3.x Cataclysm WoWDaemon

4.3.x Cataclysm with Firelands and Dragon Soul. All new 4.3.x content. High Rates Realm. Best developing team, with weekly updates. Best GM support.

OUT: 11

44. Eternal revolution

Eternal revolution


OUT: 11

45. Community Driven Professionally Scripted Community Driven Professionally Scripted

Building a great community is key for a successful private server. The scripts and fixes you see at you won't see anywhere else it's a full Blizzlike experience with a great Dev team backing it. We are currently in closed Staff beta but as out community grows we will be opening the beta to community members for their invaluable feedback. We hope to see you soon

OUT: 11

46. The Custom World 3.3.5 Classic touched Server

Custom world is a 3.3.5 server with downtuned Damage.. to fit level 60, It has customized istances, Customized gear but it does not go to high in stats, We are currently working on nerfing alot more stuffs, Fixing Bugs & Talents ASAP, GM Support is Fast, and we gladly assist players long as its no advantage towards other players.

OUT: 10

47. Immortal 3.3.5a FunServer

Custom Wedding System Custom Pet System For Every Class Custom WINGS !!! Custom Duel System Custom Blacksmithing Custom Mining Custom Jewelcrafting Leveling Road 1-255 World Bosses (READY EPIC WAYS FOR WORLD BOSSES ) Over 200 CUstom Quests Over 2000 Custom Items Over 100 Custom Npc's (whitout the instance Mobs) Working Arenas And A Lot More !!!

OUT: 10

48. Spectral-Warcraft

Level One Twinks server! Custom Instances & Raids! Dedicated staff!

OUT: 9

49. Lineage-Gaming Custom 3.3.5 PvP

All Custom PvP server. Level and Gain Gear Through PvP. Zombie Events! Prestige and Token System. Custom Instances and Zones Tons of Things to do Join Now!!

OUT: 8

50. IceWoW - 3.3.5a - PvE/PvP - Blizzlike

Here's a good server! It\'s 3.3.5a, we've got all classes working, nearly all of the quests. All the raids and the dungeons are working too. Come join us! Create an account and enjoy! Be one of the first to join and get an early joining bonus! First 60 levels, fitting gear, 1500 gold and one special mount. Don't miss this, 'cause people are already flocking in! Lich King encounter is working 100%

OUT: 7

51. Ro-XtremeWoW

Instant 80 , WOTLK 3.3.5a , Custom zones , Custom NPCs , PvP / PvE , Stair events , custome Quests and much more!!

OUT: 6

52. Condemned WoW 3.3.5a

|Years of Experience|-|ICC Scripted|-|Ruby Sanctum Scripted|-|All Battlegrounds Working|-|All dungeons working|-|Friendly GM's|

OUT: 6

53. Eternyum Reborn 3.3.5a BlizzLike

Eternyum Reborn 3.3.5a BlizzLike !! Free Tier 7 at Quest !!! Promo: Server Rates Kill Rate : 10x Quest Rate : 15x Money Rate : 4x Crafting Rate: 2x Gathering Rate : 4x Instance Naxxramas 100% Ulduar 100% ToC 100% IceCrown Citadel 99% 11/12 Spell & Talents Paladin 100% Druid 100% DK 98% Warrior 100% Mage 100% Priest 100% Rogue 100% Shaman 100% Hunter 100% Warlock 100%

OUT: 6

54. Malefic Wow

Trinity-Based Funserver - Rates: x5 weekdays & x10 Weekends - Tons of Custom Content - Arac, Autobalance, Transmogrification, Malls, Free Enchanter Npc's and More!

OUT: 5

55. .:.RecklessWoW.:. • Instant 80 WOTLK 3.3.5a PvP Funserver•

.:.RecklessWoW.:. • Instant 80 WOTLK 3.3.5a PvP Funserver•

Instant 80 - Free Season 8&T10.5&Shadowmourne - Balanced season 9 and season 10 - custom cata and mop mounts - friendly staff - no lag,check it out!

