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    Fortnite introduction guide / Fortnite for dummies

    If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're a new Fortnite player that want to prepare and learn some basic before you head into the battle.

    Quick Facts:
    • Battle Royale is a 100 player PVP mode and the objective is to be the last man standing
    • You can play solo, duo or with 3 friends
    • When the game starts you're in a plane, and you need to jump out to reach a desired location on the map
    • You begin with no weapons, shields or ammunition. You can find this around the map in caches or inside buildings
    • If you kill another player you will get his items
    • You can gather materials (wood, stone, metal) to build a fort or other defensive/offensive structures

    Before you do anything, I advice you to take a look at this brilliant intro video from rhinocrunch

    Early game priorities:
    • Try to get some good weapons as soon as possible
    • Learn how the different weapons work!
    • Shotgun is the ultimate close range weapon
    • The assault rifle is a very capable all round weapon
    • Sniper rifles are good to drop enemies from a distance
    • Some times it's better to run/hide than fight. You don't have to engange in battle with every player you see!
    • Be careful when entering buildings! Other players can be waiting for you/camping inside!
    • Only gather materials when no players aren't near by
    • Build defensive structures!

    Item Rarities:
    1. Grey items are the lowest quality.
    2. Green items are a bit better than grey.
    3. A blue item indicates that this is a rare item.
    4. Once in a while you will find purple items. Those are epic and not so easy to find.
    5. Orange items are legendary! Those are super hard to find and you need a good chunk of luck to get across one, but when you do you have the upper hand!

    Survival tips:
    • Open doors are usually a bad sign!
    • Don't be in the open unless you have to. Try to use terrain, trees, buildings to get cover.
    • Always upgrade weapns if you see something with a better rarity than the weapon you have equipped
    • Use traps!

    I hope you enjoyed this guide and you feel more prepared to play the game now!

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    Always wondered why fortnite such a popular
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    I just started to play, and I want to understand all the tricks of the game. Advise a speed boost

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