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    Is there a Way to trade Soulbound Items?


    Is there a Way to trade Soulbound Items?
    you all know this, you want an item which is in an goldbag, but you dont get it raid for raid for raid ....
    So maybe your collegue gets one an this item, but its soulbound....

    You know what I want to saY?


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    not sure exactly what you are asking, as far as gold bags go...

    The workaround might take a little getting used to so I recommend doing it on some easy PQs. What you’ll need:

    A party that knows how to do this, and is willing to cooperate.

    Auto-loot turned off.

    Loot Threshhold set to all.

    Master-looter assigned to person who wins the bag

    What happens is if a party completes a PQ or a keep. The rolls go off, and winners determined. The person who wins the gold bag(if they don’t need the loot), can be set to master looter. Once this is done they can loot the chest, and click on the gold bag to assign it to someone else in the party or warband. This way if someone already has everything they need they can effectively pass their winnings onto someone else. Its not a new thing, and its been brought up before. Hopefully Mythic implements something like a token system again in the future for people who have been extremely unlucky at winning things.

    The person that you give the gold bag to MUST win at least a bag of some kind... that is the only stipulation.

    hope this helps.
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