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    [EU][ALLIANCE] <Affliction> South African-based guild

    Recruiting Specs: All
    Guild Content Type: All
    Server: Mirage Raceway (EU PVE) Alliance

    About Us:
    <Affliction> is a mature PVE guild with a large amount of our founding players hailing from a Vanilla World of Warcraft raiding guild by the same name that used to be based on Stormrage US.

    We raided hardcore in Vanilla all the way from Molten Core deep into Naxx (and through to Sunwell TBC!), but this time around we thought it would be great to get together with good friends and enjoy the ride in a more casual way.

    We were primarily South African player based but over time have had great adventures with EU based players we now proudly call our friends.

    Our Goals:
    Our focus is primarily going to be to make the most out of the casual WoW Classic experience through levelling, dungeons, and battleground PVP. At a later stage, we will probably run the occasional 20man / 40man raids too either through PUG’s or alliances with other casual guilds.

    What we offer:
    * Mature and friendly community
    * Experienced players
    * Guild groups for both levelling and dungeons
    * Cake and hunter loot (but not too much hunter loot)
    * Potential expansion into weekend raid groups

    What we expect from you:
    * Sense of humour
    * Play nice with others
    * Uphold the guild reputation and abide by the guild rules

    Feel free to PM me for Discord Link if you're interested.

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