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    Release Date, Beta, and more confirmed!

    Staysafe TV got flown out by the Classic team to Irvine and is spilling all the info!


    • Release Date: August 27th

    • Beta: Tomorrow , will be closed.

    • You can reserve 3 names on any realm you want once they announce the servers which will be soon

    • Dungeon Reset macro to avoid the too many instances thing doesn't work

    • Global chat works

    • Cheap Training / Expensive Mounts

    • Quivers and wands dont work for attack speed buff

    • BC and Wrath servers are being hinted if community wants it

    • The only service that will be available is realm xfers

    • If you have the original Vanilla collectors it will work for this Classic as well as far as pets.

    • Spell batching is working

    • Lupos the hunter pet is not doing shadow damage

    • Mana regen is a lot lower than the most popular private servers making leveling slower and harder

    • Bosses were undertuned on most popular private servers due to "plot armor and resistance" This means bosses like Garr had more armor because he was a rock.

    Will keep updating
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    Originally Posted by Kenneth View Post
    This actually made my day, so hyped for this

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