OUT: 5

56. Frostfan PvP 2.4.3

Frostfan PvP 2.4.3

Events, Voting Rewards, Working Arena/Battlegrounds Start: a1-a3 | t1-t6 ////Join now////

OUT: 5

57. Nightfall | WotLK 3.3.5

Nightfall | WotLK 3.3.5

3.3.5a WotLK | Blizzlike | 5x XP/Gold | 3x Professions | 1x Loot |Fully scripted dungeons & raids | Wintergrasp | Exclusive Launch Event (Ends 25 June): Get Heirlooms & TCG items! | All content available | Large majority of working spells & talents | No custom items | Dedicated Staff | Join today!

OUT: 4

58. Arentus-Network Ultimate STATS

Arentus-Network Ultimate STATS

[255 Max Level] [8000+ Custom Items][Ultimative Stats][über 800000 Schaden] [Tier 11 bis Tier 15] [Erstaunliche Custom Instanzen][Custom Playertreff] [BG System][Balanzierte Klassen][Deutsches Team][AND MORE]

OUT: 4

59. Crisis-wow


instant 85 active staff events every day first 10 players get full vip set

OUT: 4

60. RagnarokWoW 4.0.6

RagnarokWoW 4.0.6

[Professional and free][4.0.6][Bizzlike][Live Support][Instant 80][Lag-free][Battleground and Arena Works Well][Scripted Spells][Friendly Gm Team][Dungeon finder works well]

OUT: 4

61. Sunfire-WoW

[Instant 70 & 1x Rates] [Patch 2.4.3] [95% Working Content] [Progressive PVE - Starting T4 Raids] [Green/Blue Starter Gear, Ready for Normals] [Progressive PVP - Starting Season 1] [No wipes/rollbacks, massive uptime] [Full Scripted Raids] [Vote point rewards] [Active GMs]

OUT: 4

62. Trollcraftwow 3.3.5a (12340) Blizz-like

Trollcraftwow 3.3.5a (12340) Blizz-like

This is a WOTLK 3.3.5a-based blizz-like low-rate server. We have most content working, including wintergrasp, all 5 arenas (including dalaran sewers and ring of valor), ruby sanctum, icecrown citadel and so on. All northrend 5-mans work perfectly. We have experienced staff members who can help you out with most issues. Server core is stable and is constantly being developed. No rollbacks. No lag. Visit the website for more information.

OUT: 4

63. [WoWChronicles] Lich King 3.3.5a | Blizz Like | 5x Rate

[WoWChronicles] Lich King 3.3.5a | Blizz Like | 5x Rate

Blizz-like WOTLK private server featuring 5x xp rate, 2x crafting, gathering and rep rate, no fall damage, and more!

OUT: 3

64. Eternal-wow



OUT: 3

65. freewotlk


New Server under development. Looking for first few loyal members as GM's

OUT: 3

66. Wretched-WoW - Most Unique Funserver

Wretched-WoW - Most Unique Funserver

3.3.5a Custom Funserver - PvP/PvE Lvl 100 - Dual Class - Custom PvP/PvE Armor Sets - Custom Scripted Raids/Dungeons - Challenge Modes - Unique Daily Events - Balanced World PvP - NO OP DONOR GEAR

OUT: 2

67. Devium-WoW I80 PvP PvE

Starter PvP Gear:Arena Season 7 Starter PvE Gear: Tier 9, PvE-OffSets (Items Level: 245), PvE Weapons (Items Level: 245) Farming Gear:Arena Season 8 Main Gear costed on arena points/raitings, Off-Sets costed on honor points/raitings, Weapons costed on arena points/honor points/raitings

OUT: 2

68. Doom Briner

Doom Briner

Server Name: Doom Bringer Expansion:Wrath of The Lich King Version: 3.3.5a Server Rates: x2 Server Type: Blizzlike Information: New Sever started 20/4/2014 and we are looking for more players to join our server. Be the first to join and achieve Realm First level 80. Realmlist: Website:

OUT: 2

69. Lightdream A 3.3.5 Blizzlike server

Lightdream A 3.3.5 Blizzlike server

Lightdream is a new 3.3.5 blizzlike server. Our goal is to get a bug free server with a high player base. We got a small team of developers and we will update the core and server every week.We're also searching for Game masters and developers. Realm information Blizzlike normal rate 99% Uptime & stability Trinity Core Weekly Database and Core Updates Hosting information CPU: i7 3610, 4,2Ghz Ram: 6GB HDD: 1TB Connection speed: 150Mbit In a few weeks the server will be moved to another locations for better specs and more speed. Skype: maikel23350 Email: [email protected] Thanks evil and kmp for the coding and some of the website designs.

