• Wrath Classic Fresh Confirmed! <Sponsored by FunPay>

    It's official, Wrath of the Lich King Classic will include fresh realms. Blizzard just announced the news today and the community is completely shocked. Seeing as fresh realms were requested for TBC and turned down it is a complete shock to see them realize the benefit to such realms and add them for Wrath Classic. This is a great sign that Blizzard is listening to it's community.

    What is a fresh server?

    Unlike a regular server where people have been playing since the dawn of Classic WoW a fresh server is a completely new slate. You along with everybody else will start at level 1 once the server opens up. The Auction House will be empty, there will be no mages boosting everybody to 80 (at least for awhile), and gold will not be hyper inflated. Every dungeon and raid will be unlocked from day 1 and for those thinking of sneaking in a Scarab Lord on a fresh I am sorry to disappoint you that AQ will be out on launch as well and no war effort will be required.

    As expected the leveling boost service and transfer service will not be available on launch. They will, however, become available 90 days after the server goes live. Unlike live servers you will not be able to create a Death Knight until you have a level 55 character on that server. Similar to live servers Wrath content will come out at the same time. This means Naxxramas will not be available until week 2 of Wrath Launch which is a new direction they are going with on live servers.

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