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    Path of Exile Guide: Righteous Fire Marauder Build (High DPS and Tanky Build)

    This is a final build about Righteous Fire build released by ZiggyD. The whole build is created within only 7 days. Furthermore, the build is quite cheap. You only need to cost a few path of exile currency to buy Rise of the Pheonix. This is quite effective farming build and tanky build with high DPS.

    According to the words of ZD, when you are level 65, your character will have 15,000 DPS with 3,000 life. And the dps and life will increase as the level rises. At level 85, DPS over 30,000 with 6,000 HP is beyond doubt. First of all, you may see the endgame passive tree, click here to see.

    Then, the video: Path of Exile Guide: Righteous Fire Marauder Build with Fewer Path of Exile Currency (High DPS and Tanky Build)

    Gem Linking: Righteous Fire+ Concentrated Fire + Increased Burning Damage + Gear Snapshotting
    Personally speaking, I think the link: Lighting Warp + Reduced Duration + Faster Casting will fit more for my RF build. EE source + the same sockets will let you use any weapon without limit. Of course, it had better 4-link sockets if you need the blood magic and a high AS weapon. Acting like this way will be better.

    How the EE works?
    Many players may think that the radius of cyclone will be much smaller than the RF. Then when you hit a foe, RF attack will go first. Then the foes will gain around 25% fire resistances and -50% resist to other elements. How about the duration of the EE? When a cold attack , ee procs applied to the foes, how long will the debuff on the foes?

    In fact, any attacks or spell hitting a foe with an elemental procs Elemental Equilibrium. But the regens will not happen in the RF build. That is the great point of RF build.

    Is the RF damage equal to the Elemental damage?
    What we can say is elemental damage will be boosted with fire and elemental damage boosts. But the RF does not hit any foes and it can not leech. There is one point I can confirm is that both fire damage and elemental damage increases affect RF.

    Why use Cyclone as the main skill? Does the spell gain 50%+ sepll damage with RF right? Does the ice nova or arc more fit for the build?
    In this buildm Cyclone is only a utility skill instead of damage skill. As we all know that the ARC will be an obstacle for gaining life on hit and stun enemies, as well as the movement.

    Path of Exile Guide: Righteous Fire Marauder Build (High DPS and Tanky Build)

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