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    League of Legends ELO Boosting - 1200 up to 1500, NA server

    Hi all - I'd like to buy Solo Ranked 5x5 elo boosting on an account (North America) that is currently between 1200-1250 elo. I would like to get this account to 1500 (or slightly above). I have a reasonable selection of runes. I tend to play top, mid, or support and would appreciate ELO boosting done in these roles, but if you insist on jungle/AD, I can live with that on my record too I don't mind if you duo queue with a friend for better success.

    I'd prefer to discuss pricing in private since there are minor incentives for:

    - good W/L (bonus $ for each Win you have over Losses),
    - bonus $ for using champs that I tend to play,
    - and bonus $ for speedy delivery.

    Granted, they're not huge bonuses, but they provide additional incentive and should make things fun/competitive for you as well! Overall my pricing should be similar to what I've seen advertised in other threads on here.

    I would also prefer not to divulge account name or Skype name on here, so please private message me if you'd like to talk further. Alternatively, you can add me as a Friend on North America LoL at the account named l0ngl0ng, but this is not the account where I will be requesting the boost (it's a one-time smurf that I now use to mess around). Of course, I will pay cash on delivery, as is standard, preferably via PayPal.

    edit: after contact, I'd like to confirm that you play an account that is currently at least 1700 elo on EU or 1750 elo on NA. This can be confirmed by meeting in a Custom game.

    I'm new to these forums but not to making purchases and sales in-game, so if I've violated any of this forum's traditions by asking for private message contact, please let me know.


    League of Legends ELO Boosting - 1200 up to 1500, NA server

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