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How I manage my accounts, gold and $$

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by , 02-16-2011 at 05:19 AM (2780 Views)
Since the servers are down I thought that I would use this time to write a new blog post.

I am at 800.000gold at the moment, few decks to sell as well. I did the 100k critter achievement for my old guild as I mentioned in my last blogpost. I also made some flasks for them to get the flask achievement.
I haven’t been doing as much to get gold as I usually do, I have been farming vial of sands instead, but with no luck, I did the boy emperors ring though.
Last night I got the reverbeating design for Jewelcrafting and made around 5k from that so far.

Last time I asked you what you would like to hear next time.

Quote Originally Posted by shadowsx
Blog on how u manage ur accounts/gold/$ ext

The dev of the private bot that I use have created/found a program that enables me to set tasks to do. Like log into x accounts and start that bot on it -> run for x amount of minutes. So that is how I sometimes manage to start my bots after maintenance. My accounts are mostly in the same guild, but I do have 3 different guilds with 5 tabs in each to be my personal bankers simply to make it easier for me.
My gold is in a guildbank where the guildleader is on a frozen account and his only connection to the other accounts is that it is in the same guild, this way have made my gold safe even if the botters are banned, don’t know if it will next time though.

I sometimes sell the raw materials gained from botting, but mostly I focus on buy low sell high. It is by far the easiest way to make gold. It is infrequent for me to sell raw materials on the ah, crafted materials on the other hand are sold through the ah and trade. Like one of each deck on ah at any time and the rest sold through trade channel.
How I manage the $$$ is through paypal or bank transfer, I only sell privately and seldom to other nationalities than Danish, from who I only accept a direct bank transfer or money in hand. This is safer for me due to the fewer scammers and easier for me to get a better price.. 4-5 usd per 1000gold.

A method that was good for me up until 1 month ago was going to the local netcafé where nerds like you would play WoW . I would then buy 30 mins of time, login to my account and say WOHOO just reached xxx gold and the nerds would usually ask “how the ….” This is when I explain that I buy low sell high, at the same time I ask if any of them would like to buy some legit gold from me. This is due to the fact that you know that they already want to pay to play wow. Normal subs and café charges. The normal sellprice for gold at cafés is 6-8 USD per 1k. If they ask why the hell they should buy from you and not an online company you just tell them how that gold is scammed, hacked gold etc and how it will get them banned or charged back

That was it from this time, I hope it answered ur questions shadowsx

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  1. 2dgreengiant's Avatar
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    Daym kur thats pretty hot, and you have some weird people in ur net cafes lol
  2. Bagger's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Nice post as allways - and yeah when i go to my netcafe and flash my gold :P ppl start asking aswell.

    I have a question tho. You say that the Guild holding your gold is on a frozen account - if your bots get banned would blizz not remove the Guild they are in aswell ?
  3. Crysto's Avatar
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    I've always had problems with selling gold, 1-1.25 usd per K is what i get offered from post gold buying websites. It's pathetic. I sell to guildies and mates but the demand is poor.

    Nice write-up Kur!
  4. Bagger's Avatar
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    Indeed - when I say i wanna sell more then 100k at the time my ratio normally is 0.4 - 0.7$ on my server so yeah doing the same thing as you Crysto
  5. KuRIoS's Avatar
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    2d... gaming cafes sry... but they are getting rarer and rarer here...

    thanks Bagger I do not think that the whole guild would be banned, or removed, havent happened before. USually that happens when they investigate, which is not the case when its a software detection, bot smart and dont get reported.

    Crysto: I will try to write a bit more next time on how i sell my gold, subscribe to my blog and you will get notified when its released.
  6. shadowsx's Avatar
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    • permalink
    yea that got it spot on

    i laughed at the netcafé idea, none are around here where live :/ US is lame
  7. Kiyumi's Avatar
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    I like it thanks for this !
    I never even thought of this : "My gold is in a guildbank where the guildleader is on a frozen account"
  8. moletas's Avatar
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    must leave a comment for the epick avatar!@!


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