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    [A] Mirage Raceway <The Order of Azeroth> casual raiding guild

    The Order of Azeroth originated on Quel'Thalas (EU) during Vanilla where we built a strong guild community and a successful raid team. With the launch of Classic we have reformed on the Alliance side of Mirage Raceway, with many original members re-joining us to play alongside the new members of our community.

    We are social players, who realise that the real value of the game lies in meeting and playing with like-minded people. We value a friendly, mature atmosphere over all else. Our raids are well organised and well led and we kill bosses with little fuss and no drama. However, If you are strongly motivated by loot and speedy progression, we are not the guild for you.

    We have vacancies for the following roles in our raid team:
    Druid (Resto)
    Warrior (Fury/Prot)
    Paladin (Holy)
    Priest (Holy/Disc)
    Recruitment of Rogues for the raid team is currently closed. We are always open to social members and can accommodate some other classes and roles in our raid roster.

    Our raid times are:
    Friday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)
    Sunday: 19:30 - 23:00 (GMT+1)

    Current progress:
    10/10 MC
    1/1 Onyxia

    Loot system
    We use Master Loot and have a simple rule of one need-roll win for your main spec per raid. There is no loot council, DKP or any other loot system.

    If you are interested in learning more or want to join us, you can visit our website at The Order of Azeroth or submit an application through our Discord server at The Order of Azeroth
    To speak to an Officer in-game, contact:

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    Nice to see another Mirage Raceway guild

    I'm in <Affliction>.

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