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    OwnedCore Report #51: The best week of gaming in 2018 (Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA)

    Welcome Welcome OwnedCore community to our 51st OwnedCore Report. This week is absolutely jam packed with gaming news including the new Fortnite season, the new Path of Exile season, and also the CS:GO Battle Royale Danger Zone. On top of this we have our usual community highlights and the clips of the week. Hopefully everybody had a good week. Oh, little bit of an update on the OC Podcast. 2 Episodes have been recorded we are just finalizing the editing and small details on them but they will be announced shortly I promise. On with the news.

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    Community Highlights

    The removed title "Herald of Titans" is obtainable using this cool trick by tylerLR92. Get it while its available!

    Thread found HERE

    The best old dungeons to farm for gold by advanta

    Thread found HERE

    AccountShark has warned us of Battle.net Account Management Changes coming and to hold off on RMT activity until its figured out.

    Thread found HERE

    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    CS:GO Battle Royale

    For years we have seen screenshots and leaks of CS:GO developers playing a survival mode for the game. It wasn't until last week these leaks started to become a reality. CS:GO's main twitter tweeted “What are you doing Wednesday?” . This tweet, along with a avatar change on their twitter to a model we haven't seen before, got everybody in their most hype modes possible and it showed with this tweet receiving over 30k likes. Wednesday came and ended with the disappointment that whatever was supposed to be announced was now being delayed. Eventually CS:GO confirmed this delay with a tweet stating “Sorry, got caught up with some work stuff. I think Thursday's going to work better. You available then?” . Thursday was the day of reckoning confirmed. Would it be a new operation? A new case? Christmas chicken models? Or will we finally get the new survival mode that has been teased for over a year?

    Welcome to the Danger Zone. A tweet that made waves around the gaming community. Valve actually did it. A CS:GO Battle Royale was confirmed. 18 players, unique map called Blacksite, fast-paced. It was everything we hoped for at first glance. On top of this Valve per usual included a new case called the Danger Zone Case, made CS:GO completely free to play, and even gave us a cool MP5 skin if we had Prime hooked up (you're cell phone two step auth). The community went nuts as did I. But sadly this feeling of euphoria ended quickly.

    See the crate is cool, the skins are dope, the game being free to play is awesome, but Danger Zone sucks. I have over 3,000 hours across my two CS:GO accounts and have won this new mode over 10 times already in only like 15 games played so I feel like I have a decent leg to stand on when I say this game mode is a bust. Here is why:

    • The map is dull

    - The map is small, dull, and just not fun at all. The colors are washed and honestly once I dropped into it for the first time I instantly was like “this already looks like shit”.

    • Buying system & drones

    - They tried making the game very scavenger like. The way it works is you can pick up guns and money, but mostly money. Then you buy weapons, ammo, armor, and utility. Once purchased a drone flies in and drops you what you purchased. This system sucks. For starters the chances of finding a gun on the ground is slim to none unless you find a weapon crate which you can break open with melee weapons, which also need to be found first. So you're very reliant on purchasing your weapons. Well you don't make much money running around looting it so chances are you're buying an SMG or worse a pistol. When you buy this pistol it comes with one clip of ammo which is another issue I will get into. But the problem is 90% of the lobby during the tenure of the game is either rocking a pistol or an SMG. If you get the RNG gods on your side and somehow get a scout, awp, or rifle you literally become god. The gun disparity is not fun at all.

    • Ammo

    - Ammo in this game is by far the worst problem. Even if you get a decent gun like a UMP or dare I say a rifle the chances of you even having a full clip of ammo for it are slim to none. The ammo is so scarce you almost don't want to play the game and just camp for the perfect shot on somebody because every bullet is so valuable. I found myself running around with a pistol and half a clip for well over 80% of my games. Sure you can buy ammo but it only gives you about one clip worth which isn't much. A fix for this that my friends and I discussed was allowing you to take ammo out of similar guns (pistols for example) and putting it into the one you want to use. Too many times am I rocking a pistol I like, kill a guy, and he has a fully loaded pistol I don't like. I should be able to take that ammo and put it in mine. So many times I just leave that gun there even though it has a ton of ammo. Even if this was implemented they still need to feed the players more guns/ammo especially in early game. I've died in the first 5 minutes because I am looking for a gun. I am running around looting full blown warehouses and docks finding grenades, molotovs, breach charges, but not one damn gun.

    The game mode definitely needs work. I will say one of the things I do like is the fast-paced action. The games are only about 10 minutes long since its only a 18 man game which is nice. Outside of this I can't think of one feature that I am like “Wow this is so innovative and cool”. The drones suck, the buying system sucks, the gun disparity sucks, my FPS sucks on that small of a map even while playing on 4:3, it's just not that fun.

    Valve have said they plan on making updates based on community feedback and I know Valve will make it better over time but I don't think this modes ceiling of fun is that high. Even if they made weapons on the ground and scrapped the buy system, even if they added more ammo, even if they changed so many of the things I complained about I don't think this mode will be successful long term. It's just not fun. I also think the map needed to be more like a bigger scaled CS:GO map rather than some knock off PUBG style map. But that's just me.

    CS:GO will always be my default game. I think it is as close to flawless as it gets when it comes to competitive shooters and I will defend it at most costs but I can't defend the Danger Zone.

    Season 7 Fortnite

    The Holiday themed season, Season 7, is finally upon us and Epic Games once again have outdone themselves. For starters this season came with a top quality announcement trailer, which can be seen here, that focuses on Santa, airplanes, and holiday cheer. So what is new in Fortnite Season 7?

    • New Map

    Nothing unusual about this as Epic Games has always changed up the map not only at the launch of a new season but sometimes even more gradually throughout the season. The bottom left of the map is completely snowed in. Places like Greasy Grove (one of the last named locations from the original launch of Fortnite BR), Flush Factory, Snobby Shores, and Shifty Shafts were all either snowed in to the point that the area is completely gone or are heavily altered due to the snowstorm that came in. New named locations have been added to replace those we have lost. These include Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and Happy Hamlet. Also in the new map are icy surfaces which players can slide on and also ziplines which allows players to travel from one location to another at high speeds. The last big change to the map was the removal of Risky Reels which has now turned into a blank slate allowing the community to come up with the new design. Which leads us to Creative Mode.

    • Creative Mode

    This is essentially a map editor for the blank slate that is now in Risky Reels. Players can choose this mode at the main menu and let their imaginations run wild. Some things we have already seen are Nu****wn remakes from CoD, Shipment remakes also from CoD, some Halo maps, and my favorite...Dust 2 from CS:GO. I'll link some below. All these are only playable if you are friends with the creator but something tells me they might add community servers like CS:GO and let the community run wild.

    Dust 2 CS:GO

    Nu****wn CoD

    Shipment CoD

    Halo 3 Pit

    For more Creative Mode maps just check out Reddit's /r/FortniteCreative

    • Planes

    One of the last big additions to Fortnite is planes. Yes we've hit the peak of vehicle additions. I remember when the community said they would never add vehicles than we got Shopping Carts into Golf Carts, into Turbo ATV's, and now we have Planes. The planes can hoist 4 people including the driver so a full squad can be on one plane. One driver, two people on each wing, and one on the back wing thing. The people on the wings can shoot down at their enemies and the driver also is equipped with the planes infinite ammo machine gun. Planes don't have ammo limits or gas limits but do have a health bar and once shot down all the members on the plane will not die but be forced to glide down to safety. All in all they are pretty broken but are a great counter to Playground Warriors aka kids who are insane at building.

    POE: Betrayal

    The new league is now live and with it came patch notes with almost 8,000 words. If you want to go through them they can be seen right here

    The league includes a ton of new features, builds, support gems, and basically anything you can ask for. From what I have seen so far this league is one where death is going to be hard to avoid. The hardcore community has already seen some clips on Twitch of some of the top streamers get 1-2 shot. If you want to get into POE and feel overwhelmed I definitely recommend Rhykker's new PoE Beginner Guide which can be found here. For all the returning players looking for builds I recommend checking out this video by Mathilification. Mathil's builds are always great but the issue is most people go to his channel for builds and due to this they can get quite pricey because so many people end up playing them.

    The Game Awards

    A lot of people hate these award shows especially in gaming since there are so many of them but it seems The Game Awards has come out on top as the “official” awards show for video games. What I found to be the best part of this whole show was not who won what but what was announced. Surprisingly there were a ton of cool world premieres and trailers for a lot of big titles at this award show. Before I show the top announcements I'll include some of the winners to the bigger awards.

    Game of the Year – God of War

    From what I've seen this game was a huge success and a lot of people loved it. Sadly its a Playstation Exclusive

    Best Fighting Game – Dragon ball FigherZ

    Definitely deserved. It is by far the best fighting game out with its multiple fighter layout and unique graphic design

    Best RPG – Monster Hunter: World
    Not a fan of this one. I feel like the hype died on this game about 2 weeks after it came out and the new Pillars of Eternity or Octopath deserved this

    Content Creator of the Year – Ninja
    The guy deserves it and Twitch will never be the same due to what he and Fortnite have done. Whether that is good or bad is up to you to decide. What I will say is all the nominees were all Fortnite streamers which was kinda lame. There are some big ones like Shroud who should have been nominated

    Best Action Game – Dead Cells
    Never played it but this was a weak list of nominees so it's whatever

    Best Ongoing Game – Fortnite
    The game has changed gaming forever so I can't be upset

    Okay now on to the announcements. If you want to see the full list of winners just click here

    Mortal Kombat 11

    This was dark, bloody, and hype. It's been 5 years since MK: X and I am glad a new one is upon us. I hope it's embraced by the fighting scene and maybe we can see it near the top of EVO in the future along with DBZ. Comes out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 23, 2019.

    The Outer Worlds

    I think this was the most hype thing announced. Most people agree that New Vegas was the best Fallout and Obsidian made it so to see a new Obsidian game is going to hype people up. This game is being published by Take-Two and not Microsoft which I found weird since Microsoft bought out Obsidian not to long ago. There is even a 14 minute gameplay video by Game Informer if you want to check more of this game out. Check that out by clicking here


    This looks like what everybody wanted Sea of Thieves to be. This new Pirate MMO made by the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved looks very intriguing. Now depending who you ask, the fact that it is made by the Ark dev's is either a good or bad thing. Personally when I played Ark (around its launch) it was amazing and I clocked in about 300 hours with friends just having the times of our lives. Eventually the game kind of got worse and dry but for those 300 hours it was some of the most fun I've ever had. Now this Atlas game looks like it could be amazing. Pirate Ships, Knights, Monsters, and an open world to explore. What else do we need? Oh and the world can hold 40,000 players at a time on a map 1,200 times the size of Ark's. Early access on PC is next week!

    Crash Team Racing

    It's actually back. This new game includes everything from the old but also new karts, tracks, modern graphics, new character and kart customization, and online play. This definitely hits a lot of people in their childhood feels. Comes out on the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on June 21st 2019.

    Trailer seen here

    Fallout 76 leak

    So last week we talked about how Fallout 76 collector edition bags were not Canvas but rather Nylon and people were pissed and claimed false advertising by Bethesda. Bethesda is now doing right by the situation and letting anybody who ordered that edition to send in an e-mail with proof of purchase and they will receive a Canvas bag like they should have originally. Good on Bethesda for doing this even though it never should have happened in the first place. But here is where it gets hilarious. A Reddit thread was made by Jessiepie saying when people were logging into the game to see their support ticket they were somehow seeing other peoples tickets which include a ton of personal information such as the last four digits of credit cards, receipts, addresses, names, and even e-mail. Essentially Bethesda has accidentally doxed dozens of people. Bethesda responded with:

    From our investigation, we have learned that, on December 5, 2018, there was a brief period of time during which customers accessing our Customer Support website may have been able to view the customer support tickets submitted by other customers during this same time period. based on our current investigation, we believe this exposure window lasted approximately 45 minutes. During this exposure window, fewer than 123 customer support tickets were submitted and may have been partially or fully viewed by others accessing the Customer Support website. Of those 123 tickets, it appears that no more than 65 customer support tickets contained personal data that may have been exposed. Upon review of the exposed customer support tickets, we have confirmed that no user account passwords or full credit card numbers were included.
    Kind of seems like they are trying to minimize how bad this was. Catch me on Outer Worlds, I am done with Bethesda.

    Clips of the Week

    Shroud discovers something in CS:GO's new BR

    An insane gaming moment by Jerma985

    Asmongold finds something in Dark Souls

    Virtual Racing BTW

    Just Cause 4 things
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    OwnedCore Report #51: The best week of gaming in 2018 (Sponsored by MMOGOLD4USA)
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