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    (MoP ACC) 86 Warrior (HotA title, vanilla gear transmogable, a T2 paladin(S10/S11)

    Hey guys! So I've decided to try and trade my WoW Account, I've had this account since forever and I'm getting bored of it, now that MoP is out - It's got alot of vanity and cool stuff on it, so I expect some generous offers from you guys. What I'm mostly looking for is a Shaman - Preferably with a Gladiator title / mount and lvl 90. Open for other classes tho..

    So, some information about the account:

    86 Human warrior, on Frostmane: It's got 2.8k in RBG, Hero of the Alliance:Cataclysm title, T2 elite gear (S11). (Also 2.2k in 2s/3s). The warrior has been around for a LONG time, so it's also capable of transmogging Grand Marshal gear etc. (Banana gear). It's got 1 or 2 TCG Tabards and Tabard of the Protector (Click to use tabard, casts what looks like a ''Holy Nova'').

    85 Human Paladin, on Frostmane: It's got 2.3k in RBG / Arena, and used to be my main. It's got some S10 elite gear, and full S11 Elite gear, for transmog and what not. It's also got all TCG Tabards..

    85 Goblin Mage, on Stormscale: Nothing special on this fellah, simply a RAF leveled mage with honor gear.

    Also got a few other alts and shizz, but u can add my skype: kolpeeh - For more info etc..

    Stay cool guys! Cheers!

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