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    [TuT] Survalince Camera Effect

    Cool little guide i found on the intah webz
    Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation: Saturation-0.
    Filter-Sharapen-Unsharp mask: Amount 140%, Radius 0.3.
    Add some blue color using Hue/Saturation: tick ‘colorize’, set hue to 190 and saturation to 10.

    Tip: Use Blur Tool to slightly blur some parts of the photo.

    Now the REC. Select Type Tool and type [ REC] in the right top corner. Font-Arial, Style-Blod, Size 14pt.
    Create a red circle using Elliptical Marquee tool. Fill it with color #ae0000.

    How to add cluter:

    1. Download this pattern Download Link. Create a new layer and fill it with white color. Go to Layer-Layer Style-Pattern Overlay and fill it with the pattern you’ve downloaded. Scale 100%.

    2. Create a layer below the clutter and press Ctrl+E

    3. Select-Color Range, click on the white part (Fuzziness-66%) and then delete it. Filter-Blur-Blur more.

    4. Blending mode-Multiply, Opacity 43%

    Now the animation. We are going to make 11 frames. How to to make a frame? Select the Move Tool and move the clutter 4 px down. Save it in GIF format. Repeat 11 times. Now, select the layer with the photo and go to Filter-Blur-Motion blur. Set the distance to 13 px. Save it as 12th GIF frame.

    You will need a GIF animator program. You can use this one "Link".

    Install it. Now, in this program, Press Ctrl+I and add the 11 frames. Frame properites-Delay 0.1 sec. Select the frames and press Ctrl+C. Then press Ctrl+V twice and add the 12th frame (delay 0.1 sec). File-Save as…
    [Credits -]
    That’s all!


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