• What can we expect at Blizzcon?

    BlizzCon 2023: The Big Announcements We're Eagerly Anticipating!

    As the gaming calendar progresses, there's one event that, year after year, never ceases to create waves of excitement in the gaming community...Blizzcon. With BlizzCon 2023 just around the corner, let's dive into the rumors, speculations, and expectations for this year's show.

    The Next World of Warcraft Expansion

    The WoW community is buzzing with speculation about the next expansion. Given the usual cycle, we're due for a major update. Leaks and theories abound, but all we can say for sure is that, based on Blizzard's past, it's bound to be expansive and transformative. Can we expect new races, classes, or perhaps a completely new world? With Chris Metzen back in the fold who knows what we will see.

    Overwatch 2: New Heroes & Maps

    Although "Overwatch 2" was announced a while back, fans are eagerly awaiting more details about new heroes, maps, and gameplay mechanics. This BlizzCon might just be the platform Blizzard uses to showcase new cinematics, character designs, and maybe even a release date!

    Hearthstone – Expanding the Tavern

    Hearthstone has been Blizzard's card game jewel for years. With regular expansions shaking up the meta, it wouldn’t be a BlizzCon without a new set announcement. Perhaps we can even expect a new game mode?

    StarCraft – A New Chapter?

    While "StarCraft II" has been out for quite some time and remains a staple in the RTS community, murmurs about a potential "StarCraft III" or another related project have been circulating. Whether it's a new game or just an expansion, any news about StarCraft would be massive. Personally anything Starcraft would get me absolute amped as it is, similarly to Warcraft, Blizzard's foundation.

    The Unknown Surprise

    Blizzard is known for its curveballs. There's always the potential for a brand-new IP or a game that no one saw coming. Or perhaps, advancements in AR or VR that Blizzard has decided to dive into. The possibilities are endless.
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