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    Molten-Wow Premium Deathwing Rogue 5,6k gs

    Hello, I decided today to sell my account on molten-wow because I want to buy the game Borderlands 2. I will only accept steam trade, since it`s easier and fast. Also if you buy me Borderlands 2 GOTY, I will give you the wow account, tera account(veteran, europe, worth 20eur), marvel heroes account (lvl 52 jean, 41 bw, 36 sw, 30 miss marvel + dark phoenix, a sw costume, unmasked deadpool, 200 eternity splinters, 400k Silver)
    Here is my steam account: Steam Community :: Shadowcat

    Also here`s some info about the rogue on molten-wow. The rogue is on Deathwing, in case you haven`t noticed the title.
    - It has 100k gold.
    - All cooking recipes, cooking had, hail to the chef achievement.
    - Wrath chest and offparts except for ring , back.
    - Mining(450), Jwc(450), Cooking(450), Fishing(430), First Aid(450).
    - Have like 80 deviate fish, 16 jwc tokens and like 4-5 jwc recipes, (atk power, intelect, armor pen, something with spell power and haste I think)
    - It has lk heroic dagger (I donated for it).
    5,3k pve ; 5,6k pvp (not full, still having some pve parts).
    - Race: Blood Elf

    You could easily gear the rogue from now on.

    Price: The price isn`t much I believe. I only need Borderlands 2(30usd) or Borderlands 2 GOTY (50usd).
    Please contact me on steam: Steam Community :: Shadowcat
    And keep in mind, if you give me GOTY I will give you two more accounts, Terra Veteran Account(20eur) , Marvel Heroes Account (35eur)

    As you can see, I don`t have money to buy those games, and I want to play them so bad... (I`m pretty desperate)
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