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    (Discussion) If Classic Re-Released #SomeChanges

    Classic WoW is an amazing old school MMORPG. So amazing that is has, to some, saved the World of Warcraft name with its re-release back in 2019. If we know anything about gaming today min maxing culture has shifted how games are made, balanced, treated, and played in the modern era. But Classic WoW was made in 2004 before Discord and Twitch where a lot of people are now able to communicate the best ideas to each other. Due to this Classic WoW has a lot of flaws and to some these flaws are what makes the game great and to others it holds it back from it's true potential. This is where the #NoChanges came into play because a lot of people didn't trust modern day Blizzard to adjust the game as it was in 2004 EVEN IF they thought the game did need changes still. I wrote an OC Report on this topic but it covered mostly the instance cap change Blizzard was adding to combat the botting issue. Outside of this change though what changes do you guys think could be added to Classic the next time around assuming there is a next time?

    Here are some changes I would make what would be some yours?

    • Druid hots don't count as buff slots allowing them to heal main tanks and be more than just a buff bot. They have mana issues but the fights are so short they don't come into play more often than not. The buff cap is the dark cloud over resto druid's head right now

    • Fix a lot of the pathing which in turn allows some of the ridiculous farms. Some of these mage farms probably shouldn't be allowed.

    • World Buffs. Either scale the fights up or get rid of World Buffs which in turn scales the fights. They are such an annoyance and add very little to the game.

    • Make Hybrid DPS classes more mana efficient so they can participate more.

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