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  1. [Bot] WoW 3.3.5a Fishing Bot
  2. [Bot] WoW 1.12.1 Fishing Bot
  3. [Release] PRM Release 2.63
  4. [Tool] Camera Zoom Unlocker
  5. [Tool] InGame Facebook Messenger (Retail + Private Servers)
  6. [Tool] Multiboxing Software
  7. [Tool] SIG & MD5 Protection Remover for MAC wow.app 335a
  8. [Bot] Request HB custom script
  9. [PQR] For proto warrior 3.3.5
  10. [Tool] BMAH Scanner
  11. [Tool] Looking for someone to update this plugin, will pay for it
  12. [Release] [LuaKeys] Java Automation tool +Fishing Script
  13. [Bot] TBC 2.4.3 Feenix
  14. [Release] Chimpeon Key Sender / Auto Clicker
  15. [Tool] tMorph atypical skins (dark iron, high elf, etc)?
  16. [Tool] Firehawk [Premium Addons Updater]
  17. [Tool] Create your own Combat Routine- ANY CLASS- No coding is needed
  18. [Tool] Ferib - Ferib's Pumpkin Tool, Tool to increas you'r fun in WoW, Free!
  19. [Auto-Clicker] Enhance Shaman Mini Rotation Combat Routine - Free version
  20. [Tool] Market Goya - BMAH Scanner
  21. [Tool] NerdPack
  22. [Bot] Anyone know a free 4.3.4 Multi Bot?
  23. [Release] Fishbot script
  24. [Bot] [V-Botter] DISBANDED [WONT WORK
  25. [PQR] Need gladiator profile for PQR
  26. [Auto-Clicker] Key Presser
  27. [Bot] Fishing bot for WoDEmpire
  28. [Release] Simple WoW Fishbot
  29. [Bot] Anyone let me use bot?
  30. [Bot] Stuck on my PLUA script
  31. [Tool] Bulk Battle.net Name Checker v2.0 (No Authentication) Supports US | EU | China
  32. [Hack] No level requirement on toys, also reset cooldown on toys.
  33. [Bot] Spookey - Pick Pocket (Dingy Iron Coins - Rogues Only)
  34. [Tool] SniffingPickles' WoW Name Checker - Bulk name checking for WoW character names!
  35. [Tool] Simple Battle.net Disabler :: Appear Offline to Your Battle.net Friends
  36. [Bot] IconDPS Rotation Bot BETA
  37. [Release] [Windows/OSX] Soapbox Rotations Free Level 1-99 Automated Rotations
  38. [Release] OSX LUA Unlocker
  39. [Release] Monst3rClip by Zaxer & Quj - A very simple, yet effective noclip tool
  40. [Bot] Free three day honor buddy key.
  41. [Tool] SniffingPickles GoldManager BETA - Automated Gold Organization Tool [No in game mods]
  42. [Bot] Questions about making profiles for HonorBuddy
  43. [Tool] BloodElf - Drop watcher - always find that drop again!
  44. [Release] [Mac][Win64] WoWSX Premium Unlocker / Lua API / Morpher / Hacks
  45. [Release] PQR 3.3.5 Profiles 2.0
  46. [Release] Gold Manager
  47. [Tool] Soapbox Rotations (PQR Version) - help me plzzzzz
  48. [Bot] Simple button spammer (For Lovely Charms)
  49. Caelus - Premium WoW Hack for 6.0+! (Working telehack & more)
  50. [Tool] CDDisabler - WoW and D3 rendering disabler - Reduce CPU and memory usage
  51. [Tool] Search: Name local editing
  52. [Release] ShareCraft - Share screenshots from any game directly to friends!
  53. [Hack] Gold Hack for Draenor Private Server?
  54. [Auto-Clicker] Spell kicker - Interrupt cast - Autoit ( no memory read ) - any wow version
  55. [Bot] Need Help
  56. [Bot] I didnt realize there were this many bots in WOW
  57. [Release] [No Memory Write] LUA UnLocker & Anti AFK
  58. [Bot] Fishing bot - probably safe to use
  59. [Release] Stratos - x64 Fly Hack
  60. [Release] Black Market Visualizer (updated for WoD)
  61. [Tool] BLPNG Converter (Png --> BLP Convert)
  62. [Bot] Section rules and using the appropriate forums.
