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    Windbg debugging an x64 w7 build

    Ive done some driver development for xp, back when a digital signature in the driver image was not a requirement. Lately ive been working with windows 7, x64 specifically. As you probably know unless you have a legit m$ signature, you are pretty much confined to running in 'test mode' i.e. (bcdedit -set testsigning ON)

    This is (afaik) the only way to test drivers, I just test sign the binary image and load it as kernel boot type from a user mode application instead of an inf.

    When in test mode, the operating system assumes there is a kernel debugger attached. It will pass ALL exceptions to it first. If it's not attached, boom.

    So my question is: is there any way to configure windbg to automatically pass back exceptions it did not generate without having to repetitively click on the debug menu -> Go unhandled exception?

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    Not sure if this would work, but you might just be able to go into the 'Event Filter' window and change every single filter to 'Ignore'.

    My KD experience is very limited, I've only had to do it a handful of times. When I did though, I found the book "Advanced Windows Debugging" to be indispensable. Consider it the 'WinDbg Bible'.
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