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  1. [Question] Is language hacks still possible?
  2. [Question] Looking for MW monk ORB BOT working on 5.4.8!
  3. [Question] Bot To Detect Rares
  4. [How To] Question about creating a profile in EWT
  5. [Request] LOOKING FOR OS[X] (3.3.5) LUA UNLOCKER + Rotation Bot
  6. [Question] 2.4.3 TBC Bots Available
  7. [Question] Which bot to buy?
  8. [Request] WoW TBC 2.4.3 DPS Rotation for Warrior PvE(fury)/PvP(arms)
  9. [Request] Pqr (2.1.9) -> 3.3.5
  10. [Question] Soapbox or Honorbuddy for combat routine safety?
  11. [Question] one time safe botting by faking IP?
  12. [Question] Does any bot exist which can help with pathfinder ?
  13. [Request] Looking for a bot profile PAYING WELL
  14. [Question] good kick bot
  15. 5.4.8 PandaWoW Searching for Rotation Bot
  16. [Request] Full Legion Kick/Interrupt list
  17. [Request] wowbeez database
  18. [Request] MrFishIt 1.0.4 (2.4.3)
  19. [Question] why for i=1,#a do not working ?
  20. [Request] PixelMagic Source
  21. [Question] im have a trouble with Cokx profile ! help pls
  22. [Question] Botting Newbie is looking for Answers!
  23. [Question] LazyBot 1.5.3 for wow 4.3.4 almost never loots?
  24. [Question] TMorph Worgen Druid
  25. [Question] Any rotation bot that beats SBR?
  26. [Question] Best bot setup
  27. Tmorph Help!
  28. [Question] Looking for PQR 7.1.5 release and profile pack.
  29. [Request] Lua Check Spell Available (for warriors)
  30. 5.4.8 Cokx PQR
  31. [Question] AutoHotKey stopped in 7.3?
  32. [Question] Best Honorbuddy Replacement?
  33. [Question] Simple lua function fix
  34. [Question] Extracting Legion terrain heightmaps/geometry data possible?
  35. [Request] Looking to buy private sub rogue cr for pve
  36. [Question] Auto DE all items in bags, possible?
  37. [Question] is there a 64bit relogger like hbrelog
  38. [Request] Bot for 7.1.5 private server
  39. [Question] Macro for inspect player PVE stats (lua?)
  40. [Question] Rotation bot for raiding (PVE)
  41. [Question] Gathering bot
  42. [Question] oGasai combat problem
  43. [Question] Best Questing bot
  44. [Question] Honorbuddy in U.K.?
  45. [Question] Which bot is best for pve/pvp
  46. [Request] working range or low gcd patch Legion
  47. [Question] Which one, WRBot vs. TNBot
  48. [Request] buying TBC warmane fishing bot
  49. [Request] Hiring coders for a project
  50. [Question] Best Combat Bot
  51. [Request] LF BOT that can farm herb in Deepholm /paid /unpaid
  52. [Request] LF BOT that can farm herb in Vashj'ir /paid /unpaid
  53. [Question] How do Private servers detect fishing bots?
  54. [Question] Updated render disabler software?
  55. [Request] Lf wow 4.3.4 pqr files
  56. [Question] Best gathering bot ?
  57. [Question] Auction House BOT for live server
  58. Problems updating wow.exe to play with my skyfire 4.6 emulator
  59. [Question] Current best alternative to Honorbuddy?
  60. LF LUA Developer a well-paid job
  61. [Question] YetiBots Wildcatch replacement
  62. [Request] How to make PQR or unlocked lua macro's for Ascension wow
  63. [Question] BOT Vanilla
  64. [Question] [LUA] Postal Addon/Mailbox retrieve script help
  65. [Question] pqr rogue warmane
  66. [Question] Bot for Vanilla
  67. [Request] WTB Rogue 3.3.5 PVE profiles
  68. [Question] Rotation bot for (PvE)
  69. [Question] Need help for PQR 4.3.4
  70. [Question] Bots for farming and leveling
  71. [Question] Rotation Bot for OSX?
  72. [Request] Need 'Waterhack' Subtlety Rogue combat custom rotation profile.
  73. [How To] is there a beginner's guide for writing wow bot in python or java?
  74. [Question] Bot for TBC 2.4.3
  75. [Question] MaxDPS/TPS Assistants HELP
  76. [Question] Bot Wow Mac
  77. [Request] Stand alone Sonar / Radar
  78. [Request] $100, Paying for quick help with setting up bots on vanilla
  79. [Question] Best Replacement for Soapbox?
  80. [Request] Buying 3.3.5 Wotlk Auctionshouse BOT
  81. [Question] Now that honorbuddy is officially shut down who is the next best option.
  82. [Question] LazyBot 1.7 on warmane
  83. [Question] Anyone still using simple AHK fishing script?
