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    [EU - H & A] CM 8/8 Gold Boosts - Cheapest & Best boost team!

    Hi and welcome to our Challenge Mode boost thread!

    About us

    We are a challenge mode boosting team who has been around for over a year and a half. Started from doing simple boosts for gold on our realm to serving over 250 costumers including some who purchased all 11 classes in MoP! We are one of the top teams in the world, owned multiple #1 times when we did speed runs and even after all the time that has passed our times are still fairly well ranked - Not only that but those are our times with a Priest healer which is far inferior to Druids!

    We are here to offer a great service for a great price. Multiple costumers will vouch for us when I say we are an entertaining and efficient team. We all come from very high end (top 30 world) raiding guilds and some of us have multiple Rank 1 PvP titles along with multiple gladiator titles.

    Service Information


    Pilot - 100 Euros

    Self Play - 180 Euros

    Gold - 300k Gold on Frostmane or Talnivarr, 400k gold on all other realms.

    Self play is fairly expensive however we are one of the only few teams in the world who currently offer self plays and do it well in a timely manner.


    We boost at a time that SUITS YOU! What this means is that you will tell us a time that is good for you and we will accommodate around that. Our general guideline is that we start boosting any time after 15:00 GMT+1 but if this is an issue for you and you need it to be done earlier in the day, we will accommodate around that!


    - 10x 18 Second Invis Pots
    - 3x Greater Draenic Flask (250 stat ones!)
    - A full set of 630+ Gear.
    - If purchasing a self play, you must be able to be on Skype with us and listen to our instruction so you can run through the instances with us!

    *NOTE* Heroics completed are NO LONGER NEEDED to enter challenge mode so you do not need to do those before purchasing a boost any more!


    Convinced? Would like to ask some further info that isn't listed here? The only way to contact me will be through Skype!

    Skype: cmexperts

    Log into Skype and click the above image to DIRECTLY add me to your Skype to avoid impostors!


    A lot of our feedback is at the bottom of our MoP thread which you can find HERE! ([EU H & A] Challenge Masters - 9/9 CM Boosts - FAST and CHEAP Boost Team!)

    Recent feedback to be added here soon

    [EU - H & A] CM 8/8 Gold Boosts - Cheapest & Best boost team!

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