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    VanillaSicker is a scammer

    Ownedcore Name: VanillaSicker
    Skype Name: VanillaSicker#7816
    Paypal Name: [email protected]
    Other payment method:

    Skrill - Nicolae Leonte

    16uDGC7y2GfkkBhFEja8rXbMKmi1yhMEeY - Bitcoin wallet

    Ownedcore scam link:


    Other sites scam link: Shoppy

    Did you use a middleman?: No

    Explain what happened: Attemped to buy a second account with a Vanilla CE. I have it already and was looking to get my girlfriend an account because she never got CE. I was whispered and then contacted on discord. Money is not necessarily an issue for me and I was looking for something for very specific. He offered me 300 dollars for which is fine with me considering Vanilla CE is over $1500 on ebay. All I was looking for was an account with CE.

    He proceeded to tell me he was a middleman for another seller and told me that I needed to create a new account that he was going to merge the CE account with. I created the account and he said he began the merging process and to send money the money for the transfer + account. I was having difficulty sending the money as I couldn't access my bank account but I eventually figured it out and bought bitcoins instead for $312 total. I bought them and sent them to his address and then he proceeded to tell me that bitcoin transfers aren't immediate so I would have to wait. I made dinner and came back and asked him what was going on and he told me the transfer was going to take 2-24 hours and that he was going to sleep. In the morning the accounts would be merged and to logon the account I created. I then waited 2 hours and I was blocked from contact with VanillaSicker. I logged into my account since and nothing has changed.


    imgur album - Scumbag Scammer Adventure - Album on Imgur

    I also filed a fraud complaints here: (Did this because he was going around messaging company employees under my address)
    Disputed charges with bankas well
    And have filed a report at my state level for Fraud and Theft.
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