Insta respawn mobs in IC, one shot exploit and Tel-Var farm menu

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    Insta respawn mobs in IC, one shot exploit and Tel-Var farm

    guys!! need gather our forces and reveal how to do it! i almost figured out


    Originally Posted by Judas Helviaryn View Post
    [I am reposting this here as per recommendation.]

    So I've run across an issue over the past couple days.. People who know me know that, despite my technical limitations, I love to fight in the AvA and PvP areas. Cyrodiil and, more importantly, the Imperial City. As such, most of my personal income is derived from the IC, and a good chunk of that from Tel-Var stones, whether picked off of fresh player corpses or farmed from district bosses. I sell the goods, runes, equipment, the works.

    Imagine my surprise when I run across multiple players, three in my personal experience so far, exploiting a game mechanic to farm IC npcs, the dremora and xivkyn specifically, for tel-var stones. This has something to do with the sneak mechanics in the game, hit detection, and how the game processes NPC respawns.

    These dremora were silently dying and respawning instantly, while an enemy nightblade hid nearby performing the glitch. I happened upon this by chance.

    Here's what I mean:
    You have a clutch of dremora standing right outside of the sewer entrance into the Dominion sewers, in the Temple District. The player in question kills the dremora from stealth with one shot, without being anywhere in range, and harvests the tel-var, while the dremora in question respawn immediately. Before their bodies even hit the ground, they've respawned and are dead again. And again... and again.. and so on.
    Obviously this translates to an insane amount of tel-var over a short period of time, and is even subject to mechanical automation (I.E the rubber band trick), since the player doesn't have to search for a new target once this one is dead.

    Back to my opening paragraph, I and a lot of other people make gold off of tel-var, and this exploit has opened up the potential to severely devalue our time put into these avenues of profit.
    The players exploiting this bug are, no doubt, flooding the market with IC wares, Repora, Itade, Hajeiko, the IC equipment, and seriously driving up supply. That leaves the rest of us honest players high and dry wasting our time and risking more than we need to, while these lazy ones give minimal effort for more rewards than an honest player could achieve. Sure, we could kill them for their exploited goods, but that not only opens us up to punishment for receiving said exploited goods from ZOS, the exploiters themselves have minimized their own risk by doing this as close as they can to their safe zones.

    I've sent in multiple letters, the players in question have been reported with ample evidence, both screencaps and chat logs, some of which you'll see below.
    My first encounter with this bug was a few months ago in Haderus, PC NA Temple District, with a rather famous player who I cannot name on here.

    We don't have moderators in the game checking things out, at least not openly and I very much doubt at all.
    ZOS needs to do something about this exploit, and in the meantime I intend for this to become as transparent as possible to spur their action.

    Below is a self-incrimination from one such player, with their names redacted, speculating on the mechanics of the exploit after being caught.

    And before anyone accuses me of trying to learn the exploit for myself, I don't have any compunction about lying to cheaters.

    ~Thank you @ZOS_PeterT

    As an aside, neither I nor the subject in question explained how to perform the exploit in concrete terms. That is not and will never be my intention.
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    Insta respawn mobs in IC, one shot exploit and Tel-Var farm
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    figured it out and its really nothing special, the telvar event finished and with this you average 14k telvar an hour ( if you do it without mistakes ).

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