OUT: 2

70. SnowStorm-WoW


Instant 85 - 1v1 Arena - Crossfaction BG - 1 Click enchant - Max professions - Free Starter Gear - Free Materials - Free morph - Duel resets script - 1 Click Pets for Hunter - PvP titles rewards - Active and Friendly Staff Members.

OUT: 2

71. Winterlore - WOTLK 3.3.5a BlizzLike Server!

Winterlore - WOTLK 3.3.5a BlizzLike Server!

Free to play | X2 xp and rep | Very fast servers | Friendly players | Ingame GM's | Trinity Core powered | PvP Realms | Dedicated staff

OUT: 2

72. WoW-Blitz/BlitzReborn WoW 3.3.5a

WoW-Blitz/BlitzReborn WoW 3.3.5a

500mb/s-1gb/s[PVP Kill x50 Quest x50][PVE-Kill x17 Quest x17][4 Professions][VP-DP items instantly to in game mail][Honor x4][All classes work][ICC][Instant-All Flight Paths]

OUT: 2

73. [NewFound] [WoW 3.3.5a] [Rp/PvP] [tons of custom content]

[NewFound] [WoW 3.3.5a] [Rp/PvP] [tons of custom content]

The Server is RP/PVP with an embellishment of interactive RPG elements, Exploration is a big part of the game, there are hidden Chests, Shrines, Crystals, Books and other Artifacts to find throughout the world that will help you on your journey. The Main end game Raiding and Progression content of the game is the same to that of WoW 3.3.5 in the sense of gear etc. There is custom leveling and RP gear, and starter pvp gear. Most of the custom content is Alliance based. The Horde act in the sort of same way as Monster Play in LotRo, You are instantly maxed leveled and equipped with starter PvP gear. The Horde are responsible for raiding cities and villages of the Alliance Players and gathering resources. The level cap is 60 with 3x normal exp rates. The level cap will be raised over time with outlands and northrend expansions. However these zones are already currently in game. As an Alliance Player you may choose which Clan or Guild you wish to join. Will you serve in the great Armies of Stromgarde, Stormwind, Ironforge, and New Lordaeron? Or take your own path as an outlaw Rogue raiding with Pirates and Vrykul Northmen. There are various Guilds, Clans, Cults, Traders and Kingdoms to join with quests to go along with them such as: The Blackwater Raiders, Bloodsail Buccaneers, The Kingdom of Gilneas, The Mages of Kirin Tor, Kul Tiras, Ravenholdt Mannor and SI:7, The Scarlet Crusade, and more. We invite you to create your own! Additional Features Include: -player and guild housing. Garrisons. Total player customization including height and model morphing. -custom quests. -custom cities. -custom RP,PVP,PVE events. -weekly Games, Competitions, Events and Gatherings. -wargames. -tons of fun items. -full GM support and in game interactivity. -donation rewards and v.i.p status. -MoP/World of Draenor Character Models and Zones. -re-worked interface. NewFound World of Modcraft is completely open source!! We want to create a world in a new way where the players can directly build and influence gameplay. We hope to inspire world building and gameplay edits by the players themselves, you can build your own houses, camps, towns, settlements, guild quarters, items/quests/scripts etc. Want to use some resources from our patch on your server? No problem, all we require is that you contribute something to NewFound in return. More info and previews of the game level design coming soon. We are recruiting GM's, Level/Area Designers, and anyone who wants to contribute to our New World.

