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    Ilvl477 arms/fury warrior legion s5/6/7 elite pvp set, insane transmogs.


    120 Level | 477 Item Level Warrior - Safe Armory
    Discord: Kerl#4017

    Quick Notes:
    - Mage tower unlocks for fury and arms (unobtainable)
    - 3 Vicious mounts + 1 vicious saddle
    - 1957 2's Current PVP Rating
    - 2022 3's Current PVP Rating
    - Legion 5,6, and 7 ELITE PVP sets (unobtainable)
    - Mad World achievement = The Faceless One title
    - Violet spellwing mount (unobtainable)

    - Sims 140k+ DPS Patchwerk Cleave, 5mins
    Roughly 90k Single Target, both in Arms PVE Gear

    - AOTC Argus, Kil'Jaeden, and Nzoth
    - Lots of lvl 25 battle pets
    - Tabard of Brute Force + Tabard of the Achiever
    - Dread Gladiator Tabard + Dreadflame Enchant Illusion transmogs
    - Legion class mount
    - Black Dragonscale Backpack transmog from Wrathion (40k corrupted momentos)
    - Rank 15 cloak +74 corruption resist
    - Lots of additional transmog sets and pieces!!
    - 2x i470 Devastation hour
    - i475 Mutineer's fate
    - I465 Geti'ikku, Cut of death
    - Multiple i465-i475 azerite pieces in bags
    - 6.6k Achieves
    - BFA flying


    Rank 4: Spark of Inspiration, Strength of the Warden

    Rank 3: Conflict and Strife, Formless Void, Crucible of Flame, Worldvein Resonance, Vision of Perfection, Breath of the Dying, Unbound Force, Purification Protocol, Condensed Life-Force, Essence of the Focusing Iris,
    Touch of the Everlasting, Aegis of the Deep, Nullification Dynamo, Azeroth's Undying gift, Anima of Life and Death

    Rank 2: Memory of Lucid Dreams

    Rank 1: Ripple in Space


    2x Rank 3 TD
    1x Rank 2 TD
    1x Rank 1 TD
    1x Rank 1 Versatile
    1x Rank 2 Versatile
    1x Rank 3 Versatile
    1x Rank 3 Expedient
    1x Rank 2 Expedient
    1x Rank 3 Echoing Void
    1x Rank 1 Void Ritual
    2x Rank 3 Void Ritual
    1x Rank 3 Deadly Momentum
    1x Rank 2 Deadly Momentum
    1x Rank 3 Surging Vitality
    1x Rank 3 Racing Pulse
    and more...

    i460 Writhing Segment
    i470 Peerless Alchemist Stone
    i465 Corrupted Gladiator's Medallion
    i465 Briny Barnacle
    I460 Vita-Charged Titanshard
    i460 Corrupted Gladiator's Breach
    i460 Humming Black Dragonscale
    i460 Corrupted Gladiator's Badge


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