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    What you need to know if you want to use a fishing bot.

    As an experienced fishbotter, I thought i'd help out and share some tips and things you need to know if you are thinking about fishbotting.

    Note: This is not about a specific type of bot or program. I personally use EZfish but the same principles apply to all programs.

    1: Blizzard uses certain algorhitms to detect when a player is fishbotting. Reports will not get you banned unless it's an overwhelming amount. Even if another player makes videos and screenshots and sends it to Blizzard, they likely wont care. There are so many accounts in WoW, they won't have time to start hammering down on individual ones. So they use a heuristik. This is how I got 2 accounts banned, and learned from it so I never got banned again.
    This heuristik is: Time/casts per session. I have no pure evidence but I highly suspect it's based on succesful fish caught per session. If you fish nonstop for 5-6 hours, you will get banned. Regardless of reports, location, state of your account, etc etc. If you get caught in the heuristik, you will get banned.

    How to avoid: Fish for max 2 hours at a time. Afterwards, log out and you can instantly log back in and start another 2 hours. You can do this all day. This does make it slightly less afk/passive, but it is mandatory to avoid getting banned.

    2: Despite point 1: fish where few people see you. The coasts of Tanaris, Azshara and Feralas are great because they have tons of zones where literally nobody will go (such as the southern beaches of tanaris, behind the mountains). You can catch winter squid and stonescale eel, which sells decently well. If someone is exceptionally salty because you're botting, he can get his entire guild to come over and report you, which will likely get you banned. (Never happened to me but it is possible). Better safe than sorry.

    3: When fishing, you will catch a lot of useless fish. It vendors for 1c and is worth nothing on the AH, so you may aswell delete it. There is a script that deletes any item, based on name. You can put it on a macro, put it on your bar and have the bot press the button every X minutes. You will have to spend MUCH less time going back to vendors, and you will also not have to manually delete items which is tedious. I'll write the script once im back on my botting pc.
    Tip: get Superdupermacro, it basically allows for macros that are longer than 255 letters.

    4: Always, always bot on a new account. Use 1-month subscriptions. Botting is never without risk. Dont waste your main account, or your IRL money by getting long subs. Fish in 2-hour sessions for 2-3 days, send all the valuable fish to a bank alt that nobody knows is yours, sell on the AH and repeat.

    5. Good classes to fishbot on are shamans and priests, because they can walk on water and become virtually undetectable by any players. I have had people from the opposite faction try and camp my fishbot, scanning the shores with eagle eye. (Really fucking autistic imo but what can you do). You can bind waterwalking to a button, have the bot press it every 10 minutes and fish literally anywhere in the open sea.

    6. If you don't have a character yet, I recommend leveling it to 35-40 (for max fishing skill and a mount). GIve it a name that is unrelated to your main and doesnt sound like a botname.

    Hope this helps anyone. TLDR READ POINT 1 TO NOT GET AUTOBANNED!

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