OUT: 1

74. 20x rates - PvP real cash prizes - nice community - Armory on website - 3D model viewer - profession

20x rates - PvP real cash prizes - nice community - Armory on website - 3D model viewer - profession

20x rates - PvP real cash prizes - nice community - Armory on website - 3D model viewer - professional staff - 99 uptime

OUT: 1

75. 3.3.5/MIxed between Fun and Blizzlike/instant 70

Free TBC gear/Free T7 level 200 jewelry and weapons/All dungeons and raids avaible/transmogrification/Daily events with you can gear fast/Free starting gold/Friendly and helpful gm's/Something new comming every day/Great vote rewards/

OUT: 1

76. Blazing Wrath! Wrath of the Lich King

Blazing Wrath! Wrath of the Lich King

We are a level 80 Wrath of the Lich King Server. We include a lot of extras Currently working extras are the following: Reforging, Teleporter / Teleport items, World chat, Transmog, Cross faction party/trading/guilds/chat, and World wide Guild wars! This an extremely fun Server for guilds or single players to battle for lands across the world!

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The Most Stable Blizzlike World of Warcraft Private Servers Online, Play For Free Now More Players 5kGold Normal, PVP, 3x, speed boost, High Drop, Blizzlike, instant 85 realm Holiday Giveaways and More Tested and Working Content Gold and items for Votes

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78. Justicar-WoW Instant 80 Insane PvP. (Growing community)

Justicar-WoW Instant 80 Insane PvP. (Growing community)

[Instant 80] [Amazing PvP System] [1v1 Arenas] [Crossfaction BGs] [Free S8] [Earn S9] [Unique rewards for rank 1] [Vote for donation rewards] [No powerful donation gear] [50+ on at peaks] [Helpful Staff] [Unique Mall] [99% uptime] [amazing host][Events Daily][Rewards for regular players] [Earn rank 1 by the end of the month for donation and other unique rewards!]

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79. Light of Chaos - Ultimatum Instant 60 PvP & PvE

Instant 60 PvP & PvE - Crossfaction Battelgrounds - Unique Gear System Based on Honorable Kills - Active World Boss Raids - Tons of World PvP - Unique FFA Arena's - Active & Professional Staff

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80. Maschine-Network ist ein deutscher Privatserver mit Wotlk Content auf dem Patch 3.3.5a. Wir bieten einen Highrate und einen Blizzlike Realm.

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81. Wicked-Gaming

Levling Road,Max Level 80,Mall In Shattrath,Dedicated Host and GM's,24/7 Online Join Now at

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82. Atlantiss

4.0.6a Blizzlike Server - 1x - Mostly bug free

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83. BattleDale


The fastest developing WoW gaming community - Lag free realms, Pet Journal, LFD, LFR and all instances including Dragon Soul in Cataclysm, the most stable cores, the fastest servers, weekly updates, MOP battlegrounds, booster packs for every class, bonus coins, Pet Battles soon.

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85. guiltyfate

Hey Guys, A new server has been released it is called GuiltyFate It is a server that offers a Custom Instant 80 realm And is soon going to be releasing FUN Realms and BlizzLike Realms Go to right now and sign up 98% Instances WORKING INCLUDING ICC *Special offer* When you join you get special donor items for a limited time only. Hurry up and join because this offer wont last for long. Thank you,

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86. HeavenWoW 3.3.5a 15x | ETA: 2014-10-03

HeavenWoW 3.3.5a 15x | ETA: 2014-10-03

[ Type PvP & PvE ] - [ Level cap 80 ] - [ Rates x15 ] - [ Portals ] - [ No custom items ] - [ Donation System ] - [ No Lag / European server location ] - [Friendly Administration] - [ Developer Team ] - [ International Server ]

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87. TauriWoW

Many realm with various rates. Cataclysm activation on Jul 1. Many Bugfix 99,9% working quests and scripts, cross realm bgs and chat.

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88. world of renegation

world of renegation

immortal 255 fun realms custom instances worldchat teleporter pocket teleport mall start area custom events and much more

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89. WoW-Delusion


Blizzlike Server Fully Working ICC, needs realms first, Funserver Drop Rates 20x custom titles and custom outdoor battlegrounds

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90. • KAMICAL WOW - 3.3.5a i80 Fun PvP Realm •

• KAMICAL WOW - 3.3.5a i80 Fun PvP Realm •

[Kamical is Back][335a WOTLK][Instant 80 Fun PvP Realm][Constant Updates][FFA Arena Fun][Old School PvP Token System][Weekly PvP Boss][Kill Streaks][Transmogrification][Racial Spell Changer][Balanced Custom Item Sets][1v1 Arenas][Arena Spectator]