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    New to repacks, need some information

    Hello to all you guys.
    I've Recently heard that it was possible to emulate WOW without internet, and make it a sort of Single Player Game. My heart jumped at the chance to replay the Old World, and Vanilla Questing experience.
    So I set out to find out what this is all about.
    I can't say my searches came up with definite information, and and must aknowledge that I feel a bit overwhelmed with the ammount of info out there.
    So basically I feel rather lost.
    So questioning is in order.
    1 - I Want to replay all the content that got removed by Cataclysm, namely the old world Content. Where should I Start to get this Single Player Project thing going on and replay the Vanilla Azeroth? (I've thought of going the private server route, but i've decided against it for several reasons). So what are my options? I'd love to do Vanilla WoW in Single Player but any Pre-Cata project would allow me to play old world Content, I guess... So what are the recommended options by you guys?

    2- Is there any possibility to export my character to other expansions? For example, if I level my toon to 60, and decide I want to play for example TBC or WOTLK in single player, could I transfer my progress to other expansions?

    3- Before coming here I came up with several user created regions in another forum, namely the Azshara's Highland region. There are files to download and it says it should be copied somewhere to play it... How would I be able to put it into a Single Player Client of WOW?

    4- Model swapping, how does it work exactly in these offline clients?

    5 - Also as a side note to the rest of my post, are there any of those repacks/singleplayer projects that adds more races to single player WOW?

    Cheers, sorry for the long post and several doubts. =D
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