  63. [Release] [FREE] Athena - Draenor Bot! (Archa, Gathe, Grind, Fish, DPS, Track & More...)
  64. [Release] Cast Interrupter by Basis & Mr.Sergey
  65. [Bot] [ReBot] Questing/PvP/Archa/Fish/Pet/Auction/Combat (most bots free!)
  66. [Release] [x64] Imperator - WoW Framework - Hacks / Auto DPS / Lua plugins
  67. [Auto-Clicker] LazymanHelper - probably a safe to use "bot"
  68. [Release] BIMStools - Profession Assistant
  69. [Tool] Png -> BLP Converter
  70. [Release] CoolFish - Yet another WoW Fish bot
  71. [Bot] TheNoobBot for WoD - All-In-One (Quest, Archaeo, Grind, Gather, Fish, Party, BGs...)
  72. [Release] tMorph — 64-bit Morpher (updated for WoD)
  73. [Release] Anthrax - Out Of Process - 3D radar Grindig Fishing Harvest
  74. [Tool] OffSpring
  75. [Bot] EWT - Easy WoW Toolbox - Fishing, Farming, Hacks, Morpher, LUA Unlocker and more!
  76. [Tool] Tmorph 6.0.3 All credits to Journey
  77. [Release] Yeti Sonar - Advanced Proximity Radar System
  78. [Release] Yeti Wild Catch - Advanced stationary fishing bot
  79. [Bot] WRobot - For WoD, All in One, leveling, gathering, archaeo... with free rotation bot
  80. [Tool] [Repost] SIG & MD5 Protection Remover
  81. [Tool] [Rogue] Old Rogue Poison Animation
  82. [Tool] HELP ! with druid of the flame Tmorph
  83. [Hack] Turbo Hud for Wow, does it exist?
  84. [Hack] Wpe pro or cheat engime retail still works?
  85. [Bot] Taking Honorbuddy profile requests
  86. [Bot] Looking for bot 2.4.3 TBC
  87. [Bot] LF BG Bot for 5.0.5
  88. [Bot] Simple follow bot?
  89. [Release] Warcraftlogs Hacker, Be 1st DPS of the world in 1min of work.
  90. [Tool] tMorph Macro Generator
  91. [Bot] Wtb mop dungeon buddy profiles
  92. [Bot] Honor buddy Help
  93. [Bot] WTB: Honor buddy key
  94. [Bot] Simple prospection bot
  95. [Bot] [help] Someboy can help me?
  96. [Tool] Script for trap
  97. [Release] Vanity Vision - who's targeting me?
  98. [Release] BodySwap - mind control
  99. [Bot] WoW afk Battleground farmer, autoit
  100. [Release] [HB][GB2] rndbuddy - automatic farming plugin for honorbuddy
  101. [Bot] Looking for a Fishing Bot for 2.4.3
  102. [Tool] Boku's Auto Key / Auto Clicker (Going public)
  103. [Bot] Monk Orb Bot
  104. [Bot] Compileable Glider version
  105. [Tool] [Preview] EzzyScript
  106. [Bot] Just another rotation bot to share
  107. [Bot] Fast and cheap MoP Gathering profiles!
  108. [Bot] Honorbuddy down ? 5/13/14
  109. [Bot] Buy personal bot
  110. [Auto-Clicker] autoloot in 1.12.1
  111. [Bot] Some advice about where to produce
  112. [Bot] Bot tools..
  113. [Tool] You just fish botted for 16 hours, now what?
  114. [Bot] [WTS] One 3 session key
  115. [Bot] How to setup and use Saleman 3 for Honorbuddy, make MILLIONS!
  116. [Release] SPQR - The passive DPS rotation
  117. [Bot] Mr. Pinchy LB profile
  118. [Release] [OSX][3.3.5a] LUA Unlocker and JPS
  119. [Hack] [VRA][illegal]Vachiusa Rotation Assistant Mod
  120. [Tool] [VRA][Addon][Legal]Vachiusa Rotation Assistant
  121. [Bot] Awesome WOW Assistant
  122. [Release] *Potential* Challenge Mode 100% do-able for everyone, (EASY)
  123. [Bot] Lazy Bot For 4.3.4/Private Servers/Gathering/Farming
  124. [Bot] I Need a bot 1.12.1
  125. [Bot] I need help with pickpocketing profile.