  84. [Question] bot for 4.3.4 cata working on WIn10?
  85. [Question] What is up with Tmorph?
  86. [Question] Botting only solution is to use second computer and mouse/keyboard/visual translation
  87. [Question] Recommend me a rotation bot?
  88. [Question] Anyway to do a "teleport bot" ? (Vanilla)
  89. [Question] What Happened to SBR
  90. [Question] What is a lua unlocker?
  91. [Request] Passage through the doors, cheat or path for a disabled bot.3.3.5
  92. [Request] PiroX's Fishbot 2.3.3
  93. [Question] Is there a replacement for tMorph? (a x64 morpher)
  94. [Request] Leveling and gather bot for Warmane 2.4.3
  95. [Question] Botting vor 3.3.5a - working Profiles/Setups/Bots?
  96. [How To] PQR cast spell based on player buff
  97. [Question] Safe fishbot
  98. [Request] Hunter Trap hack
  99. is possible to get someone to write some source code for me here for real money?
  100. [Request] Looking for bot that works on Areas TBC
  101. [Question] Vanilla Botter Website Down? Error: Data Disallowed
  102. How to get started with Memory Editing? Quick basic question
  103. Undetected Fishing Bot
  104. [Question] PQR Taints slash commands. Any alternatives?
  105. [Question] Pixel based bot detectable by code?
  106. [Question] rotation paladin retribution no detectable (wow)
  107. [How To] Bot reputations
  108. [Question] Multiple WoW instances?
  109. [Request] Paying for bot leveling - lights hope
  110. [Question] Is there a pixel based fishing bot for 7.3.5 - 2018
  111. Pqr scripts
  112. Need help pls, just a quick simple question.
  113. [Request] Replacement for tMorph
  114. [Request] Bots for use in Battlegrounds
  115. [Question] Few questions about gathering bots
  116. [Question] [EWT][WOTLK] Looking for the real target of a caster
  117. [Question] Macro select dead target
  118. [Request] Script to create ui like EnemyGrids, autocasting dots
  119. [Question] edit NPC creature clothes
  120. [Question] Combat Routine for Holy Paladin!
  121. [Question] Where do you buy proxy for WoW?
  122. [Request] Lag Switch
  123. [Question] The Exact Reason that HonorBuddy Has to Quit
  124. [Question] Is it possible to bypass hack detection? (7.1.5)
  125. [Question] Lf pqr fix
  126. [Question] A hack that lets me change factions?
  127. [Request] WTB Warlock CR
  128. [Question] Simple Lua addon bot navigation
  129. [Request] LF WOTLK pvp BOT
  130. [Question] Botting on Kronos
  131. [Question] LF Botprogram with Noblegarden Profile
  132. [Request] Dupe working on 3.3.5 private servers.
  133. [Request] Looking to buy a private CR bot
  134. [Question] LF PvE rotation bot for fury warrior 3.3.5
  135. [Request] LF Honorbuddy 4.3 CustomClasses
  136. [Request] MoP Bot rotation for PvP
  137. [Question] Autohotkey: Is this script safe?
  138. [Request] Looking for Combat bot
  139. [Request] LF a Private AH bot
  140. [Question] Vitalic 4.3.4 Profile Setup.
  141. [Question] Bot for wow 5.4.8
  142. [Question] Is there any CR?
  143. [How To] Help with in-game macro bot?
  144. [Question] Are there any currently working free fishing bots out there?
  145. [Question] Advanced Stationary Fishing Bot?
  146. [Question] Mac OSX LUA Unlock - Battle for Azeroth (Beta)
  147. Multi-Boxing SOFTWARE
  148. [Question] Honorbuddy 3.3.5 Starts but char won't move!
  149. [Question] Does a program like this exist?
  150. [Question] AutoIt - is it safe to use?
  151. [Question] Need help with LUA Script in 2.4.3
  152. [Question] Bot for battlegrounds exists?
  153. New Player
  154. I need a fishing BOT for 4.3.4 compatible with window 8 x64bits
  155. [Question] Code Mage Fire PVE, Pyroblast+Fire Blast
  156. [Question] Is EasyAntiCheat a well known thing relating to Fortnite & WoW ?
  157. [Question] Warden 7.3.5+ and ACTool
  158. [Request] PQR 2.1.9 for cataclysm
  159. [Question] Starting Mac OS bot
  160. [Request] Bot & PQR profile for uWow Legion x100
  161. [Question] virtual machine memory reading?
  162. [Question] Hi. Kinda new here. Wondering about Vanilla bots.
  163. [Question] Looking for an update list in Vanilla WoW bots!
  164. [Question] Automated clicking in a VM?
  165. [Question] Is ReadProcessMemory() detected in wow 64 bit?
  166. [Question] Seek a Good BOT for WoW vanilla (Lightbringer server) 1.12
  167. [Question] work/job lua/api wow programming for specific project.
