• WOTLK Second Week Recap

    We are now in the full swing of things in Wrath of the Lich King Classic and the GDKP's are in full swing. Let's go over what notable news has happened in the last week or two.

    Deadly Gladiator's Tabard Added

    With a rating of 2300 in any arena bracket you can snag the newly added Deadly Gladiator Tabard. This never existed in original Wrath as tabards were implemented in Wrath in later seasons. This is similar to them adding a season 1 TBC rank 1 title "Infernal Gladiator". All in all a great looking tabard, dare I say better than the Shadowlands ones, for all the PvPers to grab.

    The rankings are out

    The rankings are out and they seem to be exactly what was expected. Brown bars on the bottom and purple/yellow up top. Givin this is only the first week and this will shift around with more gear and kill speed but you can expect these classes to mostly be about the same throughout the rest of the phase and in some cases the rest of the expansion. Don't worry if your a ret or warrior eventually armor pen will become so insane you'll go from bottom to top real quick.
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