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    Mage AoE Leveling Guide - Details Inside

    This is the Jokerd Mage AOE Leveling Guide (Talents / Spec, Addons, Grind Spots)

    1. Talents / Leveling Spec

    10-10: Elemental Precision (1x)
    11-15: Improved Fireball (5x)
    16-16: Flame Throwing (1x)
    17-21: Impact (4x)
    22-22: Arcane Focus (1x) (Just randomly picks this point since he respecs minutes after)

    Jokerd’s talent’s after respeccing at level 22:

    10-12: Elemental Precision (3x)
    13-14: Frost Warding (2x)
    15-17: Permafrost (3x)
    18-19: Improved Frost Nova (2x)
    20-22: Improved Blizzard (3x)
    23-23: Cold Snap (1x)
    24-24: Piercing Ice (1x)
    25-27: Frost Channeling (3x)
    28-29: Arctic Reach (2x)
    30-30: Ice Block (1x)
    31-32: Piercing Ice (2x)
    33-35: Improved Cone of Cold (3x)
    36-39: Ice Shards (4x)
    40-40: Ice Barrier (1x)
    41-42: Arcane Sublety (2x)
    43-45: Arcane Focus (3x)
    46-50: Arcane Concentration (5x)
    51-51: Arcane Resilience (1x)
    52-54: Improved Arcane Explosion (3x)
    55-55: Wand Specialization (1x)
    56-58: Arcane Meditation (3x)
    59-59: Ice Shards (1x)
    59-60: Wand Specialization (1x)

    . Jokerd AOE Grind Spots

    Note that even after level 22 Jokerd weaves some quests into his AOE grind route until 49.

    1-22: Basic Leveling Route (Loch Modan -> Dun Morogh -> Darkshore -> Redridge Mountains -> Duskwood)
    22-27 Wetlands (Questing & AOE Grinding Gnolls, Murlocs, Raptors, Orcs)
    27-29 Duskwood (Questing & AOE Grinding Raven Hill Cemetry)
    29-31 Duskwood (AOE Grinding Nightbane near the cave) Source
    31-33 Hillsbrad Foothills (Aoe Grinding Murlocs until 32 then questing until 33 1/2) Source
    33-37 Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall Peons at the Farm)
    37-42 Dustwallow Marsh (Murlocs on the Islands)
    42-49 Tanaris (Pirates behind the tunnel)
    49-52 Western Plaguelands (Undeads at Sorrow Hill)
    52-58 Western Plageulands (Undeads at Daison’s Tears)
    58-60 Western Plaguelands (Humans at Hearthglen)

    How to AOE Grind in WoW Classic as a Mage

    1. Visit the spots listed above and locate large groups of mobs.
    2. Aggro all of them (gets easier with your mount at 40) and Frost Nova.
    3. Run away until max range and start casting blizzard until all of the mobs are low.
    4. Once the mobs are low you can finish them with Cone of Cold or Arcane Explosion.
    5. Make sure you are fully regenerated before every pull.

    Note: You can always weave in another Frost Nova, Ice Block and Cold Snap to make your time farming easier.

    3. Jokerd Addons

    Also you can wathc this video

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    this is the best method to level a mage in classic.

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