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    Pathing in pixel bot

    I made a C# pixel bot for grinding for wow classic TBC which is working kind of fine (reached level 60 from 58 by only using it ). It uses only pixels (no LUA unlocker, no memory reading).

    To avoid being detected, the bot does not follow a pre-defined path. It has a list of allowed coordinates in a zone, and randomly moves inside it (first define a random path, then follow it).
    Although this pathing mechanism works, it's not perfect for several reasons, among with:
    * The bot only knows a 2D map (WOW LUA API does not provide Z coordinate)
    * The pathing is not really precise
    * The pathing is limited to the allowed zone

    So I'm currently thinking of improving that part. I'm considering reading the game map files, eventually build a navmesh, and somehow use it with the coordinates returned by the WOW LUA API.

    Has any of you had some experience with pathing with a pixel bot? What approach did you follow?
    Do you have any link/insight/already written code of navmesh build & usage with a pixel bot?
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    The only thing you have to do now is to convert the 2D map coordinates to real coordinates that are the same as the ones in the map files. Since Blizzard doesn't allow you to do this, you need to figure it out yourself. I believe there is a library addon or you can maybe check if this thread is alright: (Zones and coordinates --> World to Zone coordinates). Now, if none of that works you'd have to do it manually. You could blink and see how much 20 yards is in in-game coords and then calculate it for every zone id.

    For pathing you HAVE to parse the map files, there's no other way. It's easily done externally, however not having click to move will probably give you some trouble. You can just read your orientation though from a pixel (sending float/double values is not that hard) and then turn to face the next point in the path or something similar. This will look extremely bottish tho.

    My recommendation is to not have pathing in your pixel bot OR use click to move for it. You will get much better results.
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