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    XinoFarmer - Diablo immortal Bot

    XinoFarmer - Diablo immortal Bot

    We are constantly improving our bot. Currently the bot can perform the following actions

    • Open world farming
    • Fishing
    • Farming in specific areas (Spot Farm)
    • Send screenshots to your telegram
    • Cyrangar endless Mode
    • Rifts (coming soon)
    • Dungeons

    Our bot works on PC, but not directly on the normal game client, we use an android virtual machine where the game runs to avoid being detected by warden. We do not read the game memory, we use advanced computer vision algorithms to know what is happening on the screen at all times (similar to a Tesla!! but without the danger of a traffic accident xD)

    It is very safe and for now we have a 0% ban rate.

    - Farming in open world:
    It is the first functionality that was introduced. It is the least elaborate mode and although it works it is quite slow to collect scrap and level up, although its map rotation makes it very difficult to detect. This mode uses the game's built-in autorun to move between zones and maps.

    - Fishing:
    It is a very elaborate mode, currently you can fish in all available areas, you will buy bait, then sell the fish (if any) and then go fishing, this mode already uses computer vision and is able to define and detect the type of fish you need (white, blue or gold). Of course, after finishing the fishing task, get the loot and detect by computer vision where the items and yellow powder are located. It is the safest mode since the character practically does not move and you get experience and yellow powder to improve your armor.

    - SpotFarm:
    It is the newest mode, currently in the testing phase. It uses a pre-trained artificial intelligence mode to go through a certain area of the map and based on what is shown on the screen, it performs actions accordingly. It can detect the level of life to heal itself, it detects nearby monsters to attack or defend, it can see when the inventory is full and go to the blacksmith to sell, it also detects when we have 10 monster essences and goes to collect prizes from the bestiary. When he detects loot on the ground (orange, yellow or blue) he goes to pick it up. You can even accept (or not) depending on how we configure the party invitations (character follow is not used). In general, it is the most advanced mode and the one that most closely resembles a natural human movement. The advantage of having an artificial intelligence model is that the repetitive actions that it has to perform are not always performed in the same way, the model itself It is "intelligent" and makes decisions based on what it sees on the screen so it is very difficult to detect.

    - Telegram:
    We have added a new functionality that allows us to receive a message on our telegram with a screenshot of the game if the bot detects that a player sends us a whisper (purple chat). This helps us to be able to act immediately if we are not in front of the computer. Later we will add more functionalities even to be able to answer from the telegram itself or to be able to perform remote actions from telegram, such as: stop the bot, start the bot, change farming zones...

    - Cyrangar endless mode:
    If you don't have time to get all the weekly warband points, now the bot can do it for you, enter the endless defense of cyrangar indefinitely to get warband points, also if it detects the inventory full, it will to the blacksmith to recycle scrap.

    - Dungeons :
    The mode to complete dungeons has finally arrived, now you can do dungeons alone or in random groups of players. This mode combines artificial intelligence and a script Of operations or perform debuted from the dungeon.

    For now, if you need a trial period or are looking for more information, visit the discord server that we have enabled for the bot:


    Fish Option

    better to see in speed X2

    SpotFarm Option

    better to see in speed X2

    XinoFarmer DISCORD

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    XinoFarmer - Diablo immortal Bot

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