  168. [Request] pqr for 4.3.4
  169. [Request] Looking for the old character models!
  170. [Question] is There a free leveling bot for Vanilla?
  171. [Question] About parse ADT file to .obj file
  172. [Question] Wrobot dead! On live servers whos gonna pick up the torch?
  173. [Question] recommendation on a basic fish bot
  174. [Question] Warmane botting question
  175. [Question] Can someone help me get PQR version 2.1 working on a wow 4.3.4 private server?
  176. [Request] Any chance someone could try and make the sarena addon DR tracker work?
  177. [Question] Keystroke / mousemovement repeat programs
  178. [Question] WoW.exe quick launch and log-in
  179. [Request] LF Rep farming bot
  180. disabled gamer need some help!
  181. [How To] zzukbot not running
  182. [Question] Someone help me please with Zzukbot! It isnt working!
  183. [Question] Any bot for BfA?
  184. [Question] Why Chimpeon and KeySpam are not able to send keys to Hitchhiker and Admin Panel?
  185. [Request] Looking for a very simple Bot
  186. [Request] I'm looking for a good bot pls read desc
  187. [Question] Unlock working, but need rotation help - Hunter
  188. [Question] Are there any good bots for TBC realms?
  189. [Question] World 2 Screen in BFA
  190. [Question] CR Bot - GG Loader VS HandsFree
  191. [Question] Radar "helper"
  192. [Question] Capture rendered Video Frames
  193. [Question] Creating a bot for retail
  194. 64 bit memory editing library
  195. [Request] Warfront afk bot
  196. [Bug] /run C_LFGList.CreateListing how to work?
  197. [Request] Need Purge script for PQR 3.3.5a
  198. [How To] Make interrupt for Warrior on 3.3.5a for PRQ?
  199. [Question] [Question] Cataclysm Fishing Bot
  200. [How To] Question: How do I convert this PQR code to standard lua code? Can anyone help?
  201. [Request] The Noob bot meshes
  202. [Question] Question of ewt
  203. [Request] 2.4.3 Lua Unlocker
  204. [Question] LUA Unlocker for BFA
  205. [Question] Who knows where FIREHACK can buy now
  206. [Request] AHK Farm script
  207. [Question] Buy profile
  208. [Question] Could this be a proper way to pass data out of the client in realtime?
  209. [Question] How to improve the scan speed of auction?
  210. [Question] so the darkrotation no longer avaible??
  211. [Request] Looking for alpha testers for pixel based rotations.
  212. [Request] Need Anti AFK for 3.3.5a
  213. [Question] New Bot for wow 3.3.5.
  214. [Question] [BOT] Related question - Leveling
  215. [Request] Need PQR Function for cheking target name and casting spell by dat name.
  216. [Question] I need to get my account banned
  217. [Question] Question about creation of a bot
  218. [Question] Mount Farm Bot?
  219. [Question] Always Facing Hack + combat
  220. [Request] Looking for a fishbot 3.3.5a that works on win10
  221. [Question] Looking for: pqr making own profile guide/tutor
  222. [Request] Looking for a MoP Private server leveling bot
  223. [Request] PQR 2.1.9 or Equivalent for 4.3.4 (Hades)
  224. [Question] Transmog bugged Corrupted Ashbringer into appearance?
  225. [How To] Need help editing gathering script
  226. [Question] Pirox bot 3.3.5
  227. [Question] Path runner - movment based on Locations from log file
  228. [Question] Mac OS Lua Unlocker
  229. [Question] Looking for best Vanilla bot?
  230. [Question] Lazybot how to get up after die?
  231. [Question] How to get map X, Y, Z?
  232. [Question] What's the most stable WoW build to study bots?
  233. [Question] Simple bot for right clicking at xyz position Wow classic 1.13/Arctium
  234. [Question] Launching Lazybot via Hotkeynet
  235. [Question] Is python a good start?
  236. [Question] So is WoW botting* 100% completely dead now?
  237. [How To] If I were to write a private script or bot, how would I protect it?
  238. [How To] Make Glyph Check for PQR on WoW 3.3.5a?
  239. [Question] Question to pro gold farmer: How do you setup a multi client bot farm ?
  240. [Question] 7.3.5 Leveling bot.
  241. [Request] Private Botbase/CR?
  242. [Request] WoW PVP afker (project) need coders
  243. [Question] WoW Rota KFM vs Badrota
  244. [Question] Could this work out ?
  245. [Question] Autohot key anti afk + auto loot ? vanilla wow server private
  246. [Request] looking for LazyBot v2.6
  247. Wich bot is This
  248. [How To] Running a bot farm: Choosing a proxy
  249. [Request] 3.3.5 Elemental Flux duper
  250. [Request] 3.3.5 Elemental Flux duper