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    The Shadow Reef &enjoy to get RS3gold 3500M 60% off

    RuneScape Elite Dungeon III: The Shadow Reef is strking on game soon. In this new updates, new weapons like Eldrich Crossbow and blackstone arrows will be added. And there also will be alterations in Chargebows like Seren godbow. Besides, you can know about The Shadow Reef &enjoy to get RS3gold 3500M 60% off rs gold for sale on Feb20.

    The third and last one of Elite Dungeons, the Shadow Ree, is set in Ulthven Kreath. Even with the new weapons you have, according to the developers, you still have to remain fully alerted when facing the Ambassador, who is going to be the hard but rewarding challenge in the ED3.

    In this dungeon, you are going to stop the Ambassador from bringing Xau-Tak to Gielinor with his other boss friends. By doing so, you are going to win yourself rewards as effective as the tier 92 gear in the first two elite dungeons, and unlock pet inside the inert black stone crystal. You will also face bosses and quests during this process.

    First thing first, you are going to have a new T92 arrow, blackstone arrows, as well as new bow, Eldrich Crossbow, in the third Elite Dungeon. Besides, the Chargebows like Seren godbow, Decimation, Zaryte etc. will be altered so that they can use any arrows if equipped, including the the new blackstone arrows, and the dragonbane arrows.

    However, there will be no T92 malevolent, since T92 melee is smithed.Besides, you should never forget to snap up 60% off 3500M rs gold on feb20.
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