• 3 Most Interesting Features in WoW Patch 5.4?

    WoW Patch 5.4 have hit Public Test Realms only few days ago, but we can already tell that devs weren't slacking this time. By looking at 5.4 patch notes you can clearly see that there was a lot of fresh ideas, and a lot of efforts have been put in trying to make players life easier, but did they actually succeed? Lets take a closer look at latest changes in Patch 5.4.

    One of the most interesting features are Flexible Raids - a new raid difficulty prepared for more casual players. To enter a Flexible Raid you will have to gather a group of friends (minimum of 10, maximum of 25, and anywhere between). Unlike regular raids, or Raid Finder, in Flexible Raid's difficulty level will change automatically every time a player join or leave the party, which basically means that you can start raid in full group of 25 players, and you will still be able to finish it even if over half of your friends leave before it's done.

    Another interesting change in upcoming patch 4.3 is ilvl requirement to apply enhancements on items, which is going to be completely removed from the game. That means you will now be able to use any enchant you want on any item - including heirlooms (power of enchants applied on heirlooms will be automatically scaled to the player lvl). It's not only a good news for players who'd like to level their alts, but also for all enchanters, as high-lvl enchants are probably going to rise in price very soon!

    Last but not least feature we're going to mention is Proving Grounds, dungeon-like trials designed for Damage dealers, Tank's and Healer's, that allow new players to learn how to play their roles without need to join group with other players. This feature seems like an extremely good idea for everyone who'd like to practice some PvE without need to worry about other players, or about unnecessary flame, however more experienced players will also benefit from it, as there is going to be much less unexperienced players in both Dungeon and Raid groups, either because the've decided to start their PvE experience with Proving Grounds or already learned their roles from it.

    New features sure does looks interesting, but are they going to benefit both experienced and new players? or maybe it's just another step to make the game more "noob-friendly" by making it easier and more accessible? Make sure to let us know what do you think about it in comments below!
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    1. Jaerin's Avatar
      Jaerin -
      ZOMG no...don't teach new players how to play! That is just going to cause even MOAR casuals into the game. I can see the bitching now...
    1. Basti229's Avatar
      Basti229 -
      in my opinion the proving grounds going to be great.with my prot pala i always wanted something where you can show you're tanking skills and think it's good to for new player to learn when people with good char help then while challenging more harder bosses.
    1. Silvera's Avatar
      Silvera -
      ""Another interesting change in upcoming patch 4.3 is ilvl requirement to apply enhancements on items"

      Patch 4.3?
    1. DARKFOXX's Avatar
      DARKFOXX -
      locks get screwed, thats what I think, and before anyone starts saying well mages and priests dont get to run and cast, ill say mages already do 250k+ dps without even trying, and in pvp mages stick people in place constantly so moving isnt a problem, priests can stick people in place when being chased by a melee or pet, and heal and bubble and mages can bubble constantly, mages also can blink out of every snare/loss of control just about, priests can dispel most of them, so locks last talent becomes useless, because most fights you have to constantly move, take a look at the Iron Qon fight try doing that fight without moving, one of the examples out of plenty
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