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    [Help]To cheat the gm for he put my blacksmithing and mining at 375

    Ppl i think this its not the most correct place to put this but i dont know how put and this its the general discussion probaly more ppl come here read the things and i need this the most fast possible because its a little urgent for me :P

    my problem its recently my blacksmithing and mining get bugged and the gm going fix it but i need unlearn and learn it again and the gm want a screen from skill for i see how its my blacksmithing and mining i want some one have the black smithing and mining at 375 take a normal screenshot like this (and dont reduce the size and hide the another things only show the professions) for he put my blacksmithing and mining at 375

    i try find a screen on google to try do a montage but i dont find nothing, and anyway if anyone have the blacksmithing and mining at 375 its more easy for me and its more perfect

    ps:. sorry my english guys




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