• OwnedCore Report #118 - Method Under Fire

    Sexual allegations across the esport industry have been running rampant this last week. Some of the more popular names are Swifty from World of Warcraft, Faze Banks, Pro Syndicate, Angry Joe, and many many more. More recently though Method, the popular WoW Guild and esport organization, have had some of their bigger players and employees under fire as well. In todays well go over the the Method related ones as they are a popular WoW organization and OC is a very WoW centric website.

    Lets start with Co-CEO of Method, Sascha who has been accused of being predatory toward streamer Annie Fuchsia in a recent Twitlonger written by her. Inside she writes how she was staying in Sascha's airbnb after he offered to let her stay awhile because she was looking for a place to stay in America between Twitchcon 2017 and Blizzcon 2017 instead of flying back and forth. She specified that she wouldn't be interested in parties, going out but rather would just want to eat, sleep, and stream. Annie goes into details about how she gets extreme anxiety in social situations so she tends to be very introverted. Sascha says he is fine with it but Annie states she was pressured to go out daily and was ridiculed for not visiting beaches and doing other activities while being in Los Angeles.

    Sasha starts flirting with Annie via texts seen here in this pic. Eventually Sascha wanted to have a "real talk" with Annie where she states he was at an age where he wants to find a girl to settle down with. A little later more Method members joined the Airbnb and Sascha let them take his room and set up an airbed in Annies room which she thought was awkward. She said she felt scared and stayed up the rest of the night.

    Later down the line Annie leaves the Method team and let Sco, co-founder of Method, know about the situation with Sascha and specified to him not to share what she said with anyone who was mentioned in the e-mail. Sco apparently still went to Sascha about it going against Annie's wishes. She breaks it down in this imgur.

    Annie states Sco never followed up with her on the situation but instead Sascha reached out to her causing her to panic. She didn't want confrontation and would rather leave the past in the past. This caused her to regret mentioning this to Sco at all. Here is a bunch of pics she links to how Sascha approached her after Sco told him. In some of them he was definitely guild tripping and told her she made it all up and was at one point even considering legal action against her. Fast forward and Annie said she was basically shunned from the Method community. Unfollowed on socials, ignored by the female General Manager Darrie, and even kicked off the public Method Discord.

    Next comes Method Josh. This wouldn't be the first accusation against the world first priest player in Method and former massive Twitch streamer. Method Josh was banned on Twitch over a year ago after receiving insane success due to legal action filed against him involving sexual misconduct in the UK. With all of that being known he was still a part of the Method world first team throughout all of BFA as one of their more vital players. User 2Alexmae5 states that Josh was actively speaking and encouraging sexual activities with her while she was 16 and even though in the UK consent is only 16 any revealing pictures of somebody under the age of 18 is considered child porn and is illegal.

    She met Josh through a public Discord for discipline priests in WoW. Apparently it was a known thing for Josh to send DM's to girls on the Discord and she just ended up being one of them. Pics of one of their first conversations were shared. Here's the full thing but snipet's will be below.

    After conversations like this she was regularly messaged about WoW related topics such as raiding and progress. Things advanced over a 2 month period where Josh became more sexual in these conversations. She states she got the snapchat picture below a couple weeks after they first spoke. Josh eventually asks her regularly for revealing pictures which she states she obliged. As before she states revealing pics of a 16 year old is illegal in the UK. She regrets doing so but says she was depressed at the time and lacked any type of attention from "crushes" or interest of any sort so she was shocked and amazed somebody from Method which in WoW is celebrity-esque, was talking to her. From here she states about every 1-2 weeks he would just keep in touch with her for more pictures but outside of that never talk with her.

    Method has now parted ways with Method Josh. Here is a pic of the General Manager's tweet regarding the issue. People are saying now that the tweet below also signifies that Method knew about this for a long time and decided not to take action. From this even more have come out revealing stories of Method Josh "Grooming Girls" as young as 13 and 14.

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