• Classic WoW Community Council Update

    Some Key Takeaways According to WoWHead

    • For Hardcore Death Messages are only going to be limited to guilds, there are no plans to expand beyond that but the team is open to making adjustments in the future.

    • Kobold Miner is the NPC with the most kills on the Hardcore Classic PTR.

    • Solo Self Found won't be available at launch, but Blizzard is looking into making a "Self Found" without Solo.

    • Additional Cloning services for Classic Era Characters are just not likely to happen.

    • Achievements and Transmogrification aren't something Blizzard is planning to add to Classic Era.

    • Blizzard Developers think Classic Plus is interesting. There will be another Season for WoW Classic and it is not going to be "Season of Mastery Two"

    • Blizzard is developing Random Dungeon Finder and Default Quest Helper for Wrath Classic.

    • Blizzard will not be releasing information regarding the number of Hardcore realms, the realm names, or allow name reservation.
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