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    Classic Fresh Survey

    A new Blizzard Survey just went out to random recipients, asking the community for feedback about the possibility of Classic Fresh servers, updates to Classic, and a preferred Phase cadence after launch.

    For fun let's break down some of these questions shall we?

    1) Summoning stones at dungeon entrances. To a lot of people this may seem harmless. Especially if these players aren't Classic WoW fanboys but I do think this might be one of those additions that's a slippery slope to convenience. I know that's a weird thing to say since convenience usually is a good thing but sometimes the struggle of these older expansions is what makes the rewards and experience that much more meaningful.

    2) More difficult raid bosses and dungeons. I think a lot of people want this but at the same time I can see just adding health and damage to a boss not making it "harder" but rather "more annoying". There's a big difference between a mechanically fun and difficult fight and just a patchwerk fight with annoying amounts of health and damage. Classic could use a tune up for sure but maybe adding a mechanic here and there to a lot of these end and mid raid bosses would spice it up a lot more than just increasing hp and damage numbers.

    3) Increase debuff limit on raid bosses. Love love love love this. If you played Classic WoW you know all about the warlocks not being able to fully dot, boomkins not being able to moonfire, shadowpriests not being able to SWP, etc etc etc. All because there were just better dots in the limited space you had like deepwounds from your endless warrior counts, curse of elements, curse of reck, etc. I think allowing Classes to fully utilize their spells would bring some of the lower classes and specs toward the middle.

    4) Barbershop. Sounds like a retail dev slipped into this survey. Gold dump I guess? Idk, just odd to mix this in with a bunch of decent other options.

    5) Faster XP rates to level. I know a lot of people quit before 60 in that initial launch hype but this would be a gigantic hit to one of the core parts of Classic WoW and that was "your gonna have to grind the leveling aspect if you want to hit 60". A lot of people hated that initial grind and yes it turned into just paying mages for boosts toward the tail end of Classic but nonetheless getting an alt to 60 was either a financial or time sink and that's perfectly okay. Not everything should be free and easy.

    6) No world buffs in raids. Spicy take but I liked world buffs in Classic. I liked the pvp it caused in the world. Felwood in and of itself had its own ecosystem of pvp because of songflower and once chrono's were introduced that disappeared. On the other hand it makes Warriors a god class and makes not taking other classes and specs who don't benefit as much a lot less optimal. Therefore I am neutral on this one personally. Wouldn't mind it either way.

    Let us hear your thoughts!

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    Is Classic Fresh announced yet?

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