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    Guide Contest winners

    We would like to say thank you for all the entries submitted into the guides contest. It has been a pleasure to read through the various very well formatted and amazingly written guides. If it was up to me then you would all win, but as we all know there can be only one highla..... I mean there can be only one real winner.

    The third place goes to Jackie Moon for his guide on Rogue PvP in which he covers many aspects that you must think of when PvP’ing on a rogue. Ranging from Talent spec to strategies against specific classes. Congratulations on your 1,500 MMOwned Cash (M$) and 10 reputation.

    The second place goes to enagic for a very well laid out guide and with a lot of effort put into it. The guide covers the kill of The Lich King on normal mode and tells you exactly what to do in the different phases of the fight. Congratulations on your 3,000 MMOwned Cash (M$) and 15 reputation.

    The WINNER of the guides contest is Mayx. Mayx enriched us with yet another PvP guide, this one is for a hunter. Mayx covers the lot when it comes to PvP on a hunter and the guide is put together with an amazing layout. I and the rest of the MMOwned staff would like to congratulate you very much with your first place, 5,000 MMOwned Cash (M$) and 20 reputation.

    Links to the guides
    Mayx -

    enagic -

    Jackie Moon -

    I hope to see you all in our next range of contests that we have just launched. We have a lot of contests running right now:

    Programming contest - Finally, a contest for those of you who do all the behind-the-scenes work, and are never truly appreciated for what you do!

    Quality Posts contest - Post as many QUALITY posts as you can, before the contest is over!

    Writing contest - Ever want to write something, and see it on the front page of one of the largest MMO sites on the net?

    Cake Contest - MMmmm cake.....Since I've lost track of how many cake contests we've had, I'll just call this #n!

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    mmmmm cake! anyways congratz to the winners!

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