• Guardians of the Dream Patch 10.2

    If you've been playing WoW long enough you will remember the rumors of every early expansion being "The Emerald Dream". Well after almost two decades the Emerald Dream is coming but in patch form. A new Mythic plus season, a new zone, and a new raid are the expected changes. But what's coming that might be overlooked. Lets dive in.

    Most importantly we have Druid form customizations coming.

    Solo Queue coming to Rated Battlegrounds. This is a pretty big addition that comes after a pretty successful Solo Shuffle for arena. Battleground Blitz will allow you to solo queue all active battlegrounds.

    No new Class/Race combos coming in Guardians of the Dream.

    Ion Hazzikostas on old world changes coming

    We are definitely open to it at some point.[...] It is a shortcoming, if you take a step back and think about World of Warcraft as an ongoing living world, if we've kind of painted ourselves into a corner where we have all these iconic locations but we can't really use them because they've already been used.
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