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  3. [Release] Wildstar Studio - A file viewer and explorer
  4. [Unfinished][Code] NxsEmu, Emulator in C#
  5. [BETA] Nova - nextGen Multihack
  6. [Hack] TeleStar (Simple Teleport Tool)
  7. [Release] dtoast's Autoloot: Never press V again!
  8. [Tool] Lightweight 32/64-bit Client Forcer
  9. [Auto-Clicker] Anti-AFK Bot
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  12. [Release] [Beta] StarSpot - Grinding Bot
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  14. [Release] Platforms For Platinum - automated crafting bot using addon API
  15. [Release] MatchQ updated, auto queue for BG! Bot BG's 100% AFK!
  16. [Release] MatchQ + Auto Leave
  17. [Release] XLoot 32/64-bit Autolooter [Memory reading]
  18. [Bot] Battlegrounds Auto Queue and Idle Script
  19. [Release] WS Updated - Now to run Anti-AFK - This we need now! Req: Anyone can make it?
  20. [Tool] 10.06.14 AFK BG PvP Script
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  22. [Hack] **First Wave of Bans Incoming**
  23. [Bot] [beta] ViperBot for Wildstar beta Release
  24. [Hack] Request: Auction House Timer
  25. [Bot] Request: Harvesting bot
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  27. [Bot] Wild Bot Public Release
  28. [Release] Instigator
  29. [Release] Morphine - Wildstar costume morpher
  30. [Bot] need help with pathing
  31. [Bot] auto join
  32. [Auto-Clicker] undetectable macro software
  33. [Tool] QueuePop - Get Dungeon Queue Notifications on your Desktop!
  34. [Bot] Wildbuddy - Our Bot for Wildstar
  35. [Bot] wildstar bot
  36. [Bot] What's the best bot for WildStar that i can get?
  37. [Release] Chimpeon - Key Sender and Auto Clicker