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    [3.3.5] Bhop's WOTLK Remaster MPQ compilation & more (NO WOD/LEGION MODELS) + Reshade preset!

    Heres a bunch of files and patches I found online to add to the 3.3.5 WOTLK client to make it look and run as good as possible
    without changing any of the models because I hate the new WOD/Legion models...
    Only textures are upscaled character and npc models are still exactly the same as vanilla-wrath!

    Here are some pictures of how it looks like in a couple different zones:

    Download link:
    Bhop's WOTLK HD REMASTER v2 OG Vanilla-Wrath Models + Reshade Preset Included.rar - Google Drive

    Things changed:

    - All clothes & armor textures upsclaled to 2x (patch-6.MPQ)

    - Login screen changed to mimic the Vanilla WoW one instead of wrath (Patch-A.MPQ)

    - Spell visuals from latest expansions (Patch-C.MPQ)

    - Replaced all music with Cata music (Patch-D.MPQ)

    - Vanilla & TBC dungeon maps (Patch-F.MPQ)

    - Replaced all trees with better ones (Patch-H.MPQ)

    - World textues upscaled to 2x (Patch-I.MPQ)

    - Better battleground textures (Patch-J.MPQ)

    - Inico's blood mod (Patch-K.MPQ)

    - Vanilla NPC textures 2x (Patch-L.MPQ)

    - Clear View 2: See much further, fog pushed further back (Patch-M.MPQ)

    - Sunlight Alpha Texture (Patch-S.MPQ)

    - Restored the roosting models next to the flight masters back to the originals, read edit at the bottom. (Patch-Z.MPQ)

    - HD water from Cata (Inside different folder! Data/enUS patch-enUS-W.MPQ)

    - Upscaled spell / item icons (Remove the Icons folder inside Interface folder if you don't like them.)

    I may have accidentally mixed some up, but I think I have most of them right,
    I did my best to remember which patch does what but its hard to keep track with this many patches lol...

    You can always move one out of the folder and reboot the game to see what each patch does
    (except for the blizzard official patches...)

    None of these Model Edits nor files are mine except for the Reshade preset.

    All credits go to vvladoon, Leeviathan, Inico, Nicolas, Hordys8096, junklont, OdysseyMods for all of these files and patches!
    (and anyone else I forgot or don't know about, sorry!)

    Its best to do this on a clean install or one you havent added any patches/modifications to,
    I use Chromiecraft's client to play on Warmane because when I torrented the Warmane client it had some missing models.
    But you can use another one if you'd like, Just make sure you change your realmlist to the correct one for the server you are playing on.
    (You might have to run the game once if you have a fresh install before you do all this, so some folders and the config file appear)

    Step 1:
    Check your client's region, inside the Data folder in your WoW install there should be a folder like "enUS" or "enGB" etc...

    If you have enUS you can skip this first step.

    If it has another region (for example "enGB") then go inside my ZIP file you downloaded (or folder if already extracted)
    And open up the Data folder and rename the "enUS" folder to your own client's region folder...

    Step 2:
    Just extract or copy all of the folders & files from the ZIP file to your main WoW folder and choose combine folder if it asks you.

    Step 3:
    Install the latest version of "Large Adress Aware" and put it in your main WoW folder and open it up,
    Select your WoW.exe and tick the box that says allow more than 2GB memory, hit save.

    Step 4:
    Download the latest version of Reshade from their website,
    Fire it up and select your WoW.exe, next window select DXD9,
    Next window after that select my "Bhop Reshade Preset" that you just extracted into your main WoW folder.

    Step 5:
    Go in to your WTF folder inside your WoW folder, and add these four lines to your Config.wtf file:

    SET M2Faster "3"
    SET gxTextureCacheSize "512"
    SET objectFade "0"
    SET screenshotQuality "10"

    And then finally boot up your game and make these 3 macros and use them:

    /console environmentDetail 150
    /console farclip 777
    /console ffxnetherworld 1
    /console ffxspecial 1
    /console groundEffectDensity 192
    /console groundEffectDist 140
    /console groundEffectFade 1000
    /console gxmultiesample 8
    /console horizonFarclipScale 6

    /console particleDensity 10
    /console reflectionMode 3
    /console shadowmode 3
    /console shadowtexturesize 2048
    /console skycloudlod 3
    /console spellEffectLevel 200
    /console ssao 2
    /console terrainMipLevel 0
    /console textureFilteringMode 5

    /console violencelevel 5
    /console waterDetail 3
    /console weatherDensity 3

    And obviously max out your graphics settings in game!


    If you would like to tweak the Reshade settings hit the "Home" button on your keyboard in game.


    The new spell sounds seem to glitch out the audio sometimes,
    Remove Patch-C.MPQ if you're also having issues with the new spell sounds or don't want the new spell visuals.

    Included Patch-Z.MPQ in the zip file that restores the roosting models next to some of the flight masters back to the originals since one of the patches seems to change those models...
    Download it here separately if you had already installed this compilation before I added the fix and don't want those updated models:
    Patch-Z.MPQ - Google Drive
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    [3.3.5] Bhop's WOTLK Remaster MPQ compilation & more (NO WOD/LEGION MODELS) + Reshade preset!

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