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  1. Conditions List
  2. Probably website
  3. Targets which don't execute rotation
  4. No thread on how to set up and use PE/Unlockers
  5. healing engine
  6. Nagrand mounts
  7. Probaly Engine not working for me
  8. [Request] Help with lua code (Glyph of Fetch)
  9. [Question] oLUA Thread?
  10. Use return value from a lua function as a PE condition
  11. PE not showing
  12. Green Skull
  13. PE is not working with OffSpring.
  14. Debugging a Profile
  15. Ignoring LOS checks
  16. Can you hotkey a toggle?
  17. [Question] Custom toggles just shows up when you change specs
  18. [Question] Macro ?
  19. Choosing rotation
  20. Writing Custom Functions
  21. Mac OSX LUA unlocker offsets - Old thread was deleted... (would like to know why)
  22. working out focus regen from cast
  23. [Request] GitHub guide.
  24. FPS issues with scripts
  25. spell.charges
  26. Healing Engine Help
  27. [Question] Glad Warrior Rotation?
  28. Problem with autotarget
  29. Very new to PE, simple question.
  30. [Question] Can't Get Custom Profile To Show
  31. snyones offspring still working?
  32. Rotation doesn't execute
  33. [Request] PvP Profiles.
  34. [Bug] My WoW constantly crashing.
  35. [Poll][Dev]Flavors by ImogenOC
  36. on use trinkets and potions
  37. [Question] [BUG] Not casting Earth Shield, modifier.ctrl, and where did the documentation go? :/
  38. Some assistance on my PVP Helper routines needed!
  39. [Question] AoE ground target on player
  40. added a line to PE for Arena targets. It works. Suggest add to main file
  41. [Bug] [Global] PE error [swatter]
  42. [Bug] PE settings reset everytime i log in.
  43. Not Executing Rotation
  44. ! not canceling a channel
  45. [Question] PE activate per keystroke as opposed to toggle for continual stream of actions
  46. modifier.last not working correctly? help plz
  47. [Question] Not executing rotation
  48. Not sure how to handle resto druids 'germination' talent.
  49. "player.spell(xxx).casted < 1" what does this mean?
  50. PE install / setup guide
  51. help with spell cast condition
  52. Combat Routine Testing
  53. Help with a routine
  54. Code for combustion, measuring ignite damage?
  55. player.lunar and player.solar
  56. can honorbuddy be used as a LUA unlocker?
  57. New OffSpring
  58. Prevent casting while in bear/cat form as resto?
  59. print function for lua testing.
  60. recommended routine for fury/arms war?
  61. How to Unlock LUA... What to use?
  62. PE clipping my spell, not fully casted. Check my Conditions
  63. How to do multi target dotting?
  64. [Request] PE using Vehicles
  65. [Question] Basic If Statement Syntax
  66. [Question] Syntax for and logical OR
  67. [Question] Spell range check? and group hp
  68. Easy oLua Unlocker + Probably Engine Guide
  69. PE just says initiallizing?
  70. AoE
  71. Blood Tap Usage
  72. [Question] Spell Immunity
  73. duplicate Rotation for infight switching
  74. [Question] Are these possible?
  75. Interrupting channeling spells
  76. [Question] PE Spell Immunity
  77. Offspring usage
  78. player.spell(SPELL).charges
  79. Custom function attempt to index field 'repli' (a nil value)
  80. any 100% LUA Unlocker other than Firehack
  81. Need help probably not working.
  82. [Question] "modifier.enemies >= 3",and use item with green circle
  83. [Question] FH Problem - Injecting but PE saying WoW isn't unlocked.
  84. Garrison work orders automation
  85. Advanced Druid Boomkin - Detecting more surrounding Eclipse
  86. Printing to Console ???
  87. PE not attacking when in range
  88. Need help
  89. [Question] Could special routines for this fish & snipe ah?
  90. Trouble with CR showing up in drop down
  91. Using other abilities while CR is running
  92. Threat and Agro condition
  93. Custom button doesn't work
  94. [Question] PE Buttons bar
  95. Custom profile refuses to show/be detected
  96. Custom modifiers / buttons
  97. Not last spell casted.
  98. Mouseover Condition Testing
  99. Mage - IsStealable ?
  100. FH + UnitsAroundUnit invalid?
  101. IRC Channel down?
  102. [Question] Place Ursols Vortex at Enemy Player
  103. question target.immune.stun does this still work?
  104. No Unlock Found
  105. Unit.role
  106. Monk Uplift
  107. Help with how many target in range from de target.
  108. Detetcting what type of target ?
  109. [Question] PE ease of use?
  110. target bossframe 1 , 2 , 3 - just like focustarget
  111. Counting number of debuff on nearby ennemies
  112. Earlier ProbablyEngines
  113. IRC down?
  114. Help with API function (FaceDirection)
  115. Fishing rotation?
  116. Dark Soul Instability - Issue ?
  117. Local Variables
  118. [Question] rotation by holding key
  119. [Question] PE Logic
  120. Incanter's Flow direction tracking
  121. Dazed and Snared problem
  122. Ground Casting at the Target
  123. [Question] What is PE?!
  124. Target.ground and Mouseover.ground not working properly
  125. Making a condition with multiple spells that can complete the condition?
  126. No rotation in PE
  127. [Request] Fake Cast?
  128. Looking for a Low level healing profile
  129. [Question] Check target of target
  130. Are these things possible?
  131. possible?
  132. pairs error
  133. How do I install and use automated CRs
  134. [Question] PE in PVP
  135. [Question] Pause while certain abilities are going to be cast
  136. [Bug] Does not use Multitarget Attacks with FIREHACK
  137. Slight problem with Kill Command.
  138. [Question] CC prevention
  139. [Question] LoS
  140. [Question] How to use toggle?!?!
  141. Problems loading Routine
  142. Problems using PE at start
  143. multiple conditions
  144. [Question] disable/move text under minimap
  145. Interrupts help
  146. spell.cooldown how to get it to work?
  147. Pls help me make autofake
  148. Custom Toggles: several in one rotation
  149. autokick warlock in focus
  150. [QUESTION] player.spell(ID).charges = X
  151. [QUESTION] PE bar shown on mouseover?
  152. RangeCheck library
  153. Not loading Custom rotations at all.
  154. LoS issues
  155. [QUESTION] Shattering Throw
  156. [Question] Toggles are empty
  157. [Question] Combobox on GUI
  158. Use ring
  159. [Question] help me !! LUA
  160. [Question] Help finding a scripts on 5.4.8
  161. [Bug] combat tracker
  162. Need help creating a loop
  163. #probably IRC is down, help!
  164. [Bug] !lowest.buff acting up
  165. OS X LUA unlocker
  166. Check if you're facing the target?
  167. Interrupt problems
  168. program fakecast
  169. Move the interface bar?
  170. [Question] Which PE Rotation am I Using ?
  171. Help with Party Health Percentage
  172. [Question] Lua error
  173. [Question] Healer specialization
  174. probably doesnt see rotations
  175. Help needed with an error.
  176. [Question] Help with player.casting(interspellhere)
  177. PVP state recognizer
  178. [Question] Benefits of PE over creating a combat routine addon from scratch?
  179. [Question] Demonhunter
  180. Death Knight Runes
  181. [HELP] Shaman Enhance 7.0.3
  182. [Help] Fury Warrior CR
  183. Debuff Check
  184. Legion Class Resources - Reference
  185. Addon stops working if in combat and without target
  186. PE wont work in Maw of Souls
  187. [Question] interruptAt not work?
  188. [Question] Regards Player Buffs.
  189. Having trouble with buff.count
  190. The same spell just twice
  191. cant cast honor talent?
  192. [Question] Detecting direction of Incanters Flow - Advanced
  193. Double casting out of rotation spells
  194. [How To] Move my pqr profile to PE
  195. PO engine /pause macro
  196. [Request] LF 3.3.5a LUA Injector
  197. [Request] Lua unlocker BFA [LF]