• Games to look out for in 2023

    Dark and Darker

    If you enjoy high risk high reward gameplay then look no further than this early access game that is aimed to fully release the end of this year. Chivalry meets Escape from Tarkov are what some are calling it. This mystical fortress has unrelenting dangers including bosses, traps, and enemy players. Take in only what your willing to risk because once its gone you may never get it back. This seems to be a genre that is slowly being capitalized on and its only a matter of time until we see a big triple a company take a stab at it. This game is playable on Steam and the next early access starts on the 6th of February and lasts one week. These early access usually get extended so expect a few extra days on top. It is a free to play game.

    Hogwarts Legacy

    What seems to be Red Dead Redemption but set in the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts Legacy has no shortage of hype around it. The trailers, gameplay previews, and coverage has raked in millions of views across media platforms. Who doesn't want to find out what house they belong to, ride a gryphon, and defeat iconic Harry Potter monsters. This single player game is coming out on PC and all consoles. It is a whopping $70 USD but if it lives up to the hype will be worth every penny. The release date is February 10th.

    Dead Island 2

    If you can remember E3 2014 you'll remember when this game was announced. Yes, closing in on 10 years ago was the announcement of the sequel to the very successful Dead Island 1. Finally coming on April 28th we will get to revisit this over the top zombie slaying horror game. This was a common genre back in the day with Dead Rising 2 being very similar in its wonky ways you can execute a zombie. If you're still into the zombie scene then this is probably the biggest game your gonna get in that genre for a long time. Embrace it while it lasts!

    Diablo 4

    It's about damn time. Diablo 4 has officially got a release date of June 2nd and is pre-orderable now to gain early access. The most iconic ARPG is getting its long awaited 4th installment where they have promised and even shown off a lot of its great new features...including mounts. With Path of Exile knocking on Blizzard's door over the last few years taking away a large chunk of the player base it's hard not to yearn for what Blizzard can do to get everybody back on their side. With PoE release nowhere in sight Diablo 4 is primed to take back what is rightfully theirs. But only time will tell if Diablo 4 will suck everybody in for more than its launch weeks. It's been enough development years that there can be no excuse from the powerhouse Blizzard Entertainment. If you like ARPG's then get ready for what could be an absolute game changer in the space.

    Final Fantasy XVI

    It's hard to not lust for a new Final Fantasy installment especially when its one of their mainline games. If anything it's a reason to celebrate once one is announced. The RPG franchise with decades of experience and high quality games looks to carry on the series. We can expect an involved action RPG combat system, dark storylines, and stunning visuals per usual. Naoki Yoshida who is seen as the man that turned around the franchise with the MMORPG XIV will be assisting in producing this single-player title. All that needs to be said is its a new Final Fantasy game and lets be honest they all rock in their own ways and this one will also.
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