  126. [Tool] Help finding a script on Monk healing sphere placement
  127. [Tool] Free Multiboxing Tool Written In AutoIt
  128. [Tool] Gatherbuddy2 profile generator for Honorbuddy
  129. [Bot] Pick Pocketing Bans
  130. [Tool] Enable social features in Battle.net Desktop app
  131. [Tool] Is the use of Ovale memory values with button spamming against the eula?
  132. [Hack] BrightWindows presents: IceHack!
  133. [Bot] PQR PE Next Steps / Future of Rotation Botting
  134. [Bot] several farming profile bundle about Mage and Rogue,you can get at least 1k per hour
  135. [Bot] Honorbuddy farming bot sell,a character can get at least 300k gold per hour
  136. [Bot] Official "Ban wave" 22. Jan 2014 Thread
  137. [Bot] Injection code into wow. Do you have to call functions from the main thread?
  138. [Release] Bp
  139. [Bot] Frage zu den Bots
  140. [Bot] Best combination? 4 bots on the same server or 4 bots each on different servers ?
  141. [Bot] Testing Blizzard's Bot Detection - Progress Thread.
  142. [Bot] Automatic Gathering Bot - Free during beta
  143. [BOT] *BETA* auto gathering by MMoCrawlerbots.com
  144. [Tool] SVNUpdater - Update all SVN links with one click
  145. [Bot] Request [PQR]
  146. [Tool] Vision - A Simple Tool for Changing FoV in WoW
  147. [Bot] any follow bots for bgs?
  148. [Hack] WOTLK PS Item Creator/Or Dupe?
  149. [Tool] Custom PQR Script Requests
  150. [Bot] RwBot! RAGE!
  151. [Bot] Any Mac OS X bot around?
  152. [Bot] Any 1.12.1 Leveling Bot
  153. [Bot] Banwave going on
  154. [Bot] need a bot that simply moves ur character to a mob, auto follow a mob.
  155. [Tool] We need tmorph to 5.4.1
  156. [Bot] Most efficient way to bot?
  157. [Release] LUA Unlock POtential?
  158. [Bot] PQR: Ability Check Delay.
  159. [Hack] oHack v2.2
  160. [Bot] PQR bugg O.o
  161. [Bot] Looking for a mount farming profile!
  162. [Bot] looking to set up a gather bot
  163. [Release] KillAFish - WoW [x64] Fish Bot
  164. [Bot] MMOGlider!!!
  165. [Release] ChatCraft - WoW HTTP Chat Server
  166. [Bot] Are there any programs that let you control wow remotely from say an android phone ?
  167. [Bot] PQR - Rotation Bot
  168. [Hack] Correct way to launch 32 bit client
  169. [Bot] is there any bot working right now?
  170. [Bot] 3 Day´s free Honorbuddy only US!
  171. [Release] OS X Lua Unlocker
  172. [Hack] FlyHack in Cataclysm
  173. [Release] Patch 5.4 Offsets
  174. [Tool] [How to] Force WoW Launcher to load wow 32 bit instead of 64
  175. [Tool] Another AutoLogin Program
  176. [Tool] Realm transfer resale finder
  177. [Bot] "Hardware" Fishing Bot With Arduino
  178. [Bot] Shadow Goblin Promo Weekend - *FREE* Aug 29th - Sept 1st
  179. [Tool] WoW Guild Launcher
  180. [Release] 24 hours trial key for MMOCrawlerbots FREE
  181. [Release] WoWLinks
  182. [Tool] Battle.Net Beta Launcher
  183. [Bot] What way do you make your gold botting?
  184. [Tool] Wow Machinima Tool for 5.4
  185. [Tool] Key Sender - Run a macro for hours and keep surfing !
  186. [Hack] Fly Hack for 64-bit
  187. [Bot] Try Shadowbot & Shadow Goblin FREE this Weekend only !!
  188. [Tool] Looking for a developer
  189. [Release] tMorph — 64-bit Morpher (with Panda support) Extra updates!
  190. [Release] WOW terrain extractor
  191. [Bot] PQR updating
  192. [Bot] Warden upgrade! Be careful!!!
  193. [Tool] Honorbuddy - Plugin to ignore minerals/herbs if other players is within ??? yards
  194. [Hack] 2.4.3 patch fishbot working on win7 64bit ?
  195. [Release] {HONORBUDDY][GB2] Random Profile Generator
  196. LCP Detection - How your Gathering Bot could be banned
  197. [Bot] [HonorBuddy] Powerleveling Pets Guide
  198. [Tool] Clear Honorbuddy Cache!
  199. [Bot] PQR Rotation - Level Dependent Profiles
  200. [Tool] [Guide] PQR + AutoHotKey = Bind any ability to any key!
  201. [Bot] Free 1 month access key for RwBot 3.0 Beta
  202. [Tool] Booting in a VPS (Remotely)
  203. [Bot] Selling 3 slot HB server $40 Moneybookers only
  204. [Release] Dunatank's Warrior CC v5.6 - An Arms/Fury/Protection CC
  205. [Release] Change FoV/zoom & Render terrain, m2, wmo, liquid, wireframe, collision
  206. [Hack] Using Cain & Abel for unlimited DC-free one-way lag.
  207. [Bot] [Collection]Some old Bot sources
  208. [Tool] "Advanced" WoW Launcher
  209. [Release] [Script] Easteregg collector / Ostereier Script MMoCrawlerbots
  210. [Release] [PQR profile] Neutral AH Sniper
  211. [Hack] [Guide] Take Noblegarden Egg farming to a new level!
  212. [Hack] Looking for a Speed Hack
  213. [Tool] TMorph code generator (from wowarmory, wowhead, tmog sites)
  214. [Release] [FREE] WRotation (Rotation Bot) and Party (help group leader to fight mob or heal)
  215. [Tool] Radar for EWERYTHING ! Working 20/3-2013
  216. [Bot] MMOServus - Gathering. Pet battles, Grinding, Fighting & more!
  217. [Release] [Request] : Button/click bot
  218. [Hack] new project? (involves music and wow)
  219. [Bot] WoWFishing
  220. [Bot] Ivory raptor farm request
  221. [Bot] tmorph help, loading screen problems
  222. [Bot] Pocket gnome (Legendary lifetime) up for grab.
  223. [Bot] MoP patch 5.1 fishing bots
  224. [Tool] Background Mill, Prospect, and Disenchant whilst AFK or Tabbed Out! Official Release!
  225. [Hack] [No Memory Write] Simple Fly Hack
  226. [Bot] Background Milling and Prospecting whilst AFK or Tabbed out!!!
  227. [Bot] Need Fishing Bot For WoW 4.0.6
  228. [Tool] Dungeon Teller - A LFR / LFD queue assistant
  229. [Bot] Help. Mr Fish it on wow 2.4.3
  230. [Bot] PQR for 5.0.5 (16135)
  231. [Bot] WRobot - 7 free days and 50 % reduction (limited)
  232. [Bot] Are there any holy paladin dispel CCs out there? If not, how can I make one myself?
  233. [Bot] Druid PQR dispel profile
  234. [Bot] Need help with Lazybot
  235. [Bot] i need your botting help! please...
  236. [Bot] Selling Honorbuddy lifetime key $15.
  237. [Bot] WoW 1.12.1 Working bot?
  238. [Release] Shadowmourne proc Tmorph help
  239. [Tool] Tmorph druid cat form
  240. [Release] EverMorph 3.0 [BETA]
  241. [Bot] Request: Easy BG bot
  242. [Tool] Ram cleaner
  243. [Release] need help for morph? or honorbuddy? look here
  244. [Bot] [FREE] Fullbot
  245. [Release] Tmorph - ID for mount & enchant ...
  246. [Bot] Request Lazybot 4.0.6a Privat Server
  247. [Release] TMORPH work for mac?
  248. [Bot] Lazybot VOTFW mining path
  249. [Release] Simple Wow Morpher for x86
  250. [Release] Stop Windows